Born in 1968 in a little town near Munich, for his 6th birthday Ronny Kiaulehn received his first camera, an Agfa pocket. At 12 years of age he bought a Pentax ME, then a few years later school offered photography courses and he got the key to the darkroom, which is where his love for photography truly began.

“I love to create my own lighting, that‘s why I work with battery studio flash units most of the time when I do outdoor and action photography. I like the challenge of setting up my studio set also under really difficult conditions, like carrying 50kg of lighting equipment up a mountain top to do some action shots for a mountain bike client.

When I decided to get into underwater photography it was clear to me that I wanted to adapt the same lighting techniques I use above to water. I enjoy the underwater shoots most because they need a lot more planning, preparation and skills. They are not as predictable as studio or outdoor shoots, but this is what makes them very special and a real challenge.”