Spotlight Awards 2023 edition

Show your photos to judges from IBM, Meta, Forbes, The Economist, Ogilvy, McCann Health, Grey and many more.

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Photo: Gary Bremner


Put your work in front of international expert judges who are managing billions of dollars of marketing budgets

Whether you’re a winner in the competition or not, if a judge likes what you do, you could get hired.

  • Chris Booth Chris Booth Associate Creative Director The LEGO Agency UK
  • Nicholas Tamarin Nicholas Tamarin Design Editor Interior Design Magazine USA
  • Felix Ettelson Felix Ettelson Senior Art Director M&C Saatchi AUSTRALIA
  • Ernesto Castaldini Ernesto Castaldini Creative Director Wunderman Thompson ARGENTINA
  • Lucy Nkosi Lucy Nkosi Art Director Forbes Africa SOUTH AFRICA
  • Naoto Ichikawa Naoto Ichikawa Creative Director Wieden+Kennedy JAPAN
  • Sarah Joan Ross Sarah Joan Ross Editor Beauty Daily by Clarins UK
  • Melvin Harper Melvin Harper Creative Art Director Wella UK
  • Derek Eng Derek Eng Art Director Dwell USA
  • Guillaume Bret Guillaume Bret Art Director Parfums Christian Dior FRANCE
  • Attilio Gianfrancesco Attilio Gianfrancesco Senior Regional Advertising Producer Unilever UK
  • Christian El Asmar Christian El Asmar Creative Director BBD GERMANY
  • Alejandro Rattenbach Alejandro Rattenbach Creative Director Wieden+Kennedy MEXICO
  • Jules Doyle Jules Doyle Global Head of Creative The Body Shop UK
  • Anna Berlin Anna Berlin Head of Design Audi / Creative Director Ogilvy GERMANY
  • Jens Erasmus Schröder Jens Erasmus Schröder Creative Director Art Grey GERMANY
  • Amy Silverman Amy Silverman Photo Editor Airbnb USA
  • Heitor Buchalla Heitor Buchalla Creative Director Art BBD Berlin GERMANY
  • Rishaad Sacoor Rishaad Sacoor Marketing & Brand Strategy Kia Europe GERMANY
  • Danny Fontaine Danny Fontaine Creative Director, UK & Ireland IBM UK
  • Glauber Dorotheu Glauber Dorotheu Associate Creative Director DDB UAE
  • Maximilian Ettl Maximilian Ettl Art director Ogilvy GERMANY
  • Nicole Hardt Nicole Hardt Art Director Photo/Video C&A GERMANY
  • Paulo Ottaviani Paulo Ottaviani Senior Art Director Publicis Middle East UAE
  • Franco Martino Franco Martino Corporate Communication Director Ferrero / Kinder Joy of Moving SPAIN
  • Gavin Richardson Gavin Richardson Creative Lead Tesco UK
  • James Davies James Davies Art Direction Lead Waitrose UK
  • Heidi Kamp Heidi Kamp Art Director Bed Bath & Beyond USA
  • Jan Krystovic Pascua Jan Krystovic Pascua Art Director Moose Toys AUSTRALIA
  • Joanne Banks Joanne Banks Photo Editor The Economist UK
  • Kayahan Uluş Kayahan Uluş Advertising Coordinator Turkish Airlines TURKEY
  • Matthias Kapteyn Matthias Kapteyn Creative Director thjnk berlin GERMANY
  • Jacqui Free-Sze Jacqui Free-Sze Senior Art Director On Running UK
  • Daniel Ávila Daniel Ávila Executive Creative Director Ogilvy Columbia COLUMBIA
  • Daniel Boyles Daniel Boyles Head of Creative Services Leagas Delaney Ltd UK
  • Felix Tatsumasa Freese Felix Tatsumasa Freese Senior Brand & Communication Manager UNICEF SWITZERLAND
  • Erin Lenczycki Erin Lenczycki Photo Editor Lonely Planet USA
  • Tobi Beckley Williams Tobi Beckley Williams Copy Writer Insight Publicis GHANA
  • Robin Lemonnier Robin Lemonnier Creative Leader Ikea SWEDEN
  • Soham Chatterjee Soham Chatterjee Global Creative/Creative Lead Meta USA
  • Kauê Barbosa Kauê Barbosa Creative Art Director The FWA BRAZIL
  • Aleksandr Sash Bobrov Aleksandr Sash Bobrov Art Director Dentsu Creative FRANCE
  • Julia Holmes Julia Holmes Senior Visual Content Specialist NETHERLANDS
  • Emil Nitkulinec Emil Nitkulinec Head Of Art DDB Prague CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Chris Little Chris Little Group Creative Director Ogilvy AUSTRALIA
  • Crystal Henry Crystal Henry Photo Editor National Geographic USA

Commercial categories

Covering all sectors of commercial photography

The competition has 13 advertising categories with a prize pool of over $30,000

  • Advertising
    • Pavel Hejny Pavel Hejny
    • Maurice van der Meijs Maurice van der Meijs
    • Tim Tadder Tim Tadder
    • Henrik Knudsen Henrik Knudsen
  • Architecture & Interiors
    • Andrea Rugg Andrea Rugg
    • Ralf Tooten Ralf Tooten
    • Benjamin Norton Benjamin Norton
    • Heroes Agency Heroes Agency
  • Beauty
    • Bruno Juminer Bruno Juminer
    • Elena Paraskeva Elena Paraskeva
    • Julia Kuzmenko Julia Kuzmenko
    • Simon Songhurst, rep. by JSR Simon Songhurst, rep. by JSR
  • Cars
    • Ciprian Mihai Ciprian Mihai
    • Dejan and Per Dejan and Per
    • David Casas David Casas
    • Paul Barshon Paul Barshon
  • Corporate & Industrial
    • Eileen Escarda Eileen Escarda
    • Jack Harlem Jack Harlem
    • Jack Harlem Jack Harlem
    • Abigail Bobo Abigail Bobo
  • Fashion
    • Matt Hind Matt Hind
    • Edmund Fraser, rep. by JSR Edmund Fraser, rep. by JSR
    • Julia Buruleva Julia Buruleva
    • Joanna Kustra Joanna Kustra
  • Food & Drink
    • Marc Haydon Marc Haydon
    • Suzanne Clements Suzanne Clements
    • Rob Grimm Rob Grimm
    • Kai Schwabe Kai Schwabe
  • Kids
    • Miriam Lindthaler Miriam Lindthaler
    • Adrianne Miller Roberts Adrianne Miller Roberts
    • Rocco Bizzarri Rocco Bizzarri
    • Isabel Pinto Isabel Pinto
  • People & Lifestyle
    • Nick Hall Nick Hall
    • Arnhel de Serra Arnhel de Serra
    • Michael Leckie Michael Leckie
    • Alex Waber Alex Waber
  • Portraiture & Celebrity
    • Gianluigi di Napoli Gianluigi di Napoli
    • Jesse Rieser Jesse Rieser
    • Hamish Brown Hamish Brown
  • Sport
    • Madeleine Penfold Madeleine Penfold
    • Dom Savini Dom Savini
    • Detlef Schneider Detlef Schneider
    • Hamish Brown Hamish Brown
  • Still Life
    • CL.LO Photography CL.LO Photography
    • Paul Kaz Paul Kaz
    • Barry Makariou Barry Makariou
    • Sara Morris Sara Morris
  • Travel, Documentary & Landscape
    • Nick Hall Nick Hall
    • Jasper Westley Jasper Westley
    • Brian Hodges Brian Hodges
    • Mark Lehn Mark Lehn
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