Adam Coupe London

Adam Coupe has more than 12 years’ experience shooting high impact images within commercial and industrial environments. He approaches every project with an enthusiasm for understanding the process that he is capturing and the ‘story’ that needs to be conveyed within the images.

Adam works with a variety of established high profile brands and agencies, as well as fast growing and ambitious brands who are looking to build their profile.

Recent commissions have involved Coca-Cola, Pizza Express, Heathrow T2, Waitrose and corporate events featuring James Martin, celebrity chef.


Alex Becker has been working as a freelance photographer for 15 years. He works out of his own studio based in Frankfurt/Main but mostly shoots on location.

His clients appreciate his relaxed, well thought out and flexible visual language that gives them the opportunity to handle a range of projects with the same photographer. Alex loves the diverse challenges that different assignments bring. In his eyes, there is nothing that can not be photographed beautifully.

He works for clients in the industrial, documentary, people, portrait and corporate photography sectors, including BASF, Demag Cranes, Fresenius, Hyundai Motorsport and Solarword.

Alex has two children and "sometimes, a complicated job is easier than being at home!"

Andy Mahr Dallas

One of Archive's '200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide', Andy Mahr began his career as an art director. Coming from the advertising world he has a unique understanding of the creative process and a real appreciation of what Creatives to go through to bring their ideas to light.

As a photographer he has developed a unique and distinctive style, look, and aesthetic that has allowed him to work with notable clients Harley Davidson, Nike, RAM Trucks, United States Marine Corps, PG&E, Statoil, and Barrick Gold to name a few.

Arnaud Février Paris

Arnaud Fevrier is a French photographer based in Paris. He began freelancing in 1993, working in Lisbon, Beirut and Riga and had his images published in Geo and Gallimard city guides. Between 1990-97, he shot concerts for Jean Michel Jarre, and collaborated with the Imapress agency until 1998 through a number of reports highlighting the humanitarian disasters in Gaza and Iraq.

His work was published in a variety of newspapers before he turned more towards portraiture, joining the team at the MPA agency where he stayed until 2004. In parallel with his press assignments, Arnaud developed a strong relationship with communications agencies to produce reports highlighting the men and women who make up today's societies. Attempting to reveal people's privacy, he photographs refined portraits, yet remains fascinated by the world of industry, transport and energy; for Arnaud, models have been replaced by planes, trains and boats.

Attracted by the moving image, he made his first video reports for Alstom Transport who entrusted him with the production of a film on a new high-speed train for Poland in 2014. Arnaud is a member of the collective Bloomartists which includes photographers, retouchers and make-up artists from across Europe.

Bill Gallery New York

Bill Gallery is a corporate photojournalist with a designer’s eye. He shoots customer stories, company profiles, working portraits and special projects worldwide. His specialty is a fly-on-the-wall, narrative documentary approach, working from real life, alone, without lighting or crew.

His low impact, discreet work style enables Bill to shoot well composed, credible images without disrupting the workplace, whether it be in a corporate boardroom, a hospital emergency room or on the deck of an oil rig. His ability to work with people as well as shape and form make him particularly versatile.

Bill is efficient, self art directed and, because he works and travels solo, cost effective. A short list of clients includes Apple, Herman Miller, GE, Blackberry, Morgan Stanley, IBM, MasterCard, Thomson Reuters, PIMCO, Merrill Lynch, Time Warner, Northrup Grumman and Coca-Cola.

Capture Asia Singapore

Ricky Gui loves photography so much that he left his well-paid job to start Capture Asia Photography. Over the past 10 years, he has accumulated a wealth of photographic experience thanks to various kinds of assignments from clients all over the the world. Ricky specialises in corporate, industrial, architecture/interior, documentary and travel photography throughout Asia.

His approach to photography takes into account environmental conditions to truly reflect the actual situation. He always studies each new location before taking a picture in order to condition himself to better understand how the place works and how people react. "I always aim to create friendly and relaxing corporate pictures, life is too short to be serious most of the time." Ricky believes his style allows viewers to see a man in suit in more friendly and approachable terms.

Available for jobs in various Asian countries, Ricky is bilingual in English and Chinese. Clients include Essar Group, L'Oréal Singapore, Euronav, Bouygues Construction, Medigo GMBH and Jason Marine Group.

Charles Best London

Charlie Best is one of London's most experienced corporate and portrait photographers, highly regarded for both his subtle and elegant lighting and the warmth and character of his portraits. For over 25 years he has been creating dynamic and interesting pictures for magazines, companies and design agencies all over the world, bringing his wealth of experience to each assignment and earning an enviable reputation for being organised, resourceful and delivering a great result for his clients every time.

As well as an innate ability to relate to everyone in an organisation, from the cleaner to the CEO and put them at ease in front of the camera, Charlie’s practical and scientific background means he has a real interest in understanding the systems and processes in any working environment. As he says, "the better I understand what the company does and how it does it, the better I can deliver images that convey it."

