2010 STUDIOS Los Angeles

2010 Studio is a 10,000 sq. ft. production studio conveniently located between Santa Monica, Downtown LA and Long Beach - minutes from LAX and the beach.  2010 Studio is perfect for a wide range of photographic needs. 

Studio 1 measures 3000 square feet and is a north facing daylight studio with 12' windows, hair and make-up room, and shooting area of 43' x 43'. Studio 2 measures 3500 square feet complete with prep or set kitchen, large skylight.  and a shooting area of 37' x 65'.

A large commercial prep kitchen connects both studios with modern appliances, commercial refrigerators and freezers, as well as plenty of counter space for prep and styling.

Both stages have 16’ ceilings, large roll-up doors, black out curtains, 6 ton AC units, ground floor access for easy load in/load out, 100 amp power and a client lounge. The company offers equipment rental, prop and surface rental, with plenty of free, secure on-site parking and is pet friendly.

Addict Studios Madrid

Addict Studios is a professional studio and camera equipment rental company supplying only the best brands. Located in Madrid city centre, the company also offers more than 550 m² of studio rental space for photography, spot, showroom, casting and events, and is the only official Spanish supplier of the new Phase One IQ280 with Mamiya 645+.

Addict Studios is the largest open and unobstructed studio in Madrid, providing maximum support to professional photographers, agencies and magazines for their productions. The studios can be easily transformed into an elegant event venue for dinners, parties, workshops or classrooms settings.

Addict Studios is always at the forefront, with the latest technology including Profoto (8A, B4, B1), Broncolor, Phase One IQ system (IQ280 - IQ260 - IQ250 - IQ180), Mamiya, Apple, Eizo, Kino, Arri, Avenger, Manfrotto, Gitzo, Arri Amira, Alexa, Dragon, Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Red One, Canon 7D PL and Canon 5D Mark II – Mark III.

Clients, brands and magazines include Adidas, Real Madrid, Nike, Unilever, Samsung, Pantene, L'Oréal, Bimbo, Ferrari, Ford, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Fruttare, Ikea, FIBA, FC Barcelona, Loewe, Chanel, Armani, TourSpain, Asics, Bankia, Banco Santander, BBVA, Vogue Spain / UK / Paris / USA, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Neo2, Vanidad, Tendencias, View of the Times and Cosmopolitan.

Visit the new website for more information and follow the company on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Blood Orange East Berlin

Blood Orange East Studio was founded by Californian film-maker and visual artist Joseph Ramirez. Located in the listed gymnasium of a former school, the 200 m² drive-in professional workspace offers maximum flexibility for both film and photography productions. Up to 20m of shooting distance are possible, and besides productions the studio is a perfect location for readings, fashion-shows or corporate events.

Alongside two cyclorama walls and 7.5m high ceilings, studio amenities include WLAN Internet, dressing area, separate hair and make-up corner, meeting area, fully equipped kitchen and 100 m² private garden.

Blood Orange also offers a complete range of production support. Enjoying easy access - also for car-photography - the studio is located eight minutes from Alexanderplatz and 30 minutes from the airports Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Schönefeld. Contact the studio direct for all requests.

Camera-Studio Madrid

Located in the heart of Madrid in a unique warehouse, Camera-Studio is Madrid's premier full service photographic studio and equipment rental centre for both in-studio and on-location productions.

Camera-Studio benefits from its great location on a quiet courtyard ensuring total privacy for productions. The company has a complete inventory of photo and video equipment and is conveniently located at ground level, offering drive-in access. In-house equipment includes Broncolor, Profoto, Phase One, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Canon, Digital backs, Arri and Kino-flo.

The 600 m² workspace is divided into two studios, each with unique characteristics, a client lounge with sound system, private parking, make-up areas for each studio.

  • Studio I  features a 15.5 x 8.5 m kitchen, a 6.50 x 3.70 x 5.50 m cyclorama, hair and make-up area, 22.000W air conditioning and heating, Apple 27”, and Airport.
  • Studio II  (Daylight studio) is mainly used for daylight shoots (blackout possible with curtains). It features a 12.5 x 8.5 m room, a giant 10 x 7m²  daylight roof, 7 x 3.70 x 5 m cornered cyclorama, kitchen, 18.000W air conditioning and heating, Apple 27", and Airport.

