Adrien Crasnault London

Adrien Crasnault is a London-based photographer specialising in lifestyle, fashion and kids photography. He values the spontaneity and true emotions of his subjects.

Originally from France, Adrien came to the UK in 1999 and has since focused his attention on adapting his self-taught photographic skills to this constantly innovating creative industry.

His eye for detail and ability to catch the right moment is second to none. Adrien is easy to work with and has a solid understanding of the requirements necessary to meet any brief, along with the ability to add value to a concept.

Andrea Mandel Chicago

A proudly native Chicagoan, Andrea Mandel’s first love in high school was film. She knew it had to be her career, and moved to Syracuse to study at Newhouse School of Communications where she graduated with a degree in photography. 30 years later working in commercial photography, Andrea is as passionate and enamored with photography as ever.

Her energy and creativity make her work as a people (including kids) and lifestyle director and photographer the perfect fit. She has had the  privilege of travelling nationwide as well as overseas for a long list of well known clients and agencies, including a recent job in South Africa where she photographed over 130 babies in one week - not one of them cried!

Andrea the Director is playful and precise, always ready to capture the spontaneously beautiful moments of day-­to‐day life. Her expertise on set guarantees a lively and fun shoot for all. Andrea the Person is an avid cyclist, swimmer, movie buff and dog lover.

Ben Van Hook Orlando

Ben Van Hook is an American photographer and director known for his ability to craft beautiful, authentic imagery for global brands and agencies. Ben’s love of people and life is evident in his work. His clients include Johnson & Johnson, Philips, GlaxoSmithKline and Sports Illustrated.

“Starting my career in journalism over 30 years ago shaped my view of the world. It’s based in creating photography and film that feels real and honest, in a slice of life kind of way. For me, creating an emotional connection in my work is the ultimate goal.”

Represented by Jackie Gibbs Dan Scudamore London

Dan Scudamore was born and bred in south London where he now lives with his wife, Alysia, and little boy, Mikey.

It took Dan a while to find his way in to photography. He tried many differing career paths, from computing to sous-chef to Ainsley Harriott, before finding a passion for taking pictures when he bought his first proper camera to document a six month stay in Australia. He taught himself the basics, and once back in the UK, worked in a camera shop and then ran a pro lab in the City before taking the plunge into assisting.

Dan assisted various photographers all over the globe until he decided that he wanted to concentrate on kids fashion. He then became first assistant to Stefano Azario for six years, learning the specifics of his chosen field from one of the best.

Dan has now been shooting his own work since 2010. He works with a wide range of clients in every realm of art and commerce: from advertising, promotions to exhibitions/awards and editorial photo shoots.

David Handley London

David Handley is a multi-award-winning photographer who has been given the prestigious title of 'Sony World Fashion Photographer'. He is a renowned photographer with almost 20 years' experience in photographing children and babies.

David shoots regularly for commercial and editorial clients worldwide, including Ralph Lauren, Mothercare, Dandy Star, John Lewis, Primark, Boots, M&S, Babiekins and Next.

He has an ability to capture the genuine naturalness and fun of his subjects; his extensive experience and creativity with children allow him to capture vibrant, quirky pictures.

David's personal projects have included his books 'Burning Man' and ‘Little Mermaid’.

Julia Bostock London

Julia's ability to capture the moment and the mood of her subjects shows in the relaxed but energetic style of her work. By engaging with her subjects she effortlessly makes them feel at ease.

Recently her team has been shooting videos alongside stills. With attention to the edit and choice of music, Julia is able to produce videos that compliment the stills campaign and reinforce the message. Having worked as an art director, her creativity is often a massive bonus to any project which she becomes involved in.

Recently she has worked on Clarks, Mothercare, Asda, Vogue Bambini, La Petite and other international magazines.

Kourtney Sellers Chicago

Kourtney Sellers is a commercial and editorial photographer and director, based in Chicago. She focuses on letting her daydreams run wild - and works hard to make those dreams a reality!