Dan Bigelow New York

Dan Bigelow is a people photographer who for 20 years has travelled around the world shooting portraits, documentary, and image libraries for major corporations, advertising agencies and design firms. Dan’s work tells a story honestly and compellingly, whether in one image or 100 images, and he is just as comfortable running a full production as he is working on his own. No matter what, Dan’s photographs capture a situation in an authentic way.

Above all, his dedication, good humour and enthusiasm shine through at every shoot. Recent clients include Cabot Corporation, Broadridge, Pitney Bowes, Marsh & McLennan, Gilead Sciences, Sotheby’s, and United Technologies. His award-winning photography has been featured in the PDN Photo Annual, Communication Arts Annual, AR100 and Graphis100, among others.

Visit Dan's website for more portraits, locations, stories, and selected tearsheets.

Daniel Hager Photography Zurich

Born in Switzerland, Daniel Hager is a Zurich-based photographer specialising in people and landscape photography for advertising, corporate communication and editorial clients. His main focus lies in working with people and in developing and realising ideas and projects together with his clients.

Thanks to his creative skills, he makes ideas work. Daniel is supported by a team of talented professionals - producers, assistants, hair and make-up and styling artists - all of whom work together towards a common vision.

Clients include Novartis, Swisscom, Samsung, Credit Suisse, Migros, Edelweiss Air, Rieter, KPMG, Siemens and Zurich Insurance Group.

David Blattel Los Angeles

David Blattel brings a sense of adventure into every assignment that he photographs. Whether it's an advertising campaign or a corporate portrait, he infuses his images with high energy intensity and broad-based experience.

As an avid mountain climber, David is the 'pioneering photographer' who provided images of the first successful BASE jumps from El Capitan in Yosemite. In addition, he has filmed motion picture stunt scenes and offers motion abilities as well as photography to his clients. He even doubled for Michael Jackson in a skydiving scene during the famous 'Pepsi chase' commercial.

David brings unbridled passion, meticulous perfection, and unique expertise to every assignment. Whether it's studio or location, lifestyle or still life, his love of shooting combined with his amazing genius for anything technical creates results that keep his clients coming back for more.

Clients include American Express, Westin Hotels, GM, Microsoft, St. Jude Hospital, Wells Fargo, Disney, Canon, Mattel, Warner Bros. and Honda.

Ehrin Macksey Vietnam

Ehrin Macksey has been based in Vietnam and Southeast Asia for over nine years. Originally coming from a documentary photography background, Ehrin applied his award-winning visual style to commercial and corporate photography and videos, working for clients looking for a different visual perspective with authentic and unique imagery to represent their company and brand.

Most often he finds himself commissioned by both small and large Fortune 500 companies to produce annual reports, corporate social responsibility reports and image libraries, as well as videos. Ehrin's documentary background also provides him with a special skill set to not only provide unique images, but also adapt to locations in different countries, solving problems, dealing with tight deadlines, and getting the images needed without excuses.

In 2014 he was commissioned to shoot videos and stills in Brazil, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Vietnam, Singapore, California, Haiti, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and India.

Clients Include Microsoft, IBM, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lan Airlines, BNP Paribas Cardiff, World Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, VIB Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNAIDS, Hear The World Foundation, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Nordstroms, Sonova, M•A•C Cosmetics, Redhat, Simitomo Corporation, Triyards, Monocle Magazine, Travel & Leisure USA, Ogilvy & Mather, GREY Group, Masan Group.

Luis Cerdeira Photography Madrid

Luis Cerdeira is a Spain-based photographer who specialises in corporate, industrial and architectural photography. His work is frequently featured in annual reports, commercial brochures, corporate websites and corporate magazines.

Luis works quickly and efficiently, completing complex shoots with minimal disruption when photographing people at their work. He also stays on time and on budget, bringing back useful and striking images to his clients. His easy-going approach enables him to get the best out of any situation, both editorial and corporate assignments.

Recent clients include Applus+, Sener Engineering and Systems, Tragsa Group, Inbisa Group, General Directorate of Civil Protection, Dircom and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Markus Steur Photography Dortmund

Located in the Rhein-Ruhr metropole region and close to Dusseldorf and Cologne, photographer Markus Steur works for local, regional and international clients. He has experience with small companies and global players, institutions and magazines.

Many of his clients are interested in overall packages: architecture and image motifs, portrait and product shots, or reportage during day-to-day business. Markus combines these different approaches and creates pictures with individual, remarkable looks that are always from a single source.

To see more of his work visit his member profile or website. For more information email or call direct on +49.231.9128171.

Molyneux Associates London

Andrew Molyneux has over 25 years' experience shooting images for clients in the corporate and industrial sectors. His work takes him all over the world covering a vast range of subjects, shooting both stills and video. He has a reputation for delivering highly creative images without any hassle and enjoys the excitement and challenge of every shoot, whatever the location and subject. His easy-going approach enables him to get the best out of any situation.

Some recent clients include Kliklok, UKHealth, Tritax BigBox, NewLaw, GE Aviation, British Transport Police, Cargill, Ultra Electronics, Welsh Government, RWE Npower and SAB Miller.

