"Hello or ‘Dydh da’ as they say in Cornwall. Thank you for taking the time to look at my photographs.

In essence, I am a people photographer. I use faces and places to story-tell and give my commissions life. I am inspired by people, their stories and the landscape. These images are from a shoot in January for a UK-based charity who look after the welfare of fishermen. I visited the coastal communities of Cornwall, getting to know the fishermen and their way of life. I took their photos and got a glimpse below the surface. They are a unique people bound by a common bond - the sea.

I have a passion for creating atmospheric, filmic, story-telling images that people can relate to or see something of themselves in. My job is not as a ‘content creator’ but someone who captures something meaningful, impactful and authentic. I shoot for a range of different clients including brands, publications, charities and NGO’s.

Tereba nessa (‘Till next time’ in Cornish)."