Adrien Crasnault London - Barcelona

"We are very pleased to announce the arrival of lifestyle photographer Adrien Crasnault at Mutton Bones Represent.

Based between London and Barcelona, Adrien’s distinct, relaxed style brings a refreshing mood to any brief."

Djordje Zivaljevic Montenegro

Djordje Zivaljevic is an award winning photographer, currently based in Montenegro.

While creating those special lifestyle moments he is inspired by beauty. His photographs are vivid, but not overly saturated; clean but not boring.

Clients and models love to work with him because it is so evident that he enjoys the entire process of creating images while fully understanding his clients' vision and needs.

Duncan Nicholls London

London-based photographer/director Duncan Nicholls' recent commissions include shoots for Adidas, Dr Martens and the NFL.

He has also started Our Vision Project, a visual campaign for creatives to share their work, and in doing so raise funds to help cure avoidable blindness around the world. The project has already raised enough money to restore sight for 19 people whose blindness is curable. It only takes 15 minutes to take part, and he'd love to hear from you if you're interested.

Jim Hughes San Francisco

Jim Hughes is an advertising photographer based in San Francisco. He is represented by Pinkstaff Photographers and shoots all over the world for clients such as United Airlines, AT&T, HP, GEHealthcare, Wells Fargo and VSA International.

Jim puts his clients at ease through his very personable approach with the talent, and directs the set with ease.

When he is not shooting ad campaigns he is hard at work honing his skills with his stock photography business. He also loves spending time with his family.

Jonatan Fernström Gothenburg - Stockholm

Jonatan Fernström specialises in lifestyle and fashion photography. With over 15 years of experience in the commercial business, he is a reliable partner, technically skilled and fun to work with.

"To create something with light and composition is what drives me as a photographer, although it's when you add people that it gets really interesting!"

Jonatan works out of Gothenburg but has clients all over Europe. After studies in Scotland, he worked as an assistant photographer for a few years before he did a bachelor's degree in photography at the University of Gothenburg.

Jonatan shoots all over the world for brands including Volvo, Intersport, DrDenim Jeans, I Dig Denim, Estrella and Icebug.

Creating conceptual ideas in all environments, both on location and in the studio, is Jonatan's speciality. He works with state-of-the-art equipment such as the Hasselblad H6d with 50 mp resolution for the best results imaginable.

Maik Scharfscheer Frankfurt - Munich

Maik Scharfscheer is a German photographer and director based in Frankfurt and Munich. His excellent performance has resulted in numerous international photo, film and design awards. He works worldwide for clients such as Bosch, Leica, Nike, Maserati, Cerruti and Lufthansa.

Maik has had the opportunity to meet and work with extrordinary personalities, including the Dalai Lama, Christopher Forbes and diverse Nobel Prize winners.

He is considered a perfectionist, creating harmonious and individual overall concepts for clients as well as his own personal art projects.

His latest work includes the contemporary combination of photography and filming for several different international companies. His professional film crew accompanies the entire developement process, from conception up to post-production.

Represented by JSR Manuel Archain London

Manuel Archain has worked as a professional photographer for advertising and cinema since 2004, being commissioned by international clients such as O2, Cardinal Draft Beer, Swisscom, Absolut, Sony, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Universal Music, Convene Magazine NY, Credit Confidential and BA Insider Magazine.

His personal photography projects are becoming internationally renowned and were featured in the Huffington Post as 'The strange world of Manuel Archain - the artist who photographs his dreams' and have been exhibited in Argentina, Columbia, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Switzerland, Miami, Lima, Puerto Rico and Chile.

Manuel's work for Fundación Repro (a fertility charity) won a Cannes Lions 2017 Silver award.

Matt Hawthorne Dallas

Always focused on conquering the immediate task at hand, whether as a spotlighted young musician or a risk-taking, technical street skateboarder; Matt Hawthorne would be found in his young adulthood pushing the limits to perfecting his skill.

Eventually, Matt moved his concentration from making images his sponsors sought of him to honing his methods of capturing fast paced action images - by shooting his friends skating.

He found a love for the art form and his unique style with polished imagery quickly drew attention, projecting him into the start of a successful career. Shooting advertising campaigns now for over 10 years, Matt has developed an incredible crew.

Matt Hawthorne Productions has provided advertising campaigns for Gatorade, Target, Adidas, New Balance, Asics, Fila, Gold’s Gym, FedEx, and JCPenney, among many others. Matt is known for his unique photographic style, ranging from photo journalistic sports to highly stylised advertising. His awards include Lürzer's Archive '200 Best Photographers Worldwide' and Communication Arts Photo Annual.

