The Production Factory

London - New York - Miami - Mallorca - Manchester - Full Photo & Film Production Services

The Production Factory has a vast knowledge of the stills & film industry, alongside excellent relationships with agencies and freelancers. They are committed to working with talent in both editorial and commercial capacities, delivering innovative campaigns that stand out.

Even with challenging budgets, they are passionate about solving the creative puzzle and bringing clients authentic, high-quality content. To ensure the best results, they keep their ears to the ground and stay in touch with up-and-coming talent. This allows them to suggest top-tier professionals and negotiate competitive rates.

With an exceptional list of photographers, creatives, and art directors, they can assemble the perfect team for any project. Their impressive list of clients spans from George, Amazon and Adidas, to Tommy Hilfiger, Vogue, and so on. Additionally, they shoot across various locations to provide diverse settings for their projects – this includes London, Miami, Marrakech, Jamaica, and more.