Allan Trolle Copenhagen

"Neither photography or art has been part of my upbringing. Photography was something that came to me on a trip to Scotland. After returning home, the joy was fantastic when I finally saw the pictures. That became a milestone in my life.

While studying at the Media College Denmark in Viborg, I was surrounded by incredible inspiring teachers, who taught me the passion for the craft of photography. Care and respect for the image became my driving force during my four educational years.

The driving force remains the same today. It is still the craft that makes beautiful images where light and detail are what matters to me. Every day I let myself be inspired by talented photographers around the world, to seek new knowledge and to keep myself updated in the world of photography.

I am fortunate to work with competent people on assignments for customers like LEGO, Lidl Denmark, Scandic-Hotels, Aller, Turbine Publisher, VPG, Tina Munkholm, Madhimlen, Aros Food Hall, Housedoctor and Arla og BKI-Foods."

Andrea Piunti Milan

Andrea Piunti approaches still life with a high level of technical quality supported by a visionary imagination. He gets inspiration from natural landscapes, animals and everything that moves.

His direct, clean and smart images have a timeless beauty. Andrea is based in Milan and travels around the world both for work and pleasure.

Specialised in advertising, he boasts a number of publications in international magazines and advertising spots. Clients include Bikkembergs, Etro, Onitsuka Tiger, Armata di Mare, Fabbri Editore, L’Oréal, Grimoldi Milano, Riders, Hearst Magazine, GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Maxim.

Bruce Anderson London

London-based Bruce Anderson specialises in still life photography. At his studio in Shoreditch, he produces outstanding results in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Bruce is passionate about all aspects of still life photography. He has recently had great days filled with lots of laughter when client teams have come along for their shoots.

Visit his new website that showcases a comprehensive archive.

Represented by Vue Chris Hoare London

Chris Hoare is a new addition to the Vue roster. His still life and liquid photography embodies beautiful lighting, precision and attention to detail.

His compositions have a strong, dramatic quality resulting in striking and graphic imagery.

Clients include Glenlivet, Kia and Nike.

Dennis Pedersen London

Dennis Pedersen transforms everyday materials into spectacular, dynamic imagery. It is an art that he has honed for over 20 years.

Pedersen's studio (Shoreditch, London) is highly sought-after by clients from many sectors - all seeking a highly creative response to the photography of their products. Always pushing the boundaries of the photographically possible, Pedersen employs techniques and effects that bring materials and brands to life.

Recent clients include Canon, M&S, Rimmel, Revlon, Models Own, NEXT and Harrods.

Visit Dennis' blog to take a look at his latest projects.

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn New York - Zurich

Originally from Switzerland, Gabriella Imperatori-Penn's passion for still life has been growing since she was a child. She is fascinated with form and texture and is influenced by Helumt Newton, Sarah Moon and Irving Penn.

Today, Gabriella is represented by Frank Parvis at i2i Photography and her work marries the descriptive with the mysterious as she shoots commercial and editorial projects for clients in the USA and Europe.

Her clients describe her work as being both feminine and bold, and they include Calvin Klein​, InStyle​, ​Macy’s​, ​Martha Stewart Living​, Neutrogena​, Nordstrom​, ​O, The Oprah Magazine​, ​Ralph Lauren​, Target​, ​Victoria’s Secret​, W Magazine​ and Women’s Health.

Her main focus is on fragrance, cosmetics, jewellery, fashion and home accessories.

Leo Acker London

Leo Acker's bold and imaginative work makes him one of London's most sought-after still life photographers.

Over the last 15 years, Leo has developed a unique creative photographic style combined with precise digital skills.

From his studio in Shoreditch and on location, Leo shoots for a very wide range of clients.

Recent commissions include work for The Financial Times, Marks & Spencer, Russell & Bromley, John Lewis, Fenwick, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Red and Glamour Magazine.

Lux Photodigital London

Lux is a London-based photographic studio offering a comprehensive service, from set building and photography to CGI and retouching.

A team of highly skilled individuals, Lux has many years' experience producing still life, interiors and food and drink photography for advertising, brochures, packaging, editorial and publishing.

“Our focus is always on quality and consistency whilst fulfilling clients’ needs within budget and to deadline. We genuinely enjoy realising ideas and exceeding expectations.” Lee Pattison, Director.

As testament to this ethos, Lux enjoys long relationships with many clients, including Molton Brown, LSA, Blanco, Milliken, Tigi, Elemis, Nip+Fab, Rodial, Eurostar and Hotel Chocolat.

Mark Groen Amsterdam

At the turn of the new millennium, Mark Groen decided to set a more fulfilling course in his life and pursued his passion for photography.

After studying at the Amsterdam Photo Academy, Mark went on to successfully work at several professional Amsterdam studios where his own particular style of photography soon became popular with a wide client base.