Other features include production, creative post-production, digital operators, casting services, colour and video editing services, and highly experienced staff prepared to execute any production no matter how complex.

Delight Studios Stockholm

Delight Studios offers four large creative shooting spaces situated within minutes from the heart of Stockholm. Options include Stockholm's largest Cyclorama (20mx6m), giant floor to ceiling windows and a remarkably well preserved industrial look throughout the entire space.

The rental department is well-stocked and can accomodate almost all needs. Equipment is only rented in conjunction with productions within the studio assuring clients minimal wear and exceptional condition.

There is also a variety of food and beverages located at `The Cafe´ situated in the centre of the studio complex. Wonderful, tasty food is cooked and served daily by the chef, everything from the simple snack to the gastronomic main course delight.

Eleven 40 Melbourne

Eleven40 is Melbourne’s premier studio, equipment hire and events venue for the photography, film and creative communities. With two studios, a large range of rental equipment for studio and location work, location vans, great crew resources and production support available, Eleven40 has become the go-to studio in Melbourne for many top productions.

Gear includes Melbourne’s largest range of Profoto flash, 8a, B4, B2, 7Bs and light shapers and accessories, Phase One digital backs, P65+, IQ180, Hasselblad H1 and H4 and all lenses, Arri tungstens, Profoto HMI’s, Manfrotto, Avenger, LA Rag, Nikon, Canon, Redrock, Rode, Apple, Eizo, and more. The Eleven40 team are committed to supplying great studios, the latest gear and awesome service with a positive can-do attitude.

Eleven40 Studio - 300+ m², full cyclorama, drive in access, 3 phase power, heating A/C, make-up room, production office/client lounge, Wi-Fi, 20% off equipment in studio.

Orchard Street Studio - 100 m², cyclorama, drive heat, hydronic slab heating, optional house, roof deck and park location adjacent, A/C.

Clients and brands include Nissan, One Direction, Sony, Country Road, Nikon, Mazda, Phase One, Bonds and Top Gear Australia.

FGV Schmidle Munich

Minutes away from the center of Munich is a 700 m² / 7,500 sq. ft. studio for transportation, still life, interior or fashion photography and film productions. The studio can be divided and has a variety of technical equipment options next to one of Germany's top rental facilities for motion and still photography offering the latest professional camera, grip and lighting gear.

The studio features a catering area with open kitchen, rest rooms, make-up, separate shower and wardrobe rooms as well as production offices next to the studio with an additional 250 m² / 2,680 sq. ft. The crew offers a full service support in terms of rental equipment, set decoration, catering and production services.

The studio is equipped with green/blue screen and black curtains covering the entire Studio height of 12m / 40ft. A traditional cyclorama covers the length of two studio walls 29x24m / 95x79ft. and is equipped with 120 kW of dimmable cyc-lights.

Two large fully motorised ceiling panels can be used as reflectors or translucent light boxes. Three motorised rigs carry loads up to two tons each. The rigs are equipped with power supply, DMX control for lighting consoles, and compressed air feeds.

Clients can also access WLAN Internet, phone and fax and there is a modern alarm protection system, truck-sized doors and a large private parking area outside. A brand new business hotel also just opened next door.

Four Studios Communication Turin

Four Studios Communication is the only versatile and professional photo/video studio in Turin, northern Italy. The company is Europe's largest and most advanced complex dedicated to the production of photography, TV advertising and cinema, with over 5,000 m² of indoor workspace.

Four Studios Communication provides every kind of facility to help clients realise their projects, offering worldwide production services that cater to all requirements such as location, light equipment, turntables, skilled staff, and more.

The company is specialised in the automotive sector with full cyclorama studios (floor and ceiling), and has hosted TV and film productions, fashion photo shoots and much more.

Visit the website, facebook page or contact the friendly staff directly for more information.

Heynstudios Berlin Berlin

Located in the mid-north area of Berlin, between Alexanderplatz and Schlosspark, Pankow, Heynstudios Berlin is set in a 300 m² fabric loft founded in 1900 and is an ideal place for photo and film productions.

Combining the open feel of a photo studio and the furnishings and elegance of the building's industrial heritage, the residental workshops near to the studios offer unique set building opportunities. Heynstudios provides full equipment rental, digital and analogue camera systems, catering and production service.