About her work, Kourtney says, "I am driven to capture beauty in the everyday, and I love bringing fantasy to life. My love for photographing kids began with my twin nieces. They, like all children, possess an effortless beauty, a passion for surprise, a curiosity about the world they live in and a fearlessness of expression. I strive every day to capture the moments between the moments of that expression, to showcase the wonder and the power of 'play'. To me, that is where the magic is.”  

Evidence of this can be seen in Kourtney's work in stores nationally for Walgreens as she continues to move brands forward, combining simple moments with beauty and surprise.

Mr. Mark Groeneveld Amsterdam

"Coffee with caffeine, gin with tonic. Play hard, work harder. Laughter is the key, seriousness is essential. Life is bright even without a flash.

As for photography, anything is possible."

Mark Groeneveld is an Amsterdam-based photographer with creativity running through his veins.

Represented by Jackie Gibbs Olivier Ribardiere London

Olivier Ribardiere educated himself in photography during his 20s and, after a quick stop in photographic school, became the first assistant of Andre Berg, who taught him the basics of his profession.

He headed to Studio Pin-up to expand his experience, where he had the privilege of working with some of the best photographers worldwide: Oliviero Toscani, Jean-Paul Goude, Peter Lindberg, Gilles Tapie, and Jean François Jonvelle. After a few more years assisting he began his own career at the age of 25, and was quickly recognised as a professional photographer due to his talent, ambition - and his obstinacy!

Olivier's sensitivity and photographic maturity gave him the chance to discover “a new world, one of children’s,” in which he is known today as one of the top photographers specialising in children’s fashion.

Olivier has been commissioned repeatedly for some of the most prestigious brands in children’s fashion. He now works with a wide range of clients in every realm of art and commerce: from advertising and promotions to exhibitions/awards and editorial photo shoots.

Rachael Mckenna Photography New Zealand

Rachael Hale McKenna is well-known throughout the world for her quirky and delightful images of children, babies and animals. She has published a number of books, selling millions of copies worldwide. Her latest book project 'Little Loves, New Zealand Children and their favorite Animals' is due for release in November 2015.

Rachael has a unique ability to capture the soul and character of her subject matter, creating images that have emotive content that draws the viewer in. With over 20 years of experience in the photography industry, Rachael is a sought-after photographer. With a gentle, calm and friendly manner, she connects with her subjects, gaining their trust, enabling her to capture their true personality.

Rachael has recently returned to her home country New Zealand after spending a number of years based in Europe and then New York. Alongside her image creation for book projects she regularly travels to create portraits for private commissions, magazines and commercial clients.

Sonja Schaefer Hamburg

Sonja Schaefer loves and lives photography, bringing happiness and an easy flow to every set. With this gift she manages to get people to do things they would never normally do in front of a camera.

In her heart, Sonja is still a kid and manages to make the children in front of her lens feel like they are part of a game instead of working.

Capturing the right moment of emotion and natural behaviour, clients love her reliability and organisation. Sonja is based in Hamburg where she has found her home-base and family.

Agencies include Scholz and Friends, DDB, JvM Limmatt, Leo Burnett, BBS, FarnerCH, KSP CH, and clients Henkel, Robinson, Walls, Migros, Hapimag, Dr. Oetker, Signal Iduna and many more.

Tim Geaney New York

From a Southern Californian family of artists, Tim Geaney moved to New York to work for world-renowned photographer Bruce Weber in 1979. They travelled the globe for high fashion clients and magazines for a couple years, with Bruce showing him a way to be happy photographing on a commercial level.

Tim truly enjoys his assignments and creating special moments. His mission is to always find the natural light, and if it's not available he adds just enough to keep it real. It is imperative to him that the people who he photographs love the way they look, and more importantly to capture the “moment” for his clients.

Editorial clients include L'Uomo Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Bambini, Vogue Spoza, Lei Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, GQ, Self and InStyle Magazine. Commercial clients include Victoria's Secret, Nautica, J.Crew, Macy’s, Little Me, Flapdoodles, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Talbots, Saks Fifth Avenue and Polo Ralph Lauren.