8183 Studio Kansas City

8183 is a collaborative commercial studio that aims to make the process of creating powerful images of products and people a pleasure. With a keen eye, attention to detail, precision lighting and retouching techniques, the studio helps stir emotions, tell stories and drive sales.

At 8183 Studio, the staff's ethos is as much a promise as a command. To deliver such undeniably captivating images requires not only the right focus and talents, but also the Midwest ethics of hard work and humble approachability.

These elements combined make the team very easy to work with - just ask recent clients including Dairy Queen, Noodle’s and Company, Boulevard Brewery, Tom’s Town Distillery, Ball Jar, AMC, Russell Stover and McDonald’s.

Andy Grimshaw London

Award winning photographer Andy Grimshaw specialises in food and drink photography from his central London studio.

His recent work portfolio includes the Cornetto global redesign and advertising, a new beer bottle design for Molson Coors, advertising for Courvoisier and redesign for Milka chocolate, to name but a few.

In April 2018, Andy won the 'Cream of the Crop' category in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards for his Green Bean shot.

Anthony J Rayburn Miami

Presentation, colours, composition, and ultimately the perception of the photographer are an alchemy in itself when it comes to photographing food and drink.

Anthony J Rayburn has frequented North Africa, the Caribbean, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Americas documenting places, spaces, and faces for various clients. However, no matter the destination, food was always the universal language. He learned that food needed to please much more than just the palette; it needed to please all the senses.

Hospitality photography being his niche, Anthony has photographed food and drinks for hotels, restaurants, and editorial clients around the world. His unique approach builds visuals that speak tell-tale exotic stories.

Claudia Link Photo Design Basel

Claudia Link‘s work includes recipe photography as well as the development of new image styles for food and drink photography. She mainly focuses on travel, portrait and lifestyle and has a graphic, clean look to her pictures that is simultaneously enriched and transformed by applying a subtle artistic influence.

Together with an experienced team of food stylists and others professionals, Claudia is well known for her clear view of things and clean style of photography.

She is based near to Basel and has a spacious studio with a fully equipped kitchen for big food productions, where she creates unique visual works alongside internationally renowned food stylists and hair and make-up artists.

Claudia love‘s travelling the world and has done some documentary travel photography for serveral magazines including Marmite Magazine, Fooby Magazine, SI Travel Magazine, Swiss Magazine and more.

Featured in this Spotlight is a selection of Claudia's recent work.

Duncan Loughrey London

Duncan Loughrey has been creating images for over thirty years, and has specialised in food and drink for the last ten.

With a wealth of experience, he creates eye-catching images for a wide variety of clients whether it be in the studio or on location.

Personal images in this Spotlight take inspiration from the art world and reflect his love of the minimal.

Visit Duncan’s website for more information.

Frank Weinert Frankfurt

Since 1994, Frank Weinert has worked as a commercial photographer in Frankfurt am Main. Although his early focus was on classical still life photography, his innate love for cooking and eating started to become more present throughout his career and merged with his experience as a photographer.

Together with a team of international food stylists, stylists and set builders, he manages to relate single components extraordinarily and creates a unique atmosphere in his work. Frank´s passion for food photography and the successful cooperation with his team always motivates him to go beyond, searching for something new.

Giulia Verdinelli London

Giulia Verdinelli is a London-based food and lifestyle photographer working with a variety of clients from editorial to advertising, and everything in between. She is committed to producing outstanding images that exceed expectations by combining colourful creativity, great attention to detail and technical proficiency.

In a friendly and cheerful environment, Giulia cooperates with a skilled team of food and prop stylists on a range of projects with advertising agencies, magazines, restaurants and brands. She is confident working in studio or on location to suit any brief, and finds motivation in new challenges.

Giulia has recently completed her latest work for regular client Food & Drink Guides and shot their biggