Aaron Geller Photography Detroit - Chicago

Aaron Geller, originally from Northwest Ohio, is a Midwestern photographer working between Detroit and Chicago specialising in fitness, lifestyle, and portraiture.

After completing a degree in French literature, Aaron flew to NYC and had the opportunity to intern under beauty and fashion photographer Sarah Silver. Aaron then spent time travelling Western Europe and the Middle East capturing the heart of the people through his portraits and working at an art gallery in Tel Aviv.

Since establishing himself in west Michigan, Aaron now operates a full time commercial studio and has developed a list of clients including local and national companies. In recent years, he has simplified and streamlined his style of portraiture to focus on the unique character of each of his subjects. Spontaneous yet polished, his work can be characterised by being candid in nature.

His work has taken him on assignment from California to Mexico to Jerusalem. Aaron's clients range from institutes of higher learning such as Michigan State University to high profile clients such as Delta Airlines.

Adam Lawrence London

Adam Lawrence has his own personal, quirky and vibrant style developed over 20 years of photographing people, from the known to the unknown.

Whilst lighting and creative technique are important to his individual style, his ability to charm and make his subjects feel at ease has been the key to creating such a unique and strong portfolio.

Recent clients include Mitsubishi, Lucozade, Birds Eye, Fosters and Channel 4.

Visit his website to know more.

Arkadiusz Jankowski Warsaw

Arkadiusz Jankowski is a new talent on the Polish market. Born in Poland, he graduated in electrical engineering and lived abroad before realising photography was the love of his life.

Arkadiusz currently lives in Warsaw working as a full time advertising, portrait and fashion photographer. His client list includes magazines Avanti, Imperium Kobiet, Kikimora, Lounge, Hiro, Elle Germany, Stern and Cake, and companies such as Kellogg's, TRW, LPP, Diverse, Agora, L’Oréal, Rossmann and Jeronimo Martins Polska.

Arkadiusz has been a finalist in 17 photography competitions, including prestigious contests such as the International Photography Awards and Prix de la Photographie Paris.

He is an owner of Studio Aligator - a photographic and film studio located in Warsaw. He is represented by Photo Warsaw agency.

Blindlight Studio - Nick Gracia Miami

Nick Garcia’s sensitivity to people has positioned him as one of Miami’s top portrait photographers, receiving assignments from national and international tittles such as Billboard Magazine, NewBeauty, The Guardian, BusinessWeek, Women’s Health, Runners World, Celebrated Living and Departures.

In Miami, Nick is one of the most trusted professionals, contributing regularly with special features and covers for titles including Miami Magazine, Ocean Drive, Indulge, Haute Living, Brides South Florida, Interiors South Florida, Brickell and Key Biscayne Magazines, Centre, Caras and TV & Novelas, among others.

With a background in architecture and a passion for people and style, Nick has developed a very distinctive signature edge on image composition for environmental portraits. This versatility has gained him the trust of creatives and advertising executives to tell stories that require a mix of portraiture, landscapes and even photojournalism.

Recently, he worked for Citi in Thailand, Brazil and Panama. His elegant approach to lifestyle has also led him to work with brands like The Colonnade Hotel, The Marriot Hotel, The St. Regis Bal Harbour, The Shelborne Hotel, The Turnberry Isle and The Carillon Hotel.

Dale May Photography New York

New York-based, award-winning, advertising, entertainment and editorial photographer Dale May has been creating iconic images for over 18 years.

Best known for his richly stylised, character-driven, conceptual work, Dale has captured some of today's most recognisable personalities, including Daniel Day-Lewis, Charlize Theron, Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Radcliffe, Elizabeth Banks, Jared Leto, Amy Poehler and Christina Aguilera.

Most recently, Dale has photographed ad campaigns with Danny McBride ('East Bound & Down', 'Tropic Thunder') for Southern Comfort and John C. McGinley ('Scrubs', 'Office Space', 'Platoon') for Speed Stick.

Doron Gild New York

Israeli-born, Brooklyn-based Doron Gild has always insisted on an idea behind his images; even if the idea is as simple as photographing people who walk past his studio door.

His main intention throughout the years - and something he has always come back to regardless of commissioned work - was capturing people in their own environments and creating a portrait within a portrait. Inspired by the likes of August Sander and Arnold Newman, the people Doron photographs either fascinate him or simply inspire him to spend time with them in their unique environments.

