London born photographer and film-maker Zac Macaulay has won three international awards and is one of Europe’s leading underwater artists with a camera. Shooting for over 20 years all over the world, he is as happy shooting in the open sea as he is in film tanks or wet studios.

Zac is first an artist and then a diver, and his most recent projects include shooting Mylene Klass for Littlewoods, making magic with mermaids with lobster tails for Burger and Lobster, and shooting 'Strictly Come Dancing' underwater for Fit Bit.

As well as stills, he now shoots with a high-end Gates housing in collaboration with Red movie cameras on commercial and movie projects, recently being the DOP on a Pantene Pro V hair commercial underwater.

Zac loves to push boundaries underwater with his camera, shooting both intuitively and to the clients brief. He has a strong team and trusted crew with which he can make an assignment come to life and win awards.