Latest projects shot at the studios included a Home 24 interior and furniture production, Red Wing Shoes, a commercial for Coca-Cola by Oxigeno Barcelona, a Timberland shoot by Heiko Richard, and Gasag and Bookman shoots by Tino Pohlmann, with Christian Gröschel on video production for Bookman.

Honeybee Photo and Production Istanbul

Honeybee was established in 2005 to offer a full range of photography production services. Following up on new industry innovations and strengthening its technical knowledge, Honeybee applies its experience to achieving a strong artistic vision. Today, the company is Istanbul's leading rental house, providing a wide variety of regularly updated lighting equipment and accessories.

Honeybee also works on local productions as well as co-productions with some of the most respected international companies.

Honeybee serves creative photographic solutions to advertising agencies and the fashion industry by working with leading photographers, hair and make-up artists, fashion and set designers.

Isis Studio Toronto

Isis Studio is a 2200 square foot photo and film studio, located in Toronto just minutes from the downtown core.

The studio features a 600 square foot infinity cove, a 20′ x 20′ wall of frosted glass with a southern exposure, and 40-foot ceilings.

The open concept allows the studio to bathe in natural light all day long, while also having the option to use automated black out blinds at clients' discretion.

Park Royal Studios London

Park Royal Studios is one of the leading photographic studios and event hire venues in London, providing studio hire and facilities for photographic shoots, commercials, film, promos, events and rehearsals.

A hybrid studio that is able to cater for any production, from fashion shoots to TV commercials, Park Royal Studios is within close proximity to Central London.

Facilities include four drive-in studios, including the largest cove in London, two large free car parks, on-site catering, three phase power, equipment hire, air conditioned production rooms, Fibre Optic grade Wi-Fi, greenrooms and excellent make-up/styling areas.

Photopia Studios Miami

Photopia's studio and location facilities include:

The New York Loft/Studio 1, which measures 3,750 sq. ft., has a 22x20 fl. cyclorama, 16 ft. It has high ceilings, and two big panorama windows, (11 x 12 ft. & 16x 14 ft.) which can be blocked out by automatic rolling doors and an expanded storage area of 750 sq. ft. It also boosts a second floor space, roomy styling and make-up rooms, and a modern eat-in kitchen.

The Boston Loft/Studio 2, which measures 2,500 sq. ft. and 16 ft., has high ceilings with classic mouldings, 16 ft. wide cyclorama and 3x daylight panorama windows in 10 x 10 and 12 x 10 ft. The place also features French colonial sliding doors, a kitchen and dining area, fireplace, library with early 18th century European country-style furniture and writing desk, complete with Winchester sofas.

The South Cottage is a 2200 sq. ft. studio decorated with whitewashed classic French furniture and equipped with a modern professional Viking kitchen.

The Beach House is a 1200 sq. ft. big open rectangle room with completely moveable furnishings, terrace and pool setting.

99 Palms is the company's ultra modern location, a house with completely movable furnishings, terraces, a large pool and garden.

Visit the website or contact Christian on +1 305-213-0200 for more information.

PS4 Studio Toronto

"Some say PS4 Studio is among the most beautiful and efficient in Toronto."

PS4 Studio offers 920 sq. ft. of shooting space perfectly located at the foot of Lakeshore Blvd and Carlaw Ave, with easy access to airports, hotels, restaurants, equipment rental and prop houses. Clean, bright and beautifully lit, the studio serves international design and advertising agencies.

With a full kitchen, hair and make-up area and separate client space, PS4 is the perfect studio for large sets, large groups, events, styling, cooking, eating, meeting and relaxing. Everything clients need is in one place, so they can focus on creating their best work.

Client comment: “Great seeing the new studio. It has a very warm and welcoming ambiance. That's about as organised a studio as I have ever seen!”

Shoot Estudios Barcelona

Shoot Estudios offers the perfect mix between professional photo studios and locations. All of the spaces are located in downtown Barcelona, and having very different aesthetics, they all have very strong personalities. You will find the perfect setting for your project, whether it’s for a photo shoot, a film session, a meeting or an event.

There are over 800 square metres available, where you are free to choose different corners to recreate the space that you need in different environments. These unique spaces have a plus of originality and quality, to surprise all types of clients.

