MAI (Mascioni Associati International Ltd) is an international production company with offices in London, Marseille and Rome.

Originally based in Italy, MAI has become one of the world's most prestigious production companies working in fashion and media today. Founder and director Emanuele Mascioni oversees the business which now has highly skilled production teams based all around the world. MAI has always been a hands-on production company transforming every challenge into an opportunity to deliver an optimal experience for clients. The team are experts at applying international skills to local needs, ensuring they can meet the complex production challenges of any location.

MAI provides a complete spectrum of production services including extensive location scouting, casting, set build, logistics, transportation, hospitality, artist bookings, and meticulous, transparent accounting.

Recent clients include Céline, Louis Vuitton, Missoni, Barneys, Tiffany & Co., 10 Magazine, Muse Magazine just to mention a few.

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