Joerg Kritzer

Hamburg - Dusseldorf

Germany-based Joerg Kritzer has built an impressive portfolio of liquid and still life images, travelling and working for international companies all over Europe and the world. A recently finished 2018 campaign for P&G's VENUS shavers brought him once again deeply into the world of liquid photography, as well as collaboration with Ramazzotti and projects for The Coca-Cola Company.

Joerg's motivation is the technical and creative challenge of his special medium. He loves working with cosmetics and liquids, manipulating a product both artistically and technically to figure the unique aspects of each item and create a unique concept.

This passion has led him to explore moving images with stopmotion videos and his latest toy, a slomo cam to explore the very core of the splash. In the coming months, Joerg will be shooting campaigns for a number of brands and working on personal projects that will be published later this year.

Clients include a range of beverage and food brands such as EMMI of Switzerland, Veltins, Rama, Vio, Bacardi, Havana Club, Becks and Granini as well as many cosmetic clients like Nivea, Vichy, L'Oréal, Juvena and Shiseido.

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