For more information contact the studio on +44(0)1594 845561 or Andrew direct on +44(0)7836 661 460.

motionpictures.asia Singapore

Alexander Manton and his team at motionpictures.asia specialise in producing large-scale corporate media projects for multinational corporations in Asia. Equally skilled at creating video and photo content, he and his team have shot in every major city in Asia over the past 25 years, with a particular emphasis on the banking, corporate, oil and gas, and hospitality industries.

Shooting both types of rich media content on the same shoot with the same crew not only saves valuable time and money, but also creates a stronger brand identity through visual continuity. Clients worldwide rely on his knowledge of Asia and his ability to bring a global perspective to shoots anywhere in the region, be it in a boardroom in Singapore, a high tech facility in Shanghai, or a trading floor in Mumbai.

Clients include Citibank, Unilever, Caltex, Halliburton, AT&T, General Electric, Ensco, Goodyear, and many others.

Paul Painter London

Paul has a talent for taking challenging scenarios and creating images that excite and engage. His ability to quickly put people at ease and keep up a positive vibe on a shoot always helps to deliver an inspiring set of images.

Working internationally, Paul’s skills and experience helps clients achieve the results they’re looking for, whether they need a full production or a more 'guerrilla' approach.

Recent commissions include the redevelopment of New Street Station in Birmingham, from director portraits in the board room through to reportage images of workers underground in the Victorian tunnels, as well as a two-year project for Rolls Royce producing inspirational images for staff communications.

Recent clients include Network Rail, Mace, Rolls Royce, DeWalt and Volker Wessells.

More examples of Paul’s work can be found at his directory listing or on his website. For enquires contact Paul on +44(0)7747 753285.

Sander de Wilde Brussels

Sander de Wilde is a versatile photographer who shoots portraits, documentaries, and image libraries for major corporations, advertising agencies, and design firms. His photographs capture a situation in an often original and authentic way using a visual language that can be clean, intimate, different and original, depending on the story his clients want to tell. He is just as comfortable running a full production as he is working on his own.

Born Dutch, yet living in Brussels, Sander is the favourite photographer for many international clients booking him directly, but he is also the assigned photographer for Getty Global Assignments and others.

Latest clients include Nestlé, European Parliament, Philips, IG Metall, Saab, Volvo, Georg Fischer and many others.

Scott Gable New York

Scott Gable has built his reputation on a tenacious work ethic, a unique point of view, and an easy going approach. With the overall aim to tell his clients' stories and engage their audiences, his ability to listen sincerely, collaborate and show the flexibility essential in the profession has led to many long-term business relationships.

This year Scott was named the best of ASMP for 2014 and has grown his client list to include GE Aviation, Siemens, SAFRAN Aerospace, BBDO and ESPN, among others.

"Set him a challenge, because anyone who can survive a couple of months shooting the real action on an Alaskan salmon boat can certainly take it on!"

Stephen Sandon London

Stephen Sandon is a UK-based photographer working worldwide producing creative, high quality stills and video for the corporate, industrial and commercial, annual report, editorial and education sectors.

Organised, adaptable and resourceful, he is equally comfortable with individuals and groups at all levels, production lines and industrial plants, working quickly and decisively to obtain relevant, original and often spontaneous results however tight the schedule.

Applying a subtle approach if appropriate or organisational if direction is required, Stephen has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors with a diverse and impressive client list. He works mostly on location but can provide a Central London studio if needed, with easy parking and a relaxed atmosphere. He has contacts to hire studios, locations, equipment and assistants anywhere in the world.

Stephen has Criminal Records Bureau Clearance (CRB) to work with children, is an Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography, and a member of the National Union of Journalists.

Thomas Steuer Dusseldorf

Thomas Steuer works for large companies, advertising agencies, research institutions and magazines. He specialises in corporate, portraiture, documentary and advertising photography.

Whether on board a ship in a storm, exploring Antarctica or the executive floor of an office building, Thomas creates pictures with his keen sense and open nature. His clients know him to be capable of handling any situation in a relaxed and efficient manner - a reliable partner who understands their individual needs.

His commissioned work is primarily focused on healthcare, industry, business, technology and logistics. The results are emotional pictures that impress customers. This is the reason he produced pictures for Siemens Healthcare for over a year all around the world.

Visit his website to see more of his work. For more information email or call direct on +491773095653.

Thorsten Schmidtkord Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is the capital of Thorsten Schmidtkord - his home, and his heart! But for his clients he is ready to travel anywhere to fulfill each and every requirement. His natural style across a range of disciplines from industry to automotive makes Thorsten believe that the sky is the limit, and that everything is possible.

Visit his website for more information.

Wolfram Schroll Hagen

Wolfram Schroll is an industrial photographer based near Dusseldorf. In 2014 he worked for clients including Thyssen Krupp VDM, Borbet, Bosch and Siemens Healthcare a.o.

In his work, Wolfram always wants to present the beauty and fascination of the industrial world.

"For my work, I only need four words: technology - shot with love."