ZURICH ISSUE 477 Jun 2014

KT Produktion Zurich PHOTO PRODUCTION & Location Scouting

KT Produktion GmbH had a busy start in 2014.

"We're all looking forward to what summer will bring. The snow is melting slowly and the valleys are getting green and lush. The lakes are warming up and the sky is deep blue. We would love to support your next project here in Switzerland, or anywhere on the planet!"

Locations include:

  • Lakes - 100% Swiss, or ones that look like Norwegian Fjords.
  • Glaciers - waiting for a winter shoot in the summer.
  • Rivers and streams that look like a jungle, some with large waterfalls and others that run through wild valleys or gently flow through soft landscapes.
  • Valleys that look like Canada, while some are like from a fairly tale and others look as Swiss as they can get.
  • Mountain paths and roads that wind gently through the hills, others dramatically find their way through cliffs, rocks and mountains.
  • Unique architecture, ranging from ultra modern concrete houses to old fashioned cabins dating back to the 17th Century.

"Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you."

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