Alexander Imaging San Francisco

Alexander Imaging is a creative advertising and catalogue studio, located for 15 years in the heart of Soma, San Francisco.

Jeff Alexander strives for clean, creative imagery that is focused on beauty, cosmetics, products and food for a wide range of clientele.

Providing full service production, skilled photography, high-end retouching and post-production, Alexander Imaging consistently works to bring a high level of service and attention for all clients.

Barry Makariou Photographer London

"I specialise in liquids and still life photography and am gradually using film to compliment my projects. I enjoy the challenges of both mediums. With stills I can say everything about the product in one amazing image; with film I get to tell my story and take the viewer on a journey.

Photography is just the beginning. I create unique images by using many elements and bringing your visions to life. I believe in creating something out of nothing, creating emotion an identity and most importantly being able to bring the most challenging products to life.

Recent work includes Nike, Peroni, Vodafone, Avios, Laimon Fresh, Gillette, Durex and Tom Ford.

My personal work forms most of my contributions to Gallery Stock, Getty, Corbis, and One Eyeland. Latest awards incluce One Eyeland and Graphis for advertising still life.''

Bruce Anderson London

London-based Bruce Anderson specialises in still life photography. At his studio in Shoreditch, he produces outstanding results in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Bruce is passionate about all aspects of still life photography and enjoys new challenges.

Recently, and for a little while now, he has been producing simple small films for company websites and social media to help with promotional activities.

Be sure to check out his new, on-going hidden website.

Courtney Dailey Los Angeles

Working bi-coastal NY/LA, Courtney Dailey leads teams of beauty experts creating images from prep to post. Known for her use of colour, she delivers imagery that is dramatic and confident. She feels all images should communicate concepts, stories or evoke feelings.

Starting her career in Michigan as a make-up artist, Courtney has always believed photography and make-up should have no rules. "They are a combination of imagination, creation, and practiced technique." This point of view has allowed her to see beauty from all perspectives.

Since her arrival in Los Angeles, Courtney has shot for numerous international magazines, campaigns and celebrities. She was recently published in Cosmo, Allure, Elle, Vanidades, and was chosen as one of FJ Westcott Lighting’s 'Top 50 Professionals'.

Clients include Schwarzkopf, Elle, Cosmo, Allure, Women's Health, Men's Fitness, Vanidades, Milani/Jordana Cosmetics, Temptu Cosmetics, DeMarco Diamonds, University Medical, Skin MD, Chrome Girl and May Lindstrom Skin.

Dennis Pedersen London

Dennis Pedersen transforms everyday materials into spectacular, dynamic imagery. It is an art that he has honed for over 20 years. His studio is highly sought-after by clients from many sectors - all seeking a highly creative response to the photography of their products. Water, ice, heat, materials in flux: like an alchemist, Dennis employs techniques and effects that bring materials and brands to life.

From his studios in Shoreditch, highly accessible to the creative industries of London, Dennis uses technical prowess as well as ingenuity to achieve the effects for which he is known. He has plentiful darkroom experience and takes a highly trained eye to digital production, always pushing the boundaries of the photographically possible - and his unerring ability to capture the essence of a product.

Visit his blog for more information.

Eric Satten Stockholm

"The talent that came from nowhere, or everywhere." Born in the USA in 1976, Eric Satten was raised on the east coast of America as well as in a small town in Denmark. Nowadays, this award-winning still life photographer is based in Stockholm, and loves it.

Eric uses lighting that is highly creative along with computer technology to enhance and push his style with the knowhow of belonging to the digital generation. "One can always tell it's an Eric Satten by the characteristics, distinguishable finish, and the energy and speed he puts into his images, which makes him both unique and modern."

His work has featured in magazines such as Watch World, Harper's Bazaar, NK STIL, A Perfect Guide, Residence and Bona Vita.

His visual language can be seen with clients including Assa Abloy, Efva Attling, Siemens, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Oriflame Cosmetics, Powerade, Pirelli, Rizzo, Lumene Cosmetics, L'Oréal, Make Up Store, Amnesty International, Swarovski, Red Bull and Bosch.

Fernando Ceja Dallas - Mexico City

Known for building, controlling and shedding light onto beauty, Fernando Ceja combines his attention to detail with his passion for finding new ways to illuminate.

For over two decades, Fernando has been frequently hired to shoot still life, motion and fashion. He is invariably ready for new adventures, travelling and working with new clients.

Fernando is known for reliability, finding new techniques and fun photo shoots.

When he is not in his studio he can be found capturing life moments in New York, Florida, Spain, Cuba and Mexico, or riding his motorcycle throughout Texas.

Hardesh Dhingra Mumbai

It has been a long journey for Hardesh Dhingra, who is renowned for digital photography and well known as a pioneer in the field. He enjoys working in a controlled studio environment - with the best light and capture equipment, as well as his vast experience of 27 years, Hardesh can shoot any project, from small still life to large automobile SUVs in his large studio in Manesar Gurgaon.

His studio client list includes top Indian advertising agencies and leading automotive brands. His team of dedicated production and photography assistants and digital retouchers ensures the best quality and most efficient execution.

Hardesh particularly likes working on conceptual photo projects which challenge him to mix photography and digital post-production skills to create a powerful final image. Also in-house is a fully-fledged fine art and commercial printing set-up which means complete control, from capture to print.

Represented by JSR John Bennett London

John Bennett specialises in luxury fashion accessories and jewellery still life.

