AG Films Lisbon

AG FILMS is a Canadian-Portuguese film service company based in Lisbon. The international team works exclusively for international clients, offering a full range of film, TV and photo production services, as well as artificial snow for shooting in Portugal.

Portugal offers a broad range of shooting locations. From urban modern to ancient architecture, Portugal is a great ‘stand-in’ for any country. You will also find lush green forests, rocky coastlines and vast mountains, all just a short drive from Lisbon.

After an extremely busy 2015 and a great start to 2016, the company is expanding its Lisbon office and adding more staff.

AG Films is looking forward to a successful 2016!

Bausenwein Strohmaier Frankfurt

Founded in 2014, Bausenwein Strohmaier production house aims to provide a unique experience in production and storytelling to clients who demand tailor-made solutions for their projects.

Based in Frankfurt and with strong international network links to London, Barcelona and Cape Town, the team and its partners believe in the integrated concept for everything, from its most complex projects down to daily duties. The company produces online content, TV commercials, mobile adventures and multiple forms of digital media.

Bausenwein Strohmaier offers a complete end-to-end service from planning to implementation for all types of commercials and films for the web.

"With small yet effective video teams to crews with international standards, pre-pre-pre-prod to on-air, budget negotiations, buyouts, screening musicians, casting, crew bookings, filming permits, post production - bring it on!"

Caribbean Filmcom Curaçao

"Curacao is going through a movie revival!

Did you think this Caribbean island was only about pristine white beaches or clear blue waters, in which you can see the fish swimming at the bottom?

You might not have noticed it, but since a while ago there's this emergence of a new film industry at Curacao! It all started in 2013, with Tula: The Revolt and in 2015, the Netherlands most popular comedian, Jandino Asporaat shot his film, Bon Bini Holland.

Just a couple of months ago the Curaçao film industry reached a temporary peak with the filming of the great Curaçao novel called; Double Play. The American actor, Ernest Dickerson, was called off to the island to be part of the movie."

Caribbean Filmcom is a professional full service production company specialized in featured films, commercials, tv productions, documentaries and corporate films. The focus of Caribbean Filmcom is mainly centered on productions in the Dutch Caribbean and Surinam, offering full service production.

hotelrebel Rotterdam - Amsterdam - Berlin

HotelRebel is an international creative production company headquartered in Rotterdam with executive producers also in Amsterdam and Berlin. It covers all aspects of the production process for film, animation, photography and commercials.

HotelRebel offers a full range of production services from concept to completion, including pre-production, extensive location scouting, casting, set production, editing, post-production to full project management.

HotelRebel strives to provide the best production service for any story by creating meaningful, thrilling, explanatory, funny and surprising content and supporting the client's shoot from initial consulting to finished campaign.

Each product is made with the intention to be worth telling a friend about or shared with any third party.

“We don’t start filming until we are convinced your film will make sense for your brand. Our favorite stories are your stories. Told by us” – HotelRebel.

Clients include Mercedes Benz trucks, Samsung, METRO GROUP, Quooker, ABN AMRO, Philip Morris, C&A, The Flower Council, and more.

Makako Lima

Born in 2011, Makaco is mainly dedicated to animation, production, post-production and colour grading for tv, film and other media, as well as production and consulting services for advertising, corporate image, multimedia, documentary and photography. Makaco offers development and implementation of storage systems for business and data centers.

Makaco is currently one of the most important VFX houses in Peru, working in both the advertisement and cinematographic production markets. It also handles corporative communication of some of the biggest enterprises in both the mining and infrastructure sector.

Its production team consists of more than 10 people including animators, designers, compositors, colour graders and editors, all of them working under a philosophy of open cooperation and collaboration, adding something unique to every project.

Mestiere Cinema Venice

With over 25 years' industry experience, Mestiere Cinema is a leading and renowned production service company in Italy for international productions.

The company covers all production needs, including location search and scouting, casting, logistics, scheduling and reliable budgeting.

Mestiere Cinema has a vast network of contacts in the industry, including multilingual and excellent professionals, leading suppliers, the best casting directors and agencies, government entities, private and public locations across the country.

Mestiere Cinema is used to working for all kinds of productions, big or small. Visit the website for more information.

