Brent Herrig New York - Chicago

"Hello Creatives, finish this sentence: "My client ___________."

"Needs some unique cinemagraphs or great stop motion";

"Needs content that stands out and performs well";

"Needs everything!  Photos, video, stop motion and cinemagraphs all in the same shoot";

"Has no clue what a Cinemagraph is"?

No matter how the sentence concludes, Brent Herrig can help you please your clients and achieve exactly what they're looking for, again and again. Brands including Diageo, Moet Hennessy, Bon Appetit, to Food Network rely on Brent to capture their vision of food, drinks, portraits, and hospitality in the most collaborative, stress-free way possible.

What can Brent help you with? Contact him directly to talk about your next project."

Cinepix - Mario Sahe-Lacheante London

Mario Sahe-Lacheante’s cinemagraphs bring a mix of imagination and creative flair that combine into a unique approach to the cinemagraph market.

Whether for digital campaigns or social media, Mario’s motion-driven work never fails to bring new perspectives to brands.

Recent work include digital catalogue images for SEAT and the new Arona, and creating micro content and cinemagraphs for an Opera Mini digital ad campaign.

Mario is passionate about reimagining ideas and photography into motion-driven content like cinemagraphs, and challenging conventional norms in this field. His spare time is largely dedicated to personal projects that inform some of the ideas and creativity that he’s able to bring to commissions, from experimenting with trick photography to creative portraits.

Mario is seeking European representation.

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn New York

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn's passion for still life has been growing since she was a child. She is fascinated with form and texture and is influenced by Helmut Newton, Sarah Moon and Irving Penn.

Today, Gabriella is represented by Frank Parvis at i2i Photography and her work marries the descriptive with the mysterious as she shoots commercial and editorial projects for clients in the USA and Europe.

Her clients describe her work as being both feminine and bold. They include Calvin Klein​, InStyle​, ​Macy’s​, ​Martha Stewart Living​, Neutrogena​, Nordstrom​, ​O, The Oprah Magazine​, ​Ralph Lauren​, Target​, ​Victoria’s Secret​, W Magazine​ and Women’s Health.

Her main focus is on fragrance, cosmetics, jewellery, fashion and home accessories.

Giles Christopher London

A great testament to Giles and his work is the long-standing relationships he has with his clients, which include restaurants, hotels, chefs, bars and leading food & drink industry experts.

Cinemagraphs combine Giles' creative skills as a photographer, his experience in the film and TV industry to tell a story through moving images, and his love of all things technical, geeky and inovative.

Even if the client hasn't thought about having a cinemagraph, they usually have a couple to use by the end of the photo session, if Giles sees an opportunity.

Comfortable shooting on location or in his studio, Giles brings a wealth of experience and added value, his clients have come to enjoy and rely on his expertise.

See Giles' website for more information.

Represented by Horton-Stephens Photographers Agents Ilka & Franz London

Ilka & Franz are a German/Austrian photographer duo based in London. Their work blurs the lines between portraiture and still life and is often humorous with an unexpected twist. While their unmistakable use of colour is vibrant and bold, their conceptual undertones are often subtle and of child-like naivety. Ilka & Franz draw their inspiration from pop culture, kitsch and surrealism as they put a playful spin on the ordinary. The duo work on editorial and commercial commissions in the UK and abroad.

Ilka & Franz are represented by Horton-Stephens in London who also boast a strong moving image contingent on their sister site - hortonsshortuns.com. Check it out for more moving image, GIFs and cinemagraphs from their large roster of image makers.

Lucian McAfee Milwaukee

"My name is Lucian McAfee and I am a commercial still and motion photographer and director who adores people. I love collaboration, technical endeavors, and can uncover beauty in anything.

Working alone has so many rewards but it's exciting to assemble a team of outstanding people with diverse backgrounds to accomplish what none of us could do alone.

My commercial photography practice draws upon a long background in advertising and acting. I put forth great effort into the planning and preparation for a project so that when the camera is out of the bag, we may freely harness spontaneity and the inevitable magic of the moment.

Let’s make big plans, have a great time, and wrap with images better than we imagined, it’s so much fun!

Clients include ESPN, AT&T, Speed Stick, Bic Razors, Patron and Weber, among others."

Peter Hölzle Stuttgart

Peter Hölzle is an advertising photographer with a studio in Rutesheim, near Leonberg. In addition, he has been photographing business and incentive events on behalf of an insurance company in Stuttgart for over 12 years.

Five years ago, he started to create 360° product animations based on a customer request. From the outset, it was clear to him to specialise in medium-sized customers who require individual solutions - both with small products such as jewellery as well as with a 135kg, 2.5m-wide outdoor kitchen! The 360° area has been continuously enhanced by the display of sequences and the creation of virtual panoramas.

Virtual panoramas or tours give estate agents, for example, the opportunity to show their customers a first virtual impression of high-quality properties, but are also suitable for hotels, etc.

From 360° and VR, it was only a small step to 'Cinemagraphs, animated Gifs & Co'. Find out more about how Peter is using these different techniques here.

Represented by Horton-Stephens Photographers Agents Wilson Hennessy London

Wilson Hennessy is a globally renowned still life and automotive photographer who shoots regularly for clients in Europe and the USA. Recently, he has shot for HSBC, E.on, Vodafone and VW and regularly works with Gillette and John Lewis, as well as Wired, GQ and Audi magazine.

His colourful sets, attention to detail and technical abilities to light a subject put his work at the front of commercial still life photography.

Wilson is represented by Horton-Stephens in London who also boast a strong moving image contingent on their sister site - hortonsshortuns.com. Check it out for more moving image, GIFs and cinemagraphs from their large roster of image makers.