711rent - Equipment Rental Germany - Spain - France - Netherlands

711rent is Europe's leading photo and film equipment rental house with branches in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and Mallorca.

The company carries well-maintained gear from all major brands, including Profoto, Broncolor, Briese, Arri, Kino Flo, Dedolight, Hasselblad, Phase One, Canon, Nikon, Apple, Mole Richardson, The Light and many more.

The 711rent Network makes it easy to order equipment with a local shop and pick up anywhere. Due to the company's large range of stock and clever logistics, large jobs can be easily handled on tight timing.

Service is orientated towards the needs of photographers and production companies, with an experienced staff solving problems to allow professionals to concentrate on the job at hand.

711rent Barcelona has moved to a new location just around the corner from the old studio. They are now in c/ Ciutat de Granada 45 in the 22@ district.

Recent additions include Phase One 380 and 350 with XF Body, high end Zeiss Lenses from the Otus series for Canon and Nikon, Canon 5Ds and 5Dsr.

add pictures! - Full Service Production Munich

add pictures! was established in 2004 as a full service production company for commercial photo and film projects.

Whether it's portrait studio shooting, guerilla-style road trips, or high-end state-of-the-art production, add pictures! works with great enthusiasm to make clients feel safe and understood from the first approach to the final wrap binder. 

A profound knowledge of both worlds is a major benefit if a combination of still and moving images is needed. After more than 500 projects all over the planet, add pictures! collaborates with reliable partners worldwide to guarantee the best and most cost efficient way to realise clients' ideas.

Addict Studios - Studios & Equipment Rental Madrid

Addict Studios is a professional studio and camera equipment rental company that provides maximum support for professional photographers and directors. The company offers the latest high-end camera, lighting equipment and other production supplies, including:

  • Shooting equipment: Arri, Alexa, Epic, Black Magic, Arri Hmi and Kinoflo.
  • Photo: Profoto, Broncolor, Phase One, Hasselblad, Canon and Apple.
  • Production equipment: Van, tents, screen, tables, etc.

Located in Madrid city centre, the company offers complete equipment for photo and events and more than 700m² of studio rental space with two Cicloramas. Addict Studios is the only official Spanish rental supplier of the new Phase One IQ280 with Mamiya 645DF+.

Friends and clients include Adidas, Real Madrid, Nike, Unilever, Samsung, Pantene, L'Oréal, Ikea, FIBA, FC Barcelona, Loewe, Chanel, Armani, Ford, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Vogue and Sport Illustrated.

Visit the new website for more information.

Christian Bernal - D.O.P. Barcelona

Christian Bernal was born in Barcelona in 1978. He discovered his passion for b/w photography at an early age, which led him to establish his own laboratory and develop his own images.

Christian graduated in Image and Sound and specialised as a Director of Photography, finishing his studies at the New York Film Academy where he had the opportunity to shoot many short films.

Returning to Barcelona, for a number of years he worked in advertising as a camera assistant, combining his role with that of assistant cinematographer on a range of films - several of which won international awards for 'Best Cinematography'.

Joining Hand Film RCR, Christian began working as Director of Photography on advertising campaigns for the likes of La Caixa, Subaru, Dairy, UNICEF and many more. Today, he still shoots advertising and video clips and is founder of the studio Photoshooting Barcelona.

CineFilms - Full Production Service Dominican Republic

CineFilms is the production support services company behind many of the most international productions made in the Dominican Republic.

"Our concept is based on… Happiness! Every producer coming from abroad gets the best production support service. CineFilms is the first choice for production for international companies looking to produce visual content in the country. We deliver your project on budget, on schedule and at great value."

In 2015 CineFilms has welcomed crews and projects from Los Angeles, Chicago, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Canada, Madrid, Mexico, Germany and Paris, shooting campaigns for the Hard Rock Hotel, Lavazza, Reitmans, Damart, Barceló Hotels, The Westin, Boston Proper, Walgreens, Kaspersky, CBC News, Excellence Resorts and Marc Anthony.

Registered at the Dominican Republic Film Commission (DGCINE), the company has access to all related customs and film permits. Services include customs clearance, location sourcing/scouting, shooting permits, negotiations, casting, styling, hair and make-up, photo assisting, props, crew transportation, hotels, catering, production equipment, lighting, and grip equipment.

