Achim Küst Frankfurt

Achim Küst is focused on still life images and watch photography. He shares a passion for detail and perfection that he has in common with his photographic objects, while individual lighting and arrangements make each of his photos unique.

Achim shoots for companies, advertising agencies and special interest magazines.

Amy Elizabeth Studio New York

Amy Elizabeth is a photographer with a polished aesthetic, adept at delivering brand-relevant images. She creates images that look modern and clean, regardless of the the complexity of the subject. With a background as an accomplished sculptor, she sees lighting and composition as equal entities and is passionate about both. Amy has a true understanding of marketing and creative needs.

Amy’s studio is a relaxed space on the waterfront in Dumbo, Brooklyn. She believes that great creativity is often the result of collective thinking and fosters a collaborative working style. Amy shoots powerful still life and interior images for global brands including Prada, Timberland, IZOD and Sak’s 5th Avenue.

Box Photographic London

BOX Photographic is a commercial photography studio shooting for some of the biggest brands in the UK and Europe. The company is all about collaborative creative thinking.

“While creative thinking is a crucial part of our process, we put just as much energy into customer service and while you’ll love our big ideas, we know you’ll adore our dedication to excellent customer service, customer loyalty and quality.

Let our small team of creative minds generate big ideas and take care of all of your image creation needs leaving you to put the wheels in motion for the next project that comes to hand.”

Brian McDougall Miami

"Because no two people experience an image the same way, photography is at its core, impossible to talk about. Yet we are told what to believe is good by everything around us: images invade our minds constantly. While the demand for new pictures has never been higher, the advent of Instagram, etc., has driven down the value to almost nothing. Literally everyone is a photographer now, so a “professional” has a problem being noticed, let alone finding paying clients.

My experience in photography began on the computer: I learned Photoshop early on, and got hooked. I was forced to teach myself how to use a DSLR through self preservation: I needed better images to edit. To this day everything I shoot is a means to an end: the payoff is the post-production work, where I get to study the nuance of light and color up close. I’m fascinated by the play of light, whether natural or artificial, which makes still life and product photography a natural fit for me. I love to photograph people too, but always in the service of creating an interesting image, as opposed to discovering some “truth” about the subject. I don’t believe cameras have the ability to record truth; for the simple fact that a mechanical lens and sensor records only data, and truth requires interpretation.

I create images that please me. And I hope they might please others, or at least get enough attention that my clients return, which they seem to year after year. I charge what my clients think is fair. I’m not represented by an agent, and I mostly work alone, which allows me to keep production costs low. I’m available to discuss rates and ideas: I live in Miami Beach, FL, USA: 305-519-7764."

Chris Howlett Photography London

"It’s creative perfection with Howlett Photography. We style, shoot and build beautiful imagery for impactful advertising. We’re into still life photography for jewellery, fashion, food & drink, liquids and cosmetics.

And, naturally, we’re used to working closely with art and creative directors, or directly with business owners. But we also work on our own. Whatever the team, we create unique visual identities for UK and global luxury goods.

We’ve seen big fashion brands and UK start-ups pass through our South London studio in the past weeks.

See the results on our website, and get in touch."

Christina Schmidhofer Photography San Francisco

As a San Francisco-based photographer, Christina Schmidhofer has been transforming the way we see things for the past 20 years. From goats' cheese to brushes, and from sunflowers to wine, she reveals the hidden beauty of everything she touches. Her expertise involves still life, food and lifestyle photography.

Her passion, coupled with a meticulous approach, has allowed Christina to find the beauty of any object, in any context.

Christina has a long client list which includes Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Walmart. She treats her clients, whether big or small, with the same high standard of professionalism, aesthetic excellence, and a humorous touch.

Enjoy her portfolio and enter a world where passion and clarity meet.

Daniel Allan London

Daniel Allan is a commercial and advertising photographer. Primarily based in London, he has significant international experience.

He has a unique style and when working with clients he likes to create imagery that catches and holds its viewer's attention.

Clients include Lebara, Natwest, London Underground, British Airways, FlyBe, NATS, Bloomsbury Press and Vashi.

David Parfitt London

David Parfitt has a wealth of experience and knowledge of still life photography. Shooting in his London studio he combines style, craft and technical expertise to produce outstanding imagery.

David has photographed campaigns for a range of clients including John Lewis, Debenhams, M&S, L'Oréal, Coty, Kiko Cosmetics, The Body Shop, Sanctuary Spa, P&G Prestige Beaute, along with many editorial clients.

Dennis Pedersen London

From his own studios in Hoxton and Shoreditch in central London, Dennis Pedersen uses up-to-the-minute photographic equipment as well as technical prowess and ingenuity to achieve the special effects for which he is renowned.

After many years of darkroom experience Dennis is now known for using on-the-spot post-production simultaneously as the shoot progresses, ensuring the best possible results are achieved. Shooting in the studio or on location, with a strong full-time team around him, Dennis always knows how to capture the essence of a product.

Dieter Brasch Vienna

SInce gaining his Master's degree in Photography in 1993, Dieter Brasch has worked as a freelance photographer in Vienna - a decision he has not once regretted over the past 25 years.

"I am very connected to my work and place high expectations on myself. However, this has never prevented a direct approach to my work, but allows the development of new perspectives. I am particularly fascinated by still life and reportage, with and about people. The nice thing is that you then see how, bit by bit, something whole is generated. To tell a story I like to use as little as possible in my pictures."

