Brent Herrig New York

"Hello Creatives, finish this sentence: "My client ___________."

  • "Has a great vision";
  • "Has a specific style in mind for the brand";
  • "Wants a new and inspiring look";
  • "Must have appetite-appeal in their shots";
  • "Is difficult to work with"?

No matter how the sentence concludes, Brent Herrig can help you please your clients and achieve exactly what they're looking for, again and again. Brands including Food Network, Bailey's Irish Cream and Ketel One as well as cookbook publishers including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and The New York Times rely on Brent to capture their vision of food, drinks, portraits, and hospitality in the most collaborative, stress-free way possible.

What can Brent help you with? Contact him directly to talk about your next project."

Cade Martin New York - Los Angeles

The only child of a university art professor and freethinker mother, Cade Martin grew up surrounded by shapes and images. His love of art grew out of summer vacations filled with trips to galleries, museums, and art studios. At home he often found himself around the dinner table with an eclectic cast of characters—sculptors, writers, painters. They paraded through his childhood, shaping his art foundation and forming his appreciation for the candid beauty found in people from all walks of life. Cade’s been chasing characters ever since. He seeks out their stories—told through the architecture of their faces or the costumes they wear—whether he’s on a commercial production or setting up an Avedon-like photo booth at Comic-Con. They are the heroes in his pictures.

His thirst for capturing adventures took its hold while shooting stills on movie sets and then as a photographer for National Geographic covering the railways in India. And it is that sense of adventure that Cade brings to his productions, elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary with a cinematic touch. It’s not just a picture. He’s committed to the experience, building beautiful environments and, sometimes for his portraits, simply building trust.

A talented storyteller, Cade splits his time between the East and West Coasts creating images for editorial, advertising, fashion, and lifestyle clients.

Represented by Title Artist Management Chris Searl Sydney

Sydney-based director/photographer Chris Searl is renowned for his ability to capture moments in time that make you wish you were there. There is a perceived ‘realness’ which carries across both Chris’ motion and stills work which makes the viewer feel they are viewing a genuine experience. His connection to the talent is the key and this is abundantly clear in his work.

For this reason Chris is highly sought after globally by brands such as Levi’s and Corona, shooting motion and stills and additionally acting as Creative Director on the Corona brand in Australia.

Chris is also co-founder of Monster Children Magazine. Now with both Australian and US editions, the magazine has a focus on the subcultures of surfing, skating, art, music and photography.  This explains his continued connection to and understanding of youth brands.

When he manages to find a minute to himself, Chris can be found chasing his two kids around on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Clients include Corona, Levi’s, Coke, Coke Zero, Samsung, Wrangler, Nike, Budweisser, Kirin, Qantas, Le Coq Sportif, Volley, Bonds, Mossimo, Sony Music and many more.

Christof van der Walt Cape Town

Christof van der Walt is a Cape Town-based commercial photographer noted for his ability to adopt and adapt to diverse briefs across the spectrum of photography.

His most recent clients include Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Virgin Active and Nike.

Christof is most often found in nature, capturing its beauty to bring a client's brief to life, but is as comfortable in the studio as he is in the wild.

Living with his family in the beautiful Cape Peninsula, Christof shares his time off between his two sons and wife Adel.

Doron Ritter Budapest

Doron Ritter is a Budapest-based photographer & DOP. He is the youngest member of a well-known family of photographers. Digging up the roots of his family tree we can find several famous photographers from the past decades.

He has been leading endless advertising projects for major local and European agencies (e.g. Ogilvy, DDB, Publicis) and international brands (Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Ikea, Nespresso and many others).

He has polished his film cinematography skills on various TV channels (such as BBC), filming PR social videos & TV commercials.

A truly dynamic artist, he always finds time for art and community projects, exhibiting across the region.

Graham Tooby London

Working for many years crafting the art of photography, Graham Tooby is constantly striving for new ways to shoot and light. His new work has a fresh approach and is constantly evolving.

Graham has a belief that the old fashioned ways of shooting his photography and getting as much as possible in camera with lighting and composition is evident in both his personal and client work.

Fun and creativity go hand-in-hand, and Graham is always up for new challenges and is looking forward to a creative 2018.