Octane Rich Media Chicago - Paris

Octane Rich Media is "a studio for the future, arriving now". Founded in 2005 by award-winning director James Forni, Octane offers motion, photography, sound and design for broadcast, digital and alternative networks.

Its full service production studio includes both certified Red Epic and Phase One Camera systems, comprehensive post-production with multiple editing suites for advanced imaging, sound composition, colour grading, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation and video editing. Branding, interactive, mobile and print design in-house completes the cycle, "from concept to content to customer."

Visit the website for more information.

PatrickOrtman, Inc New York - Los Angeles

PatrickOrtman, Inc. is an ADDY award-winning Los Angeles and New York City based commercial film production studio. The company counts 11 Fortune 500s as clients, including MasterCard, CapitalOne, and PepsiCo.

PatrickOrtman, Inc has worked with two of the largest global advertising agencies in the world, and over a dozen boutique agencies. The team would like to thank their clients for a very successful 2015, and a strong start in 2016, with four new commercial production projects for broadcast and the web.

Resonate New Zealand

Resonate is an up-and-coming creative commercial production company based in the heart of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, with a rapidly growing reputation for creating beautiful and effective branded content and advertising.

Managing director Simon Waterhouse is particularly passionate about the great New Zealand outdoors and filming in the incredible locations that the South Island has to offer. Resonate's ethos has always been to 'do more with less' i.e. small production teams creating beautiful, world class content.

Resonate has unparalleled New Zealand location knowledge and connections with the best crew the island has on offer. The company is also and early adopter of emerging trends including 360° "Virtual Reality" video technology.

Rosco Production London

Originating in London, Rosco Production has developed into an international production company with highly skilled production teams. Operating from offices in London, New York and Los Angeles the team works throughout Europe, The Americas and Asia.

Rosco Production offers full production and casting services, from international location scouting, travel and logistics coordination, to full post-production scheduling and management, achieving excellence in all areas of stills and video production.

Rosco Production works closely with creative agencies, photographers and directors to achieve the highest quality content for both commercial and fashion brands, as well as the beauty and luxury industries. “We are focused on developing long-term relationships with our clients, working as a constant and dedicated production resource to manage all aspects of production.”

Clients Rosco works closely with include Adidas, COS, H&M, Zara, Hugo Boss, Dior and Hogan, as well as publications such as Vogue, Fantastic Man, Dazed, Purple, WSJ and Interview Magazine.

Story: We Produce Madrid - Mexico City - Lisbon

Story (formerly The Lift) has been at the forefront of the production industry for nearly 14 years. Founded in Barcelona in 2001 and now with offices in Madrid, Mexico City and Lisbon, the team feels equally at home working across Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands as it does throughout Mexico and Portugal.

With a wealth of experience, the company brings a friendly and collaborative approach to all the production stages of a job, supplying the best crew and expertise to pre-empt all eventualities or any bumps that might occur along the way.

"We approach every new assignment as a new Story."

Studio Stare Shanghai

Studio Stare is an award-winning production company based in Shanghai. Working with brands and agencies since 2008, and creating content for both Chinese and global markets, Studio Stare strives to create engaging videos that form a personal connection with brands, as well as making the audience care.

Studio Stare also provides a wide range of services for international productions including locations, permits, crew, talent and equipment. With an experienced team of bi-lingual producers, fixers and post-production talent, Studio Stare makes for an ideal partner at all stages of any sized production.

Clients include: Airbnb, Budweiser, Converse, eBay, Fiat, Lipton, Nike, New Balance, Old Navy and Oreo.

Tharwa Productions Dubai Dubai

Tharwa Productions is an independent film production company based in Dubai offering the best professional package to produce local and international stories.

Tharwa focuses on telling great stories in unique ways for today’s market, collaborating with like-minded creative partners worldwide.

Tharwa’s projects range from fiction films to documentaries, short films, digital contents and television commercials.

Tharwa is owned and managed by film and television producer Paul Baboudjian, who has been working between Europe and the Middle East since 2002.

"If you need blue sky and sunny days as well as beautiful smiling faces, then please send us your brief. Your wishes are our command!"

Visit the website for more information.


"THE BIGMAMA is a full service production company based in Milan. We take inspiration from the culinary world, because we believe that production is like cooking: you need the best ingredients, mixed by a skilled chef.