Cinenane Group - Equipment & Service Production Milan

Cinenane Group is active in almost all movie-making related sectors: the company is specialised in supplying grip and lighting equipment, power units, trucks, special effects, tracking vehicles, and a lot more. In addition, Cinenane has now developed a special service dedicated to international clients in order to make shooting in Italy easier and more cost effective.

The group has a partnership with Aerial Film Club, a company consolidating the know-how and experience of a number of skilled and highly qualified professionals connected to aerial film productions. AFC can supply services and equipment all over Europe, including the new stabilisation system Shotover F1, designed for use on helicopters, ground vehicles, watercraft and almost any moving vehicles.

Additional partner Piumaworld specialises in the design and production of specific equipment and technology for the entertainment industry, including cinema, television, sports and multimedia. Piumaworld products are designed to perform as an integrated system with the purpose of guaranteeing shots of exceptional quality in any situation.

Contents Production - Full Production Service Rome

Working with high-level professionals to fulfil all creative needs, Contents Production's young and dynamic team have been leaders in production in Rome and beyond since 2003.

The company is synonymous with communication in all its forms, transforming customer requirements into innovative solutions for video and photographic productions.

With a 360° service covering all needs of a project, from concept to final result, the company offers location scouting, permissions, casting, camera and lighting equipment rental, technical hire (fashion van and sets), hair stylists, make-up artists, stylists, art buyers, set designers and tool makers.

Hudson Hotel New York

Urban adventure, daredevil design, and true affordability meet in Hudson, the ultimate lifestyle hotel for the 21st Century. Hudson's blend of style, ideas and time creates the prefect ambiance. Hudson River views and open air gardens designed to inspire each and every guest. Close to Central Park, Hudson is a brilliant reflection of the boldness and diversity of the city - the quintessential New York hotel.

"Surreal Chic. Brilliantly Designed. The Hudson is Gorgeous," Vogue.

Insightsproject Production Services Canary Islands

The Insightsproject is a new production services company offering full photography and film support across the seven Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands are the perfect backdrop for shooting photography or film projects. With a privileged temperature and unique light conditions, each of the islands can offer a wide range of breath-taking landscapes and scenery.

The Insightsproject, run by Lorena (Spain) and Ary (Holland), is a family company. "We bring home the projects we work with and treat them with care and closeness. No matter how big or small your project, we can give you a reliable budget for your specific needs and requirements."

As distributor of Profoto, Sunbounce and PhaseOne in the Canary Islands, the Insightsproject can provide in-house light and equipment rental and assistance in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French.

Latest campaigns include Promotur, Patronato de Turismo, Medicine, Bravotours, GC-Wellness, BBC and DeutcheWelleTV.

Joan Gonzalez DOP Barcelona

"I love my job. I consider myself a lucky person. It was not easy getting here, but the effort has been worthwhile!

My professional career began in Mallorca working for various international production companies. Some years later, I moved to Barcelona where I studied Direction of Photography while working as a Gaffer. Becoming a DoP via the lighting department is hard, but after all, light is what builds a good photograph! It also gave me the opportunity to work with some true masters of cinema.

This experience ended in 2010 with 20 films and dozens of commercials and music videos to my credit. My work as a cinematographer includes genres as diverse as advertising, documentary, short films and feature films - and in all formats (35mm, Super 16mm, HD, Epic, etc.). I have received various awards for my work and I love to face challenges with a positive attitude, looking for creative solutions to facilitate the work of everyone involved in a production."

Karmer Setbuilding - Sets & Stages London

Karmer is a skilled and creative team of set builders, bespoke carpenters, and fabricators working in the exhibition, events, retail spaces, and photographic and advertising industries.

Karmer has been involved in some amazing installations this year, including pulling blocks of gold out of rocks and fabricating thousands of boxes to build a mini 5th Avenue for Tiffany.

The company also sculpted a model's head out of polystyrene and covered it with fake foliage for Vertu, and created a show-stopping fake tree for the British Designers Collection.

All of this was achieved whilst still managing to pull off campaigns for Sephora with Nick Knight and Andy Tomlinson.

Loft Studios - Film Plus - Studios, Equipment and Service Production London - Ibiza

Film Plus - Loft Studios London and Ibiza provides a 360° service from equipment hire to full production services in Ibiza, as well as studio hire in London. The Film Plus team endeavours to go that extra mile, offering a bespoke, personal and flexible 24/7 service.

