Capri Sun teamed up with Adrian Mueller to execute their global 2018 brand campaign and new packaging initiative. Each variety of drink required its own image series, which necessitated dedicated water explosion, tornado, wave and splash rigs.

Makoto Aoki and his expert team at SWELL Inc. collaborated with Adrian on the design and production of all water rigs for the Organic Juice, 100% Juice, Fruit & Veggie Blends, Fruit Refreshers and Roarin’ Waters brand varieties.

Expertly lit with high-speed strobes and laser triggering systems, Adrian and his team of food stylists, riggers, on-set retouchers and techs delivered 45 creative and visually stunning images. 16 days of shooting at Noho Productions left the tarps drenched and the client happy.

Known for his precise still life and liquids work, as well as his evocative food photography, Adrian has been working with ad agencies worldwide for the last 18 years.