Jan Brunclik Prague

Jan Brunclik has been working in the advertising industry for more than 20 years. His portfolio is very varied and involves many kinds of advertising photos. Jan's work includes people, cars, food, drinks, architecture and much more. He partners with large advertising agencies and multinationals as well as smaller companies.

His experience across many fields of advertising photography sets him apart from the competition. Most of today's advertisements go across different types and styles of photography; Jan's experience with these styles and categories makes him an ideal advertising photographer.

Jan's company offers its own production and post-production services.

Check out his website for a complete portfolio.

JD Forte Miami - New York

JD Forte is a fashion and portrait photographer with many commercial video directing credits to his name.

He works for fashion houses, international and national magazines, beauty companies, and luxury brands.

JD divides his time between Miami and New York City, and can always be found traveling with his side kick, Jude (Chihuahua).

Michael Grecco Los Angeles

Michael Grecco is an award-winning internationally renowned director and photographer of celebrity portraits, advertising and editorial commissions, private collections and fine art.

One of the most respected visual storytellers in the world, his conceptual vision and signature dramatic lighting create distinctive images that are evocative, sophisticated and comedic. Michael has shot portraits of the most recognized stars such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Will Ferrell and Penelope Cruz.

Known not only for his high-concept imagery and his ability to light like no other, Michael is also valued for his innate ability to connect with each subject to bring out surprising nuance and a conceptual twist that makes even the most recognisable faces intriguing and fresh. Thus he delivers on every aspect of his clients' vision, satisfying the most recognised brands including Apple, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Direct TV, and Pfizer.

Learn more about Michael by visiting his website.

Nick Hall Seattle - London

Nick Hall is a US and UK-based ‘big picture’ photographer and director. He is known for his panoramic, high definition landscapes and lifestyle images.

His career has seen him work on large-scale productions in the UK and abroad for clients including Canon, American Airlines and Citi Bank. His personal projects take him to the world’s rugged environments to document their impressive landscapes and the communities that live alongside them.

Nick’s captivating images have seen him feature in Luerzer's Archive's '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide', win an International Photography Award, and regularly appear in the PDN Photo Annual.

Roberto Pastrovicchio Photography Venice

Roberto Pastrovicchio is an award-winning advertising photographer living in Italy. A deep passion for minimalism and advanced lighting skills allow him to create the images that best suit the client’s brief across still life, interiors, portrait and landscape photography.

Roberto is at ease shooting high speed photography of hot Illy coffee splashing out of the cup in his studio, as well as shooting CGI backplates in gorgeous landscapes for clients like Maserati or Seat, always looking for a contemporary and sharply defined aesthetic. Selected clients include Illy, Conad, Fincantieri, Domori and Sadoch.

For more information about Rob, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Ryan Forbes Los Angeles

Ryan Forbes is an award-winning advertising photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Since graduating from Hallmark Institute of Photography, he has been working for the last 20+ years pursuing a career in creative photographic storytelling. Incorporating compositing and dynamic lighting into much of his work enables Ryan to take the images to another level, where the lines of reality and imagination are often blurred.

His creative vision and dramatic point of view has landed him jobs working with Cirque du Soleil, Taco Bell, Singapore Airlines, Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts, Peninsula Hotels, SLS Hotels, Live Nation, Equinox and more.

“I look at every job as a beautiful blank canvas to create something magical and memorable.”

Tippy Canoe Productions New York

"Tippy Canoe Productions is a full service print and motion production company specialising in fashion and commercial advertising. We service all corners of the globe with a very talented roster of vendors to help make every shoot a unique and enjoyable success from start to finish.

No matter where in the world your project takes you, we are there to make your shoot a success. The Tippy team’s special attention to detail from start to finish makes sure that each step is executed professionally. From conception to delivery, we are there every step of the way to make sure your deadlines, budgets and creative needs are all fulfilled and delivered seamlessly.

We partner with our sister company (when shooting locally or within driving distance of New York City) Camera Shy Supplies to make sure that all equipment on set is new, working and clean."

Urs Bigler Switzerland

Urs Bigler had an early insight into the world of photography, having been “brought up” in his father’s studio.

He is constantly looking for new challenges in his commercial and personal projects.

Urs’ diverse artistic style has ensured that he has been included in Lürzers Archive '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide' over recent years and nominated several times for the AOP Awards.