With this high demand for his talents, it was only natural for Mark to open his own space. In his creative studio in the south of Amsterdam, Mark has devoted much time and energy to perfecting his art. Utilising the best equipment, the latest technology, his keen eye and expert abilities, Mark strives for perfection and to deliver exactly what his diverse clientele need.


The Hamburg-based NORDSTERN team includes three experienced photographers, Tim Schober, Markus Dominitzki and Philipp Schneider, who primarily work for major food clients. The trio achieves excellent results for their clients via their constant creative and technical interexchange.

Featured in this Spotlight is a series of fine food photography and samples of still photos in an graphic artwork style.

Visit the website for more information and check out the expanded portfolio in portraiture work.

Oak Seed Studio Milan

"The name sums up our identity: a photographic studio in growth. Not much to add because we don't want to limit ourselves with labels, or be associated with just one kind of photography rather than another.

For us, photography is the translation into image of a thought, a story, a feeling, whatever it is originated by: a dish of a chef or a landscape; a face or a lipstick. We decided to plant a seed of the most rugged and majestic type. Today we are a studio and a widening network of other professionals: the seed has germinated, the roots and the stem widen."

Oak Seed Studio is now represented by DVmilano Agency.

Oliver Nanzig Zurich

As a child he wanted to be a fireman; as a teenager he tried his hand at becoming a chef. But at the age of 18, Oliver Nanzig realised that his true life's passion was photography. From 1991 to 1995, he was able to gain an excellent insight into the profession thanks to an apprenticeship, and has been self-employed ever since. He has worked at the studio and workspace on Cramerstrasse 15 in Zurich's district Kreis 4 since 2005, predominantly for advertising agencies, but also for editorial and private clients.

In the meantime, the photographer - who spent part of his childhood in the warm climes of Indonesia - was drawn to sunny Los Angeles. During his three-year spell out there, he was inspired not by the sun, but by artificial light. His night-time rambles gave rise to the 17-part series 'Night Drive', which he subsequently presented at an exhibition in 2012.

Zurich-born, Oliver can count renowned clients among his work, but name-dropping isn't his style - a style that is illustrated amply enough in his pictures. As far as preferences are concerned, he loves to photograph stationary objects... that move.


ONWHITE.CA is a Toronto-based, globally recognised image production specialist in photography and creative retouching. Whether clients need to build an image from scratch or just beautify one, ONWHITE can help.

At the soul of ONWHITE is Stephen MacLeod; photography is as much his passion as retouching, which enables him to create almost anything imaginable. Having an understanding of every step of the process, from pre-production, photography and retouching, gives him total control over the whole workflow.

Asics, Coca-Cola, Dove, Gillette, Lipton's, McDonald's and Red Bull are just a handful of the top brands that Stephen has worked with over the past 12 years.

Passepartout4u Srl Milan

"Static doesn't have to be boring - Let your photos shine through the screen!

Enhance your products with our sleek photography."

Pixeleyes London

Based in Central London and working across still life, liquids, advertising, fashion and beauty photography, Pixeleyes provides clients with a creative and hassle-free service.

Established 10 years ago with the philosophy of paying the closest attention to detail to the creation of high-end still life photography, the company specialises in creating stunning quality imagery.

Pixeleyes is well known for its use of liquids and special effects to create spectacular beauty, fashion and product stills.

"What drives us is making the impossible a reality."

Visit the website for more information.

Ray Buonanno New York

Ray Buonanno has been a New York-based photographer working out of his fully equipped studio in Chelsea for a number of years.

Within this studio he has created numerous eye-captivating images, specialising in still life and beauty.

Ray has great problem solving abilities which leads to a smooth workflow for his clients. He loves what he does and continues to produce exceptional images, bringing his clients' visions to life.

Visit his website to view additional images and receive further information.

Rodrigo Ceballos Mexico

"I was born curious and, forced into patience by my parents, I became fairly observant. In a day gone by, I grabbed a camera. Now I suspect that every photograph I have made is a piece of a colossal puzzle that I expect to complete in no immediate future. That is why I take photography so seriously; to portray with a sense of humor the paradigms that the human condition presents. Just like his jocular ocular tenor hates overblown speaking, Rodrigo declares himself a fan of irony and a solemn adversary of speaking in the third person."

Sam Hofman London

Still life photographer Sam Hofman creates exceptionally eye-catching imagery, though he admits that a lot of his work is "based on instinct". Luckily for him, and his many clients, Sam’s instincts are spot-on and his photographs have a graphic physicality that cuts through the visual noise. 

Born and raised in the West Country, trained in Falmouth and now based in London, Sam has a distinctive creative vision and a considered way of thinking about his craft. But he also enjoys collaborating on set and bringing everyone’s ideas into the final reckoning.      

In his clean, constructed photographs he plays with colour, texture and form to present familiar ideas in thrillingly unexpected ways. By constantly experimenting with different materials and in-camera techniques, he creates original commercial and editorial shoots.