Aguilar London

Photographer Pedro Aguilar works from his studio in West London for a variety of international clients.

Recent commissions include work for Nike (Pau Gasol), Superbock and Unilever/Knorr.

Pedro manages the post-production of all his images to ensure the best results throughout the entirety of the creative process.

Andrew Goldie Sydney

Andrew Goldie  is an award-winning photographer and director as well as an internationally exhibiting artist. Over the years Andrew has collaborated with some of the best advertising creatives to deliver stunning campaigns for companies such as Paypal, Toyota, Sony, RedBull, Ikea, Sprite, Olympus, GlaxoSmithKline, Telstra, AMP, Panadol, St.George, Westpac, Mirvac, Invocare, Bayer and Genero TV.

Andrew brings energy, great people skills and strong lighting techniques both in studio as well as on location to make every shoot the best. He is well versed in all the stages of production and works with an excellent team of professionals, from producers to CGI artists and editors to deliver high quality imagery.

Andrew's complete passion is image making and this is reflected in both his art and commercial work.

Arnhel de Serra London

Arnhel de Serra is well known throughout the UK and abroad for creating witty, candid portrayals of British life.

His focus is to continually develop his eye by recording observations of everyday life and British events. "It is all about seeing the moment ‘in-camera’, and keeping it as genuine and real as possible!"

This is an approach that clients particularly value when looking to show the human face of their company and their staff. Recent work has included AMVBBDO, The National Trust, NBStudio and Grosvenor Estates.

Brent Herrig New York - Chicago

"Hello Creatives, finish this sentence: "My client ___________."

Was your blank one of these:

"Has a vision";

"Has a specific style in mind for the brand";

"Wants a new look";

"Must see the appetite-appeal in the shot";

"Is hard to work with"?

No matter how the sentence concludes, Brent Herrig can help you delight your clients and achieve exactly what they're looking for, again and again. Brands including Bailey's, Tanqueray and Belvedere as well as publishers including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and The New York Times rely on Brent to capture their vision of food, drinks and products in the most collaborative, stress-free way possible.

What can Brent help you with? Contact him directly to talk about your next project."

Brian Garland Photography Los Angeles

"Crew is everything. With a solid team, anything is possible. I have been very fortunate to work with truly amazing crews in the States, as well as China! I thank them all for their support and company.

In recent months, I have shot multiple ad campaigns for Chevrolet in Shanghai with MRM//McCann. This year also brought global digital and print work for Infiniti in central California for the Designory in Long Beach, as well as directing an accessory video for the gorgeous Q60 Infiniti coupe.

Most mornings, I wake up feeling like I’ve won the jackpot: I’m blessed to work with so many talented and forward-thinking individuals who collaborate in a way that always enhances the result beyond anything I could do on my own. Each project, each day is different, allowing me to create in new and unique ways, so this work never gets old.

And who doesn’t want to travel to remote and mysterious lands, that only add to the emotion, gratification and sense of play this work yields?"

Brian Garland is represented by Andrea Stern.

BrocosFoto Panama - Peru

Esteban Brocos was born in Peru in 1983. He discovered his passion for photography in 2004 while studying industrial design at the University of La Plata in Argentina.

Esteban began his professional life working as a correspondent for 20/20 Magazine in Colombia, and for six years combined photography with advertising work as a graphic designer for a range of different advertising agencies.

He now lives and works in Panama where he has developed advertising and editorial work for local and international agencies such as McCann, BBDO, Publicis, Y&R, Havas, DDB and more.

He has worked for brands including Pepsi, Visa, Nestlé (Nestum, Klim, Nido, La Lechera, etc.), Digicel, Leche Nevada, Multibank, BBB, Norma, Cerveza Panamá, Clorox and others. 

Esteban is also dedicated to shooting his own personal projects. His work 'Lights Out' won this year's prestigious award for photography at PX3 in Paris. His advertising work has also received recognition at international awards and festivals including Ojo de Iberoamérica, NOVA and Caribe Festival.

Cade Martin New York - Los Angeles

The only child of a university art professor and a free-thinking mother, Cade Martin grew up immersed in a creative community in Richmond, VA. The foundation for his love of art and composition was laid in museum halls, movie theatres and art studios, and at home around a dinner table inhabited by an eclectic cast of characters who shaped his appreciation for the candid beauty found in people from all walks of life.

Cade has been chasing characters ever since. He seeks their stories - through their faces, their bodies and sometimes their costumes - in a common thread from his commercial work to his personal projects. Characters are the heroes in his pictures.

Cade works internationally and creates images for editorial, advertising, fashion and lifestyle clients that include Marriott, Merrill Lynch, The NY Philharmonic, Neenah Paper, Procter & Gamble, The Smithsonian, Starbucks, Tommy Hilfiger, Volkswagen and The Washington Ballet.

