Paul Zak

London - photographers

Katy Niker is the worldwide agent and producer for the award winning still life photographer and director Paul Zak.

Paul is renowned for his graphic and striking imagery, where objects and their surrounding environments are portrayed with exquisite lighting and precise details.

Paul’s technical knowledge and his unique set of lighting skills allow him to turn even the most plain object into a thing of beauty.

Inherently he enjoys the challenge of interpreting a concept and working as part of a team, with creatives, clients and crew to craft beautiful imagery. Paul works in collaboration with Table Films to produce equally stunning motion work, for whom Katy is also the agent and producer.

His ability to create a distinctive style for every client he shoots for has led to a long list of premium clients including Audi, Chivas, Dior, Nespresso, Nike, Smirnoff, Space NK and Telegraph Lux, to name but a few.