Although he tries to adhere to an old school method of image making where concept, idea, and planning are in the forefront, he does not shy away from post-production, but is very careful to use it as he would have used a darkroom in the past. Doron uses Photoshop and retouching to make his sitters or subjects look as good as they can without taking wrinkles or scars away, so that although in a new medium, the photos feel old school and well crafted.

Location or lack thereof, light set-ups and mood are always planned in advance - every millimetre of Doron’s frame is considered, letting him concentrate on content and engaging with his subject. With the exception of the right moment and the sitter being in the right state of mind, Doron does not leave much to chance and is always acutely deliberate in his process.

Doron is represented by James Reps and is available for commercial and editorial assignments.

Howard Huang New York

Taipei-born, Hawaiian-raised Howard Huang's unique mix of a sharp creative vision and veteran technical prowess has catapulted him to become one of commercial photography's fastest-rising stars. His models emerge as warm and sexy, with a touch of glamour and lingering drama.

"I am always thinking of a narrative behind the shoot, because I prefer creating images with a powerful emotional impact. It has to be something that makes you feel a sensation: whether it's sexy or surprising, or even a disgusted feeling. But no matter what, it has to attract the eye instantaneously."

Howard's client work ranges from campaigns for Nintendo, Verizon and Panasonic to Times Square billboards for fashion brands like Southpole Clothing and Lot29. His dramatic, high-concept images have graced the books of iconic American authors and also appear in Vogue, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Interview, ID, Paper and Vibe.

James Fisher London - Los Angeles - Sydney

James Fisher is an Australian portrait photographer and film director based in London. His editorial client list includes Vanity Fair, L’Uomo Vogue, Saveur Magazine, Travel+Leisure, Vogue Living and Empire Magazine.

Commercially his focus is on film and entertainment advertising, tourism and travel photography. James' commercial clients include Tourism Australia, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Disney Pictures and NBC Universal.

James’ work with refugees in Europe forms part of his wide-ranging global portraiture project investigating the personal experiences of displaced and marginalised populations.

Represented by JSR Jon Attenborough London

A graduate of Film & Photography at Plymouth University, Jon Attenborough left England in 2002 and headed to Australia with the single aim of bagging himself a job on an Aussie soap in the sunshine. Through persistence, a bit of luck and ultimately good timing, he got his first break and was hired as a runner on Home & Away. The gap year quickly became a decade long (working) holiday.

For the first seven years he was an assistant director on TV commercials, dramas and films including Wolverine, Superman and Baz Luhrmann's Australia. During that time he got the opportunity to work alongside some of the best photographers in the world which inspired him to pick up a camera and become a photographer himself.

As incredible as Australia was he always felt he'd missed out on "London". So after eleven years he traded Bondi Beach for Hackney. Now firmly back in England and forging a career in an industry he loves and doing something he is passionate about he has worked for brands such as Reebok, The North Face, Puma, Gillette, Stand Up to Cancer and Fred Perry to name a few.

Inspired by his time spent on film sets and with an aesthetic preference for the bold, clean and simplistic, he produces photos that engage and tell a story in a single frame.

Kevin Scott Photography Chicago

Kevin Scott is an internationally published advertising and editorial photographer working out of the greater Chicago area. With more than 20 years of commercial photography experience serving agencies, magazines, books and business direct, Kevin can handle most situations with confidence.

Kevin has an easy-going approach which helps make every shoot successful and fun at the same time. Each shoot is different and requires different energy. Kevin has shot everything from the corporate business CEO to the more whacky portrait for Guinness World Records. Kevin also has more than 20 years of Photoshop experience. From simple retouching to full style treatments, he knows when and when not to use photoshop.

Visit his website to see his full portfolio and contact him for your next project!

Matthew Joseph London

Whether it is utilising the unique environment he finds his subject in, or focussing on the intimacy of a vulnerable face, Matthew Joseph has a deep passion for people and their stories; this is fundamental to his approach on portraiture. Cinematic, bold, and dramatic are words often used to describe his style, but it is honesty and authenticity which are the primary inspiration for any of his shoots. The final image must reflect the truth - of that moment or of the surrounding situation, and a deep understanding of lighting helps him portray this honesty in a fresh creative manner.

He has recently had portraits featured in The Times, The Guardian and British Airways Magazine and enjoys building long-term relationships with his commercial clients as he is commissioned to bring his unique take on portraiture into the advertising, music and corporate worlds as well as the charity sector.