Christian Hoppe-SEREGEL Photography Berlin

High-class German fashion photographer Christian Hoppe - SEREGEL Photography - is dedicated to fine studio work and shoots all around the world.

Featured in this Spotlight is some of his most recent work, including the current print and TV campaign for Marc Cain SS 2017. Studio work was shot in an old carpet factory in Berlin, while selected productions were staged in creative settings to provide fresh new views. Bags and shoes were shot in various outdoor locations as well as at Delight Studios Berlin.

Photos and videos from Maryan Mehlhorn's beachwear ad campaign 2017 were shot on location in Morocco in private locations and out in the desert.

Visit the website to see more of Christian's work.

Christopher Hunt London - Stockolm

Christopher Hunt works as a portrait and still life photographer, splitting his time between London and Stockholm shooting for both commercial and editorial clients.

Being half Swedish, this split comes naturally. His work crosses over the fields of fashion, advertising and straight on portraiture, as well as still life with a relaxed atmosphere coming across his subjects.

"Attention to detail is key in my work, and I just love meeting different people that all have something unique to give to the shoot."

Christopher has worked for publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Esquire, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and clients include Audi, Hewlett-Packard, Volvo, Specsavers and Universal Music, to name a few.

Clinton Hussey Photography Vancouver

Clinton Hussey is an award-winning commercial photographer specialising in conceptual, food, still life and, recently, motion. Since 1995, he has been creating distinctive editorial and advertising imagery for brand and magazine clients in his hometown of Vancouver and abroad.

Originally a design student at Vancouver’s Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Clinton stumbled into photography at first accidentally and then with conviction as he fell for its demanding mix of creativity and technical grasp.

Clinton has earned both Grammy and Juno nominations for his album cover designs and his photography has won multiple National Magazine Awards, as well honours from Lotus, Applied Arts, D&AD, City & Regional Magazine Association, the Printing Industry of America, Communication Arts, PDN/Nikon, and many others.

Today, Clinton is expanding into video, creating ad campaigns for clients such as Method, Panago, and the Children of the Street Society. When he is not making pictures, he’s building things, and spending time on the ocean and in the mountains with his wife, Amanda - also a photographer - and their two children.

Dana Hursey Los Angeles

Dana Hursey is an award-winning Los Angeles-based commercial advertising photographer and Southern California Native. Having graduated from Art Center College of Design, Dana’s broad-based knowledge has offered him the opportunity to shoot for a wide range of clients.

Be it lifestyle, still life, or quirky conceptual images, he is able to imbue a sense of vibrancy, cleanliness, and humour. His work has been exhibited both in the US and abroad and his years of experience have afforded him the privilege of serving on boards of several organisations.

In addition to his acclaimed portraits from the 14 Days in Great Britain Documentary Project, Dana has also recently completed a compilation cookbook featuring portraits and recipes from 35 of L.A.’s Top Chefs.

Clients Include American Express, Chevrolet, Citibank, Four Seasons, Google, Habit Burger, Kohl’s, Lowes, MasterCard, Microsoft, NBC and UnitedHealthCare.

Visit his website for more information.

David Westphal Photography Los Angeles

David Westphal continues to explore the idea of composition in this Spotlight. His new work demonstrates how he is keeping an eye on the future while integrating inspiration from the past.

Moving forward is his mantra.

Follow him on Instagram and see more work on his website.

Elena Paraskeva Cyprus

Elena Paraskeva is a commercial, fashion and beauty photographer whose work has graced the covers and pages of a multitude of international fashion and photography magazines, including ICON, Elegant, Vantage, Omikron, Good Light, Incredible, Surreal Beauty, PDN, Photography Masterclass, Digital Photographer, Digital Camera, N-Photo, and more.

She is currently a photographer for her native country’s version of 'Next Top Model' and is also commissioned to shoot the cover for the UK’s Economia magazine.

She recently won first place in the Portrait division of the WPPI awards.

Fredrik Clement London - Copenhagen

Fredrik Clement shoots premium sports images in a reportage style, capturing the moment and the unfiltered emotions. He works worldwide for clients such as Adidas, Red Bull, BMW and North Face, to name a few.

This autumn, Fredrik was commissioned by Adidas to shoot a new street football campaign. Working on location at a London estate, Fredrik worked with skilled footballers and a creative team to achieve the feel and mood of the new campaign. Currently, he is also working on a personal project in association with UEFA Foundation and Street Football World, visiting refugee camps in Germany, Ireland and Greece. More about this project in 2017.

Fredrik is represented by Take Agency in the EU, Stem Agency in the UK, and Josette Lata in the US.

