ZURICH ISSUE 67 Mar 2007

Bfine Restaurant Zurich mixed

bfine's philosophy is to contribute to people's well-being and health through healthy, tasty lunches and dinners. They offer meals that are right for the diner's taste and needs.

All menus are based on high levels of freshness and taste, with each and every meal being created by star chefs, with no compromises on taste. Meals range from traditional warm meals to high-end soups and salads with warm add-ons.

All menus are healthy and adapted to individual needs. The restaurant offers three different meal families: the regular (750 kcal), the low-carb (550 kcal) and the weight management (450 kcal).

Regarding speed, bfine says "whether you only have 30 seconds for lunch or would like to take it home as take-away, bfine allows you to enjoy our meals your way".

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