While away from commercial assignments and the studio, he is found spending time with his wife, building legos with his son, shooting fun polaroids of his children, and cycling.

Michael Heinsen Hamburg

Authentic, believable, emotional and high-quality lifestyle photography is what Michael Heinsen is known for. His pictures remind us of the powerful and surprising snapshots of international movies.

For the current Köstritzer campaign, Michael has captured the moody atmosphere of a jazz club in Toronto. Lovers, friends, musicians and service staff meet in an emotionally intense atmosphere.

Miele has introduced a revolution that opens up new possibilities for creative chefs. With an international casting and elaborate set construction, Michael has staged friends in an amazing apartment who celebrate a creative and fascinating dinner. At the IFA, Miele presented the dialogue 'Garer'.

This summer, Michael produced personal work next to his offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Mallorca. The sun was also shining for a campaign for Rotkäppchen / Fruchtsecco.

Michael has also been selected for the third time in a row in Lürzer's Archive's '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide'.

Michal Venera San Francisco

Michal Venera grew up in Prague, the former Czechoslovakia. For the past 30 years he has built a successful career as an advertising photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Michal specialises in creating custom images for a wide variety of industries. His ability to capture the essence of the "movement" and "experience" has taken him around the world on multiple assignments with repetitive satisfied clients.

Recent clients include Wells Fargo, William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Samuel Hubbard, Republic of Tea and many more.

Nick Hall Seattle - London

Nick Hall is a US and UK-based ‘big picture’ photographer and director. He is known for his panoramic, high definition landscapes and lifestyle images.

His career has seen him work on large-scale productions in the UK and abroad for clients including Canon, American Airlines and Citi Bank. His personal projects take him to the world’s rugged environments to document their impressive landscapes and the communities that live alongside them.

Nick’s captivating images have seen him feature in Luerzer's Archive's '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide', win an International Photography Award, and regularly appear in the PDN Photo Annual.

Niclas Jessen Copenhagen

Niclas Jessen's photography focuses on people and when working with him it soon becomes clear that he creates an active and positive atmosphere in front of the camera. With his natural Scandinavian touch he captures dynamic photographs with a strong presence. A process of exploration resonates throughout his work, which echoes his fondness for a special kind of staged documentary.

In an increasingly commercial world, Niclas believes it is essential that photographs contain a feeling of autenthicity. His ability to move between both staged and natural environments enables him to create engaging images that connect with their audiences. “Always travel light, be able to connect with your models, understand your client," he says.

With a studio in Copenhagen, Scandinavia is his home, but he travels on assignment all over world. Featured in this Spotlight are images created for clients such as Seeland, Spleen United, NYC Ballet, Danish Defence Command, and Nykredit Bank.

Visit his website for more information.

Peter Beavis Photography London

Peter Beavis' photography is fuelled by his natural sense of fun and adventure. He draws inspiration from the vibrancy, freedom and neo-tribalism of youth culture; and the drive, passion and energy associated with sports.

Immersing himself in the lifestyles of those whom he shoots, Peter quickly fosters a unique and direct rapport with each of his subjects. This, in turn, affords unprecedented access and leads to his authentically candid visual storytelling style.

Peter's work spans diverse fields of portraiture, lifestyle and advertising and yet his obsession with carefully curating the visual components of colour and light coupled with his desire to create something organic, authentic and original, somehow unify his every shot.

Peter Wattendorff Münster

"Awards don´t mean anything, until you have them. We received another one for our Portraits, the 'German Brand Award 2017'.

Based in Münster, and with clients also from cities like Frankfurt, Dresden, and Berlin... trust in our work!"

Petros Ktenas Sydney

Petros Ktenas has devoted his life to capturing "those moments we sometimes miss". Approaching stills in the same way he likes to work with motion, as a director and photographer he excels at shooting automotive, landscapes, people and lifestyle. Petros is patient, understanding and unpredictable; a young and explosive creative talent to work with.

“As a child, I was very observant, developing a keen interest in people's faces and emotions early on. As a photographer and director, I’m so lucky to be able to call this amazing creative life - where I go to so many cool places and meet so many fantastic people - my job!"