Harniman London

2016 has again seen some great projects with superb teams of people in some amazing locations, including Ford’s latest campaign ‘Le Fantome’ with GTB London shot in Croatia, Mercedes-Benz lifestyle (due for release in 2017) and Ferrari in Dubai, ‘Escape Your Virtual World’ campaign for the new ASX, dramatic seascapes for ‘Welcome to Shogun territory’ press ads and ‘Showing The World How It’s Done’ campaign in the sands of the Sahara for Mitsubishi, and aerial video and stills of one of the new ‘missing six’ lightweight E-Type Jaguars produced amongst others.

An early adopter of new innovations in stills and moving image production alongside a successful track record in automotive advertising photography, Harniman has worked over the last 20 years with global brands and their agencies - Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Mitsubishi, Ford, Goodwood, Leo Burnett and many others.

Visit Facebook and Instagram to see more. Get an insight behind the scenes on the regular blog and connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

JosefinaPro Santiago de Chile

Josefina Pro is a CGI, retouching and audiovisual studio located in Chile.

Josefina Pro believes in an individual approach to each client, offering a wide range of services from photography to 3D modeling and illustration, to meet specific client needs. Using multiple tools and skills for each assignment, the company applies the same standard of quality for all of them.

Among professionals that form the studio's team are experts in CGI, 3D rendering, retouching and audiovisual that worked for international clients like McCann Erickson, Ogilvy, Young & Rubicam, BBDO, Grey, Coca Cola, BMW, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Lego, McDonald’s, Nescafé, LAN Airlines, Pepsi, Sony and many others.

Kikor Commercial Photography Miami

Kiko Ricote is a veteran commercial photographer with 37 years of professional experience. Throughout his journey he has lived in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Los Angeles and - for the past 20 years - Miami. He is fluent in three languages and is very easy to work with; he is the type of professional that clients can hire and then relax, as he will deliver a great result.

Kiko has shot almost everything that there is to shoot and has extensive experience working in Latin America and the Caribbean. His state-of-the-art, centrally located studio in Coconut Grove is the perfect setting for clients looking for an A+ solution to their next shooting project in Miami.


“I Love Photography."

Lennart is an advertising photographer based in Gothenburg whose awards include the Eurobest for Outdoor Media, Black & White Spider Awards, winner of Epica Interactive Campaigns, New York Festival Finalist award winner for Alternative Media, D&AD Awards and Cannes Lion.

“As a professional photographer, I have a passion to always give my best for my client. In general, I find the spirit of life an endless source of inspiration. The relationship between people and nature, imagination and reality, good and evil – wherever you look there are enigmas and magical moments, many just waiting to be visually explored.”

Lennart thoroughly enjoys working with creative directors and realising their vision. In between assignments, Lennart dedicates time for personal photography projects.

Clients include Astra Zeneca, Björn Borg, and Specsavers and Volvo, to name just a few.

Represented by Shoot Studio Martin Girard Montreal

Martin Girard’s photos lead one to the heart of the story. Through his mastery of photomontage and image processing, he has been able to develop a unique style, with a recognisable touch of humour, fantasy, and mystery. His mind is filled with clever tricks, he has a wonderful talent for creating singular atmospheres so much so that the backgrounds in his photos often become characters in their own right. Versatile and bold, he is well known for being intimately involved with his projects, from the idea stage to completion, making him an ideal team leader in the production of large-scale images.

Founding partner at Shoot Studio, one of the largest photo/video production house in Quebec, his work has garnered him many professional awards over the years: PDN, Archive, Young Guns, Communication Arts, and Applied Arts and more.

Clients include Dell, Bombardier, Capital One, Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, Nespresso, Nivea, Quebec’s Casinos and more. 

Nick Hall Seattle - London

Nick Hall is a US and UK based ‘big picture’ photographer and director. He is known for his panoramic, high definition landscapes and lifestyle.

His career has seen him work on large-scale productions in the UK and abroad for clients including Canon, American Airlines and Citi Bank.

His personal projects take him to the world’s rugged environments to document their impressive landscapes and the communities that live alongside them.

Nick’s captivating images have seen him feature in Luerzers Archive '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide', win an International Photography Award, and regularly feature in the PDN Photo Annual.

Ray Massey London

"From a creative and engineering background, and with my experience spanning over 25 years, I am confident in producing images to satisfy a whole range of styles and complexity to the highest professional standards.

I consider myself privileged to have mastered “organic disciplines - getting it right in camera" before embracing digital photography and Photoshop as complement rather than a remedy.  

Working from my own well equipped studio in Camden London, I specialise in still life, liquids, drinks, SFX, portraits and physical artistry.

I enjoy working with International and UK clients and appreciate how crossing cultural boundaries further enriches my knowledge and style of photography. In this age of information and communication revolution, language is being devalued as images become increasingly important to communicate across these boundaries."

