Denice Hough London photographers

Denice Hough is an accomplished international photographer with a keen focus on architecture, interiors, travel, and portraits. With two decades of experience, she has become a respected name in the industry, working seamlessly with real estate companies, global architecture firms, and interior designers.

Denice's passion lies in revealing the true character of buildings and spaces. From small startups to iconic structures like the Google headquarters in Beijing, she captures the essence of each place and the people within, creating captivating visual stories. Her work has earned recognition in magazines and online platforms worldwide.

Originating from Chicago, Denice's career took her across the United States and eventually to Asia, where she delved into diverse projects, including photographing Chinese mega-malls and collaborating with interior designers to transform compact spaces. She also indulges in personal projects, capturing the allure of abandoned places.

Currently residing in the UK, Denice continues to bring her artistic flair to the local architectural and design scene. Her ability to breathe life into spaces and her passion for storytelling through her lens make her a standout photographer in her field. Denice Hough's work speaks volumes, subtly yet profoundly, capturing the beauty of everyday spaces and the people who inhabit them.

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