We provide tasty audiovisual production services for commercial, video and photographic communication and cook with cool, fresh ingredients: directors, photographers, DoPs, screenwriters, art directors and copywriters from the best cropfields around the world!

We take care of every aspect of the recipe, from pre-production to shooting and post-production, always collaborating with the industry’s top professionals. As part of our services, we also offer to research the best celebrity to match any client's identity, and to make the connection for a successful endorsement deal.

Available throughout the country thanks to our long-time experience in the field, through our in-house post-production and motion graphics department we can also provide creative solutions for clients requiring infographic videos, event introduction titles, or web content.

We can operate anywhere in Italy and have extensive knowledge of the best locations. We’re always open to exciting new projects and eager to consolidate profitable and long-lasting professional relationships."

Thru The Scope Productions Los Angeles

Thru the Scope Productions is a full service production company available for all aspects of shoot management and coordination. Services include, but are not limited to, budgeting, locations (sourcing and management), casting, permitting, production vehicles and base camps, behind-the-scenes video, travel arrangements, crew referrals, catering, craft services, and everything in between.

Thru the Scope Productions takes pride in handling every detail so creatives can focus on getting the best images and video possible. The team at Thru the Scope are problem solvers with a keen eye on working budget magic.

Clients include Adidas, Nike SB, Legoland, Universal Music, NBC Universal, EA Sports, CapitalRecords, Epic, Virgin Records, NASA/JPL and MAXIM.

Victorious Productions Mexico

"Victorious Productions' international experience comes from the travelling life we love. We back-up the experts on Victorious locations, working with local film commissions, government offices and the best chefs in town.

One of the greatest friends we have worked with says: 'I have given my life to my dreams and they give me life', and we keep that in our minds, ready to move on to the next challenge.

We have produced in places such as Tulum, Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Cassis, Mykonos, Ibiza, Formentera, Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, Cabos and more."

xFilm London

x is an independent film and television production company based in London. They make high-quality promos, commercials, and digital content for agencies, brands, and broadcasters. Clients include Red Bull, Land Rover, Kinder, Tampax, Mothercare, Peugeot, KFC, and the BBC. The company's core team is supported by a family of trusted freelancers, meaning their overheads are low and the fees competitive.

"We shoot on all digital formats, on all budgets. Need motion graphics? No problem. Want it scripted, shot, edited and delivered by the end of the week? Easy. We also handle post-production and more."

x invests all of its profits back into its own independent films, and their first five shorts have all screened internationally at Oscar-recognised or BAFTA-qualifying film festivals. This approach brings massive benefits for the company's clients.

To find out more, visit their website.

Zapping Produccions Spain

Zapping Produccions produces all types of audiovisual work, including commercials, documentaries, music videos and feature films. Zapping shoots in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca and the Canary Islands.

"Zapping Produccions is becoming one of the trendiest production companies in Barcelona. This is thanks to our eager and efficient way of working, our quick problem solving and a highly skilled team.

We'll be pleased to provide you with a full production service, a great casting and the best locations in Spain, as well as production and post-production services. We care for a refined visual narrative befitting the best film directors."

Director Roser Aguilar, who has more than 50 national and international awards, and film-maker Geoffrey Cowper recently joined the team.

Clients include Nestlé, Jockey, Bvlgari, Orange, McDonald's, Lindt, JVC, Hyundai, Danone, ASUS, Volkswagen, Let's Bonus and Pans & Company.

Zen Entertainment Costa Rica

Zen Entertainment has worked as a production enterprise for over 30 years in Latin America, Europe and the US, making advertising, content creation, short movies, documentaries and feature films with companies such as Rai Italian Television, Nordisk Films Denmark, TF1 France, Fox Cable Entertainment, Icon Productions, Google, Fiat, Gerber, Chanel, Dior and DirectTV, among others.

Its award-winning projects have participated in international festivals such as The New York Film Festival, La Havana New Film Festival, The London Film Festival, The Moscow International Film Festival, The Huesca Spain Festival and The International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal.

Zen Entertainment ensures that every project filmed has a zero carbon footprint. Bandera Ecológica Foundation, Costa Rica Neutral and Osa Conservation are the company's strategic sustainable partners.