Over the last 10 years, Petros has worked with some great creative talents on campaigns for Audi, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Hyundai, Renault, Fiat, Tourism New Zealand, Tourism NSW, Four Seasons Hotels, SBS World Movies and Greenpeace.

Represented by Catherine Collins Robert Wilson London

Amongst an action packed few months of celebrity shoots featuring the McCartneys, Venus Williams, Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, The Jacksons, Jenson Button, Ben Stokes and Tim Peake, Robert Wilson took time out over the summer with his family, visiting various festivals, and travelling by road through southern Spain and Morocco.

This evocative series ‘Summer Memories’ was mostly shot using a very old, fast lens, creating a feeling of warmth and accessibility.

For updates, follow Robert on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Robert is represented in London by Catherine Collins.

Stewart Cohen Pictures New York

SC Pictures is a production company featuring the work of Canadian born director/photographer Stewart Cohen. As a creative who specialises in lifestyle work, his company’s strengths lie in the ability to do live action and stills during the same production.

Stewart’s experience as a still photographer directing large groups of people made him a natural fit to jump into live action early in his career. His team’s goal are to produce content that requires a variety of media. They are known for seamless large productions where everyone has fun and the results are stellar. Whether for a hotel, airline or multi national food company, the productions are tight and exciting.

Recent clients have included The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, American Airlines, Gatorade and Neiman Marcus.

“It’s all about working with a director with a focused vision who surrounds himself with brilliant team members.”

Thomas Hart Shelby New York

Thomas Hart Shelby specialises in creating advertising and marketing content for the world's finest luxury brands, hotels, and resorts. He creates unique advertising concepts tailored to his clients' vision and brand.

Every photographer is “award winning”, but Thom’s clients will tell you the only award that matters is a successful campaign that increases revenue and recognition, and that is what he does. Clients such as Sands Venetian and Palazzo, Eau Palm Beach, Tryall Resort, Cliff House Resort, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Waldorf Astoria, The Cape Hotel, Blackstone Equity, American Express, Sonoma Cutrer and Jack Daniels all have utilised his vision to achieve just that.

Thom began his photographic career under renowned Geographic photographers, Dan Dry and Melissa Farlow. At 16 he spent the summer working in the NY studio of Sing-Si Schwartz documenting costumes for Martha Graham created by the young upstart fashion designer Halston. Through Halston, Thom met and began working for Andy Warhol both commercially and to document Andy and his entourage socially.

Tim Müller Berlin - New York - Cape Town

Global campaign photographer and director Tim Müller is based in Berlin, New York and Cape Town. In his authentic lifestyle and people shoots he is passionate about the perfect moment.

Tim captures professional talents as well as real people in the most genuine way for his worldwide campaigns and impressive image libraries for global brands. As a consequence, Lürzer’s Archive has selected Tim four times to be one of the 'Best 200 AD Photographers Worldwide' - 2012/13, 2014/15, 2016/17 and again in 2018/19.

He has worked for a range of international clients, from advertising to TV commercials, including Adidas, BASF, Beiersdorf, Unilever, Lilly, Barclays, Nestlé, P&G, McDonald's, Nescafé, Philips, Volkswagen, Qualcomm, Shire, Zeiss and many more.

Visit Tim's recently updated website to view his portfolio and also his new film projects.

Tony Pleavin London

Tony Pleavin has been a lifestyle photographer for over 12 years; in that time he has been making natural and believable images for the travel, leisure and tourism industry.

While Tony is based in the UK he works on commissions all over the world. He has produced engaging photographs for a wide range of clients including travel and leisure companies, cruise lines, and national and regional tourist boards.

Where possible Tony uses natural light to deliver believable and engaging images. He is comfortable working with and without models, alongside video crews, as part of a team, or solo.

Recent commissions included location shoots in Europe and the Indian Ocean for Fred.Olsen Cruises, in the UK for Haven Holidays, Warner Leisure Hotels and Visit Wales, and in Ireland for Tourism Ireland. Other clients include The National Trust, P&O Cruises, Visit Britain and James Villa Holidays.

Tyler Gourley Los Angeles

"Photography - that’s how I want to talk", Tyler Gourley confesses. It’s how he communicates.

While growing up, Tyler originally started taking photographs only as drawing resources. But he discovered that he reveled in finding the key attributes of a subject and featuring them in new and expressive ways, so he put down the pencil and picked up a camera.

His commercial photography career includes complex shoots for various brands and agencies, amonng them: American Express, Converse, Dickies, Harley Davidson, Powerade and Under Armour.