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn New York

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn's passion for still life has been growing since she was a child. She is fascinated with form and texture and is influenced by Helumt Newton, Sarah Moon and Irving Penn.

Today, Gabriella is represented by Frank Parvis at i2i Photography and her work marries the descriptive with the mysterious as she shoots commercial and editorial projects for clients in the USA and Europe.

Her clients describe her work as being both feminine and bold. They include Calvin Klein​, InStyle​, ​Macy’s​, ​Martha Stewart Living​, Neutrogena​, Nordstrom​, ​O, The Oprah Magazine​, ​Ralph Lauren​, Target​, ​Victoria’s Secret​, W Magazine​ and Women’s Health.

Her main focus is on fragrance, cosmetics, jewellery, fashion and home accessories.

Leo Acker London

Leo Acker's bold and imaginative work makes him one of London's most sought-after still life photographers.

Over the last 17 years, Leo has developed a unique creative photographic style combined with precise digital skills. From his studio in Shoreditch and on location, Leo shoots for a very wide range of clients.

Recent commissions also include work for Liberty, The Financial Times, Marks & Spencer, Russell & Bromley, John Lewis, Fenwick, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Red and Glamour Magazine.

Magnus Cramer Stockholm

Using broad strokes, lip gloss by the gallon and minute lighting, Swedish still life photographer Magnus Cramer makes material come alive. ”It’s funny, really” says Magnus. ”I’ve got a diploma in engineering, but I spend a lot my days spreading thick layers of mascara on a piece of paper in a studio.”

While that might be something of a simplification, there is no denying his creativity and meticulous nature has allowed Magnus to carve out his own special niche in the world of cosmetics. But he uses anything but delicacy when he designs his set ups. ”In the end, it is all in the lighting. I guess that may be the engineer in me speaking. I simply won’t give up on an image until I am satisfied.”

Clients include Douglas, Electrolux, ICA, L.O.V Cosmetics, Olympus, Oprah, Oriflame, Piz Buin, Reebok, Samsung, Swarovski, Volvo and Tush Magazine.

Nick Rochowski London

Nick Rochowski’s still life work is clear and sharp with a minimalist aesthetic that is meticulously constructed. Combining innovative techniques with an instinctive understanding of light, the images portray objects and designs in the most unique and encapsulating way.

He regularly collaborates with exciting mould-breaking new designers and artists. This passion and enthusiasm for design extends to the high-end clientele his photography attracts, whether it’s luxury products and interiors, heritage brands, or editorial features at the forefront.

The selection of images featured in this Spotlight highlights projects looking at an Oakley and ink concept shoot, London designer Eleanor Bolton’s new collection, Lightbox 3 by 212 New York, a Wallpaper Magazine feature on Resin Block’s by AMA, and an over-the-top floristry shoot for property investor Izaki Group and its new Shoreditch development.

Represented by JSR Omer Knaz London

Omer Knaz is best known for his luxury goods still life photography for jewellery, watches and fragrances. With over 10 years' photography experience, he brings enthusiasm and commitment to every brief and creates dynamic photographs for advertising editorial and commercial clients such as Tatler, Grazia, De Beers, Intelligent Life Magazine, Crabtree and Evelyn, Harrods and How to Spend It Magazine.

Omer mostly shoots at his Shoreditch studio. Whilst using the most up-to-date digital camera and lighting equipment, he retains a firm belief in applying this technology only to enhance the image, leaving as much as possible to be created ‘in camera.'

His strong lighting skills, drawn from the discipline of film photography, give his images a sense of reality that is so often compromised these days and is perfect for luxury products. Omer recently shot a stunning promotions features for Tatler as well as David Morris and Crabtree and Evelyn advertising.

Peter Schafrick Toronto

Peter Schafrick's studio has created compelling, award-winning content for brands like Red Bull, Nike, Dove, ASICS, Absolut, and Johnnie Walker.

The team collaborates with agencies in NYC, Chicago, Toronto, London and Hamburg, and the content they produce is used in advertising strategies internationally.

"My studio offers a complete, integrated service. It encompasses all aspects of production and post-production. I am supported by an in-house team of producers, assistants, and a world-class retoucher."

Remy Roman Michigan

Remy Roman is a Michigan-based photographer driven by the craft of visual storytelling, working across still life, editorial, and commercial photography. His former clients include Shinola, Ford, Banza, and Detroit Bikes among others.

Remy has been obsessed with light and photography for well over a decade, developing his style wherever his shoots took him. From cow pastures at 4am, to a studio building light tents, Remy is driven by light and its ability to tell stories. His view of still life photography is let the subject lead, find the light that makes your subject speak and the elements that complement it.

Mountain top, studio, jungle, or a helicopter, regardless where his projects take him Remy is sure to find the story.

Visit his website to see more work.

Shane Lopes Los Angeles

Los Angeles based photographer Shane Lopes is best known for the energy and creative approach he brings to every shoot.

Whether he is taking on last minute editorial shoots or working with a team of creatives to produce a highly conceptualised image, every project is a new and welcomed challenge.

Since moving to LA in 2010 and taking some time to soak in the sunshine and palm trees, Shane has been able to refine his stylistic look through his use of bold colors, dynamic lighting, and unique character expression.

Shane’s work has appeared on magazine covers, billboards and publications across the world. Since the start of year he has already shot various campaigns for clients ranging from casinos, breweries, and fashion retailers.