Vincent Boon

Utrecht - Amsterdam

"A bit over the top." That’s what drives Vincent Boon as a photographer. And as an ambitious person, he is very passionate about his work. Characterising his photography is a distinctive use of colour and lighting. In his advertising work he likes to create a different sense of reality that invites the viewer to search for the real and the unreal.

Based in Utrecht, Vincent's well-equipped studio offers many facilities and comforts for all kinds of photography: with over 230 m², incredible heights and a closed full cyclorama, there are few jobs that can't be done. With years of experience in the business, his work has been published in many newspapers and magazines and he has serviced numerous commercial clients.

Clients include Barberstation, Shimano, Sigma Coatings, TBWA/Neboko, McKinsey & Company, KPMG, Springer Publishers, Twin Media, Axioma, Doorrood Persuasive Agency, USG People, Total Identity, Global Photo Associates Inc., Royal Dutch Hockey Association, Dutch Railways, Propertize, Quest Magazine, Labor Party The Netherlands (PvdA), Quote Magazine and Symantec.