Shoot Estudios has worked with brands such as Uterqüe, Hendrick's Gin, Google, Mango, Oysho, YoDona Magazine, Horse Mag, Shangay magazine, Bershka and Bacardi and photographers like Manuel Outumuro, Sergi Jasanada, Greg Gorman and many others.

Stables Studio Sydney

Stables Studio is Sydney’s hottest creative space in the coolest end of town. Huge stable doors welcome clients into a luxuriously spacious 500 m² ground level warehouse. Parking is provided for five cars/trucks in the massive LUG, while the studio's central location has excellent transport links (30 seconds to world famous Oxford St., steps to the city, and just 15 minutes to the airport).

This perfect Sydney studio affords every convenience along with bonus features that are designed to boost professional productivity and really let the creativity flow.

"Ask our friendly and efficient studio manager about our special photographic, film and event rates!"

studio geek Shanghai

Studio Geek is a leading photo studio located in downtown Shanghai that rents space for creative use. Its creative team converted an auto repair factory into NYC-style photo studios with the best amenities to meet the needs of photographers - all under one roof.

With more than 2000 m² of workspace, the studios also house events such as show openings. The studios are easy to reach with leading amenities, plenty of space, plus an in-house cafe serving healthy and fresh food and beverages.

"Studio Geek is truly a hidden gem in Shanghai, a unique place to realise your wildest imagination."

Studio go1 Amsterdam

Studio GO1 is L-shaped with a total workspace measuring 33 m² (width 4m, length 8m, height 4.5m). Facilities include a montage table which can be used for recording and editing. Whether it's a video production or photo shoot, all imaginable software and hardware exists to ensure success. Next to the studio is a room for production, make-up and wardrobe, along with free Wi-Fi.

Studio GO1 is the most affordable studio in Amsterdam and is ideally located in the most popular area of the city. Clients can ride their bike, scooter or car here for free or come by public transportation (tram lines 3, 4 and 12). It is close to both Amstel Rail Station and Central Station.

Studio GO1 is there to serve clients with some of the leading cameramen around, while Gowan Genis has produced over 1000 video clips.

Sunbeam Studios London

Sunbeam Studios is the premier London photo studio for world class talent. Sunbeam has recently hosted an array of high profile shoots including Johnny Depp for Details Magazine, Downton Abbey’s Lily James, Kim Kardashian’s Elle Magazine cover and Victoria Beckham for The Guardian, to name a few.

The one-of-a-kind luxurious studio features fantastic daylight, automatic black-out, drive-in, huge coves, high ceilings, location spaces and beautiful gardens.

Sunbeam has spaces ranging from 300 sq. ft. to over 3,000 and has expanded its offering with new rental space The Board Room and gorgeous offices to lease.

The F Stop Studio Chicago

The F Stop Studio is conveniently located just outside downtown Chicago. The studio features 4000 square feet with an open floor plan, two back-to-back commercial kitchens, a comfortable client space, and 90 ft. of window space allowing eastern and western daylight exposure as well as blackout capabilities.

The studio’s double kitchen space allows the ability to maximise space and time for any food or drink photographer, while the open floor space and convenient yet comfortable client area allows a variety of possibilities intended to fit the needs of any photo or video production. The modern yet rustic touch provides an authentic and alluring atmosphere that brings every production to the next level.

With welcoming staff, premium amenities, and convenient location, The F Stop Studio is designed to fit every need for a flawless production.

Wahooz Downtown Car Studio Toronto

Wahooz Studio is located on the harbour front of downtown Toronto with easy access to all major hotels, restaurants and highways. The studio is custom designed for automotive print and television productions.

The 3200 sq.ft. studio has a 40’x32’x18’ U-shaped cyclorama with full ceiling return; two 28’x3’radius moveable ground rows; 30’x10’ Chimera graduated lightbox; and a 45’x15’ mezzanine level with dressing/make-up area and washroom with shower.

The studio provides a large amount of Tungsten and Strobe lighting and grip equipment along with black and grey light shaping material, 75K power, cable and distribution. The 15’x15’ automatic overhead door allows easy access for even larger vehicles and the parking lot can accommodate 30 cars and four production support vehicles.

The design and layout of the studio provides a comfortable and efficient workspace for even the most ambitious projects and has been extensively utilised over the past 17 years for the creation of virtually every automobile manufacturer's production requirements.