Russ Quackenbush Los Angeles

Russ Quackenbush creates visual images of humanity that reflect the qualities we cherish most in each other. In his portraiture, he gently documents the relics of a subject's life experiences as they unfold and present themselves in the emotions of their face, the language of their body, and the energy of their being.

"Russ' photography gives us license to laugh, play, rejoice, or to mourn. It is through his images that we are led respectfully and thoughtfully into the life of another."

After starting his business in 1996, he received a myriad of awards from the Photography and Advertising Annuals of Communication Arts, The Ad Club, and The One Show. Creativity Magazine, Archive, and Photo District News have all featured Russ and his work. In 2001, PDN distinguished Russ in its '30 Under 30', presenting him as a young talent worth keeping an eye on. He has since enjoyed living up to that reputation!

Ryan Forbes Los Angeles

Ryan Forbes is an award-winning advertising photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Since graduating from Hallmark Institute of Photography, he has been working for the last 20 plus years pursuing a career in creative photographic storytelling. Incorporating compositing and dynamic lighting into much of his work enables Ryan to take the images to another level, where the lines of reality and imagination are often blurred.

His creative vision and dramatic point of view has landed him jobs working with Cirque du Soleil, Singapore Airlines, Taco Bell, Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts, Peninsula Hotels, Live Nation, Equinox and more.

“I look at every job as a beautiful blank canvas to create something magical and memorable.” - Ryan Forbes

Sherif Mokbel New York

After graduating with honors from the school of Fine Arts, Sherif Mokbel’s career took off with over 10 years in advertising where he honed his talents in the commercial world with major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Unilever and Panasonic.

Sherif later combined his experiences to craft his visual talents and become an internationally acclaimed photographer and award-winning filmmaker.

Sherif has also adopted the latest cinemagraph techniques to literally bring to life his photography work, and is now ranked one of the top cinemagraph artists in the world. He is what is called a hybrid artist, constantly experimenting with photography and filmmaking to create new visual experiences that go beyond the aesthetics.

Tim Müller Berlin - New York - Cape Town

Tim Müller proudly presents his mystic and athletic short film: Inside Us.

Global campaign photographer and director Tim Müller is based in Berlin, New York and Cape Town. His passion for capturing the perfect moment is reflected in his authentic lifestyle and people shoots. Tim captures professional talents as well as real people in the most genuine way for his worldwide campaigns and impressive image libraries for global brands.

As a consequence, Lürzer’s Archive has selected Tim three times to be one of the 'Best 200 Ad Photographers Worldwide' - 2012/13, 2014/15 and again in 2016/17.

Tim has worked for a range of international clients, from advertising to TV commercials, including Adidas, BASF, Beiersdorf, Unilever, Lilly, Barclays, Nestlé, P&G, McDonald's, Nescafé, Philips, Volkswagen, Qualcomm, Shire, Zeiss and many more.

Visit Tim's recently updated website to view his portfolio and also his new film projects.

Timothy Hogan Los Angeles

Timothy Hogan is an award-winning still life photographer with a studio based in Los Angeles and clients across the globe. He is thrilled to have recently earned three Awards of Excellence in this year’s 2016 Communication Arts Photo Annual. White World, created for Winsor & Newton won two awards, while Fruit Explosions for Vince Camuto won in the Unpublished category. Those images are featured here.

Whether it is beverages, liquids, watches or jewellery, clothing, footwear or purses, he balances creativity and technical excellence with ease.

He has recently shot projects for clients such as Vince Camuto, both on location and in his Santa Monica Studio, several studio shoots for Lucky Brand and on location in London for Freixenet with lifestyle, still life and motion components.

Weston Fuller San Diego

It’s more about creating an image than taking an image, which drives Weston and his passion for photography.

Weston Fuller is an award-winning photographer who strives to create perfection, while playing with reality to create a unique moment. Products, people and brands are the subjects of his images, which are artful and creatively narrated to weave together an impactful story.

Beyond his skill behind the lens, Weston possesses the ability to expertly collaborate with others for the benefit of producing images that exceed expectations.

Clients include: Adobe, Workers Compensation Fund, TakePart, Contour Cameras, Lolë Women, Sundance Resort, Soul Pose Yoga, Coalatree, Ash Studios, Harris Architects, Food Nanny, Ideal Shape, Wasatch Advisors, Classic Aviation, Mrs. Calls Candies and others.

Willie Petersen Denver

Willie Petersen is a freelance photographer based in Denver, Colorado. He spent a decade in New York working as an art director in advertising before discovering his real passion in photography.

His dynamic and colourful advertising, editorial and fine art work has been featured in magazines and museums across the country.

Willie loves to explore new ground and works with teams and clients looking to push the limits of what can be done.

Willie’s photography has won multiple awards including the Ad Club and Art Directors Club photography awards.