The rental department stocks an extensive range of lighting, digital and video equipment while the company's experienced rental desk and technical staff are on hand to advise and help build the perfect kit list for every shoot.

Sister company Loft Studios London has six studios, with FilmPlus providing in-house equipment and technical support.

The Ibiza production team consists of highly experienced multi-lingual crew (English, Spanish, German and French speaking), adept at location scouting, permits, accommodation, transport, equipment, catering, sourcing local crew, props and set builds. The friendly team can help with anything required on time and within budget.

MONDO - Full Service Production Buenos Aires

Mondo is characterised by providing media services to advertising agencies, foreign producers, directors and international clients from all over the world.

Highly recognised for its work ethic and professionalism, Mondo has made a clear difference, providing fully guaranteed services by applying creativity and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Mondo has completed outstanding production services for different destinations such as Spain, Germany, the USA, Canada and Latin America.

The company has served both the domestic and international markets, working with the most prominent international clients such as Coca-Cola, Exxon, TMN, Budlight, HSBC, Saks Fifth Ave., Bergdorf Goodman, American Express, Telefonica de España, Movistar, Glamour Magazine, Urban Outfitters, GM and Adidas, amongst others.

Partners & Crew - Full Service Production Mexico

Partners & Crew is a full service production company with expertise in making any idea come to life by providing the highest quality services.

The company specialises in still photography and covers all stages of production, from concept creation and pre-production through to management, direction and post-production in Mexico, the US and Latin America.

The team has extensive experience in the world of graphic production, with the best resources in the country, widely recognised talent and the best fees for every project.

Partners & Crew represents national and international photographers shooting throughout Mexico and Latin America.

"Everything is possible, tell us your story and we'll make it happen!"

Plastic Sandwich - Portfolios London

Plastic Sandwich portfolios are custom-made for all versions of the iPad or print books. The company uses 3mm full grain hide in a choice of colours and branded in standard lettering or clients' own style and logos.

Print books have become an industry standard for photographers, designers and film-makers and can be made to any size or format.

The company is direct supplier to Jaguar/Landrover.


Based at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Pollak Productions works both nationally and internationally with a network of accomplished film, TV and video professionals to create visually arresting images and compelling storytelling for every audience.

Pollak Productions is an Emmy Award-winning production company producing video, commercial and still photography projects from concept to completion. Production services include everything from creative, scripting, directing, and producing to casting, location scouting, logistics, post-production and much more.

A sampling of its diverse clients include Oprah Winfrey Network, US Olympic Committee, Dr. Phil Show, Visa, American Express, Crocs, Nat GEO, Discovery Channel, Food Network, TLC, Travel Channel, T-Mobile, Coors, Crocs, First Data, White Wave, RE/MAX, Abbott Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson.

Production Service Network - Full Service Production Worldwide

PSN Partners in some 40 countries have recently provided local shoot assistance to campaigns for brands including Gillette, Heineken, Pepsi, Sony, Toyota, Visa and many more.

From Hollywood studios to remote tropical islands, European cityscapes and landmarks to glacier-hewn landscapes, one size does not fit all when it comes to film and photo production worldwide. But brands big and small do expect the most out of campaigns shot overseas.

"Quality and cost-effective production support wherever clients need it" is the deliverable PSN-Production Service Network provides to globetrotting producers.

PSN is a no-cost, one-stop-shop, plugging clients into local knowledge that can build a winning bid and carry through to provide full production service on location. "Call on PSN to think global and shoot abroad with the comfort of a local."

The Blonde's Pool - Full Service Production Spain

Based in Majorca but shooting all over Spain, The Blonde's Pool is a boutique full service production company backed up by Maria from Madrid and Helen from Barcelona.

Producing advertising, fashion and editoral photo shoots as well as TVCs and moving image and fashion films, the company has an enthusiasm for solving problems and creating meaningful experiences for clients and their audiences.

Services include location booking, casting and all kinds of production assistance such as art buying. Assembling the best team according to each project’s needs, the company loves crewing up and assisting Directors and Photographers when pitching for a possible shoot.

The Blonde's Pool has worked with photographers Venetia Scott, Steven Klein, David Lachapelle, Nadav Kander, Uwe Duettmann, Kristian Schuller and Rick Guest, as well as directors including Janusz Kaminski, Jim Gilchrist, JJ Keith, Bruce St Clair and Paul Street, to name just a few.