Art Act Munich

The illustrator representative office Art Act mediates exquisite artists to produce illustrations, layouts, storyboards, animatics, comics, cartoons, icons, animations, composings, retouching work, explanatory film material and any other art work for customers in the advertisment industry, publishing houses, magazines, film production and industry customers.

Art Act assists clients on finding a suitable style and technique and the best artist for any project. The company realisticly asseses the timing and realisation of projects and offers alternative solutions in case of any problem.

"We support and oversee your project all the way to success. All of our exquisite artists are professional and can turn a good idea into an excellent result."

Caroline Lee / Spielplatz13 Paris

Spielplatz13 is an illustration and design consultancy based in Paris.

Founded by Caroline Lee in 2011, the name comes from the German word for playground, reflecting the spirit of the agency: creation born out of play and executed with precision and professionalism.  

With a range of techniques at her disposal, Caroline is best known for paper cutting, and has many years of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. She uses water colour and ink in her personal work.

Being of Taiwanese-American heritage, and having lived in many countries thanks to her years of work as a footwear designer, she is fluent in French and English, and has an international outlook, allowing her to adjust her work to various cultures.

At the moment, she is working on a graphic novel and a pop-up book, but is open to commissions at any time.

carolineseidler.com Vienna

carolineseidler's clients are art directors, designers, marketing and PR specialised units, advertising agencies and publishing houses.

Competent advice helps those clients to find the right visual language by means of illustrations. Illustration is able to explain content and underline its meaning in all different styles and techniques for topics like industry, environment, food, sports and culture, bank and insurance, education, design, social media and advertising.

"Illustrations offer a unique possibility to communicate ideas and topics; they are flexible, careful, vivid or individual and, as a part of the CI, they provide any medium with its distinctive character.“

30 worldwide based illustrators contribute their visual ideas according to their client’s briefings for annual reports, packaging design, corporate media, direct marketing, city guides, cookbooks, children’s books, interior and shop design.

Clients include: Vienna Insurance Group, REWE Group, Lidl, Erste Bank, Österreichische Energie AG, kapsch, Red Bull, Jung von Matt, Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, leoburnett Zürich, Publicis Group, Brainds, Gruner + Jahr, D+R Verlag, Styria Media Group, Raiffeisen Group, BUWOG, Suzuki, Carpe Diem, Mitsubishi, Büro X, and Jahreszeiten Verlag.

Denis Mujakovic Mag. Art. Vienna

Denis Mujakovic is a visual artist and illustrator based in Vienna. His current areas of focus are advertising and publishing.

Dogma Moda Barcelona

Dogma Moda is an agency based in Barcelona, representing photographers, directors and illustrators.

In this Spotlight, Dogma presents some recent projects from illustrator Mario Paul.

Dogma also takes care of art direction and the whole production: art-buying, casting, atrezzo, styling, hair and make up, grooming, locations and graphic support.

EGGER GREY Repräsentanz von Illustratoren e.K. Berlin

Egger Grey’s Illustrators represent a carefully chosen array of illustrators, digital artists and animators from around the world. From its home base in Berlin, Egger Grey’s connects artists with advertising agencies and publishers or works for brands directly.

Latest addition to the portfolio is animation studio UMBRELLA, a creative full service unit with extensive experience in animation and production.

Current projects of Egger Grey’s artists: UMBRELLA finished an animated TVC for Vodafone, Julia Depis illustrated the last Ferrero packaging individualization, Stephanie Wiehle finished an illustrated artwork for Weleda, Silan Bekjarov illustrates live for Microsoft, Saskia Schnell had been commissoned for Danone, Laszlo Nagy worked for GQ, Martin Krusche and Andras Baranyai illustrated an online game for Lotto Berlin, Agnes Berta for Lufthansa, Tamas Gaspar for a special edition of BILD, Valeria Kromm for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Jade Pilgrom Florida

Jade Pilgrom is a graphic artist and illustrator. She graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design in 2011, with a BFA in Illustration and has since worked as a freelance illustrator.

While adept at several mixed media, she prefers digital art as production is clean and efficient for her clientele.

Her knack for figurative art and portraiture takes the stage in the majority of her works, using sharp vector shapes and gracefully energetic lines to create a classic yet updated feel to her fashion illustration.

Her art often calls back to pop art heydays with oft-bold colors, with special attention to the allure of the feminine form and the broad shapes of the masculine form. This mixture of old and new allows her style to reach across several genres, including children's books, varied fashion book covers, news design editorials, and greeting cards for Hallmark.

Rebecca Coltorti ROME - MILAN

Rebecca Coltorti is an illustrator and mixed media artist based in Italy. With a combination of art and graphic backgrounds, she has found the perfect world to express her creativity in the fashion business. Her passion for traditional techniques (collage, drawing, painting) mixed with the digital ones, leads her work to something always unique, bold and eye-catching.

Despite her short career at just 21-years old, her works have been published in important magazines and websites like Schön!, Grazia,  Nylon, Fucking Young, Idol and she’s currently collaborating in creating visuals for Sisley Italy women's collection.

Her skills have been applied to the creation of brand profiles too, including international brands such as Alfaparf Milano.

Visit the website to discover her world or contact her directly via email.

Sergio Ingravalle Dusseldorf

Sergio Ingravalle is a freelance illustrator who creates dynamic sport and product illustrations and various portrait styles. Switching styles, mixing techniques and exploring unknown aspects of his abilities drives him forward and enables him to create visually appealing projects for a diverse range of clients like Coca-Cola, ESPN Magazine, FourFourTwo and more.

"Working with Sergio over the last two months has been an incredibly satisfying experience. Firstly, the quality of his work been absolutely exceptional, even prompting Coca-Cola to adopt his player illustration style across all MENA related football projects. Secondly, his professionalism, flexibility and commitment to deadlines has been remarkable – even when faced with sudden challenges or unexpected requirements, Sergio has always delivered in an efficient and positive manner. It really has been a joy to work with Sergio and I cannot recommend him highly enough." – William Anderson, Account Management, JWT Worldwide.