Brent Herrig

London - New York - photographers

"Hello, culinary creatives in the UK!

The art of grasping your audience's attention amid the digital uproar lies in compelling, delectable visuals. Captivating images that arrest the scroll and evoke curiosity are the vital ingredients to engage viewers. As an expert in crafting visually enticing food and drink photography and videos, along with vivid cinemagraphs, stirring parallax, lively stop-motion, and animated gifs, I've brought countless campaigns to life, stimulating the taste buds of digital audiences for my clients.

With Brent Herrig Creative, I'm devoted to helping you exceed your client's expectations by impeccably translating their vision into appetising, breathtaking imagery. Renowned brands such as Belvedere, Chandon, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Shake Shack count on me to capture their vision for food, drinks, portraits, and hospitality in the most harmonious, stress-free manner achievable.

Eager to explore how I can amplify your next project with delectable visuals? Reach out directly to converse about your creative goals, and let's collaboratively turn them into amazing food and drink imagery together."