John studied film and photography at the Bournemouth and Poole College of Art. One of his first assignments was for British Vogue, and he has since worked internationally for fashion related editorial clients including Harpers & Queen, The Face, GQ, Esquire and Tatler. His prestigious list of commercial clients includes De Beers, Chanel, Harrods and Holland & Holland.

John's love of still life stems from a fascination with composition, the space between objects, the beautiful forms that objects create, and trying to make order out of visual chaos.

The work featured in this Spotlight is from a mixture of DeBeers campaigns: DeBeers 'Drops of Light', which were taken in the London head office and feature drawings by the head designer. Other images are from 'Making of' at the Jewellery Atelier in Paris and London, along with 'Pink Story' - a collaboration with paper creations from one of JSR's illustrators, Lydia Shirreff.

Leo Acker London

Leo Acker’s bold and imaginative work makes him one of London's most sought-after still life photographers.

Over the years, Leo has developed a unique creative photographic style combined with precise digital skills.

From his studio in Shoreditch and on location, Leo shoots for a wide range of clients. Recent commissions include work for Red Magazine, The Financial Times, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury's, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Russell & Bromley and Grazia Magazine.

Mark Groen Amsterdam

At the turn of the Millennium, Mark Groen set a new direction in life to pursue his passion for photography. Having successfully completed the Photo Academy, within a few years he has managed to hone his skills to become a popular, all-round photographer.

With a devotion to still photography and advertising his portfolio has grown to include regular clients such as Sanoma Media, Avant Garde, TMG and Rituals. Working together with advertisers and advertising agencies including DDB, Van de Jong and Pubmarket, Mark has also worked directly with Centraal Beheer Achmea, T-Mobile, and Staatsloterij.

Mark operates his own fully equipped studio facilities in Amsterdam.

Melanie Jenkins Auckland

Flash Studios was established in January 2000 by photographer Melanie Jenkins. The first successful wholly digital large format studio in New Zealand, the personnel consists of Melanie and her team including freelance assistants and retouchers.

Specialising in photographing food, product, fashion, beauty, jewellery and interiors, Melanie is always looking for the next challenge and works to produce outstanding quality in all areas.

With the ability to move windows, walls, skirting boards, flooring, etc., the team at Flash Studios can transform the studio for their clients' specific needs. The studio kitchen is well equipped and has plenty of space to allow food stylists and chefs create their culinary master pieces. Shooting large and medium formats, Melanie also regularly works on location.

Clients include Bauer Media, Fairfax Media, Tip Top NZ, Adrienne, Winkelmann, Chelsea, Bidvest NZ, Worth and Douglas, Moontide, Bendon NZ, Sleepyhead/Comfort group, Draft FCB NZ, AMG Group NZ, This is True, Bobux, Columbus, Random House, Easiyo, Resenes, Healthy Life Media, HB Media, Tangible Media, Interact advertising, Shore City, Periscope and Switch Design/PR.

Pixeleyes London

Based in central London and working across still life, liquids, advertising, fashion and beauty photography, Pixeleyes provides clients with a creative and hassle-free service.

Specialists in creating stunning quality imagery, the company was established 10 years ago with the philosophy of paying the closest attention to detail to the creation of high-end still life photography.

"What drives us is making the impossible a reality."

Pixeleyes is well known for its use of liquids and special effects to create spectacular beauty, fashion and product stills.

Visit the website for more information.

Ray Massey London

The images featured in this Spotlight show a cross section of Ray Massey's still life work.

Specialising in still life, liquids and drinks, Ray combines real life special effects with his in-house retouching and composing to bring even the most complex briefs to life within a pre-determined budget.

Working out of his 3500 sq. ft. converted church hall studio in Camden, London, he has acquired over the last 25 years an excellent production team around him to ensure all campaigns are executed to the highest standards.

Visit Ray's Facebook, LinkedIn, tumblr and twitter for updates and news.

Rich Begany New York

Still life specialist Rich Begany is based in New York’s Flatiron District. He produces his studio-based photography for clients near and far, utilising a range of photographic and digital tools from capture through to post-production.

Rich has a deep understanding of the seductive powers of colour and texture and with that has developed an impressive portfolio of effective images used in advertising, editorials and other commercial outlets.

Recent collaborations include new work for Olay Products, Maybelline and Jo Malone.

Contact WiB Agency to discuss an upcoming project or to request a portfolio.

Rowan Fee London

Rowan Fee is a London-based still life photographer who combines his obsession for detail and fascination with lighting to create flawless graphic images.

Shooting for both commercial and editorial clients, recents commissions include Nike, John Lewis, Men’s Health, Esquire and BarclayCard.

Studio Rauzier Riviere Paris

Founded in 1984, Studio Rauzier Riviere is an advertising photography studio based in Suresnes, a close suburb of Paris. Currently directed by Marc Rosaz, an American-born French photographer, the studio has a long history providing photography and post-production services.

The studio works for a large variety of advertising and design agencies and is specialised in food, still life, and all object photography.

Working with some of the best food and textile stylists in Paris, the studio's expertise lies in the service of quality professional photography with particular focus on building relationships with clients.

Represented by Biggs Represents Tristan Townley London

Whether it’s luxury lifestyle accessories or consumer electronics, food or drink, an abstract conceptual editorial or an advertising shoot for a big name client, Tristan Townley brings his considered technical skills, graphic style, and vibrant creativity to the studio scene.

The Canadian-born still life photographer began his career a decade ago and has been with Biggs Represents and based at Central London studios since 2004.