Matthew is based in London but enjoys following his work around the world.

Michael Wilson Maine

Michael Wilson has been involved in photography for 15 years. Much of this time was spent working as a photo assistant to celebrity and documentary photographer, Martin Schoeller, in New York City. This job provided the absolute best hands-on training in photography, and took Michael all over the world for clients such as National Geographic, The New Yorker and GQ.

Michael is now based in Maine and can often be found travelling around New England photographing people who are making positive impacts on the earth.

Selected clients include Down East Magazine, Hypertherm, Sun Edison, Zest Magazine, American Craft Magazine, Maine Craft Association, Maine College of Art and The Cottage Journal.

Nick Hagen Detroit

Nick Hagen is a Detroit-based documentary and portrait photographer who emphasizes truth and honesty over style. He is all about visually showcasing the world in the most objective and truthful way possible, while retaining a tinge of optimism and humour.

Working primarily on location and with light that’s as natural looking as possible, Nick has had many opportunities to showcase interesting people and stories, like the passionate video game community of Lagos, Nigeria, an ex-NFL lineman who is now in the business of making peanut brittle, the beauty of suburban banality in Metro Detroit, and a man whose arm was lost in a hippopotamus attack near Victoria Falls, among many others.

Nick’s ultimate goal is to make people feel seen and heard by synthesizing their stories into honest photography.

Nick's work has been commissioned by AAA Living Magazine, The Financial Times, Hour Detroit Magazine, The London Telegraph, Paper Magazine, The Washington Post, and Vox Media. Get in touch with him at his website for more.

Pier Nicola D'Amico - KT Philadelphia

"Funny, he doesn’t look like a particle accelerator. But that’s how Pier Nicola D’Amico describes himself. “I’m interested in collision, in smashing atoms together and seeing what happens.”

Or you could call him a mischievous provocateur, the man who delights in watching what happens when music, light and video are slammed together with no place to go but a 100-foot wall.

Either way, you have Nic - a photographer, DP, director, entrepreneur, and founder of Klip Collective and Monogram film and motion boutique. The combination of his creativity and collaborative spirit have as earned him national print campaigns for iconic brands including Nike, Levi’s, Ford, Microsoft, EA, Sony, Burton, And1, AT&T, InBev, Pepsi and Adidas."

Represented by Catherine Collins Robert Wilson London

Robert Wilson's portraits for AIB have created a stir in Ireland, and a write up in The Irish Times. Meet Kate and Mick, the first of the featured couples to achieve the milestone of actually paying off their mortgage. More couples to come. A brilliant campaign by a brilliant agency, Rothco.

The past few months have seen Robert’s images pop up on TV - first Laura and Jason Kenny on BBC Sports Personality of the Year, and more recently, Sir Bradley Wiggins in Fallon’s Skoda ad.

And the man of the moment, Eddie Jones - shame about the Grand Slam.

For updates, follow Robert on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Robert is represented in London by Catherine Collins.

Shane Lopes Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based photographer Shane Lopes is best known for the energy and creative approach he brings to every shoot. Whether he’s taking on last minute editorial shoots or working with a team of creatives to produce a highly conceptualized image, every project is a new and welcomed challenge.

Since moving to LA in 2010 and taking some time to soak in the sunshine and palm trees, Shane has been able to refine his stylistic look through his use of bold colours, dynamic lighting, and unique character expression.

Shane’s work has appeared on magazine covers, billboards, and publications across the world. Since the start of year he has already shot various campaigns for clients ranging from casinos and breweries to fashion retailers.

Stefan Nimmesgern Munich

Working with celebrities is a special challenge. Often only a few minutes remain for photoshoots, thus preparation is the most important task.

Stefan Nimmesgern is a master of the perfect moment. He often works without assistants so as not to disturb the intimacy. Most of the pictures featured in this Spotlight come from a series photographed at various locations in Europe for ZEITmagazin, Wirtschaftswoche or Private Wealth.

Visit Stefan’s website to learn more about his work and his customers.

Ty Foster New York

Ty Foster grew up in Connecticut and began his career as an insurance underwriter and, to his dismay, realised there was no photographer position inside the company. Promptly quitting, he photographed anything he could get his lens in front of and settled on animals.

Ty is a published author as well as an internationally recognised animal photographer whose work has been seen on ABC, MSN, the London Times and The Daily Mail.

When Ty isn’t photographing he spends copious amounts of time outdoors or dreaming of travelling.