Matthew Joseph

London - photographers

Matthew Joseph is a people-focussed advertising photographer and director based in London. He has had a busy year shooting both commercial briefs and personal projects across New York, Cape Town, Baltimore, Nice, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai and the UK.

Matthew has a passion for people, their journeys and their stories and this is something he is eager to communicate across all his work. Whether it is shooting a new drinks campaign for Nestlé, an automotive shoot with Audi in the Dubai desert or a personal project in downtown Manhattan; beneath his cinematic, high-end look is a foundation of authenticity and empathy. He loves what he does and builds his team around him to reflect that further, giving not just the subjects an always-positive experience, but importantly the clients too.

Lots of new work and personal projects being released in the coming months, and 2023 looks set to be an exciting year in not just stills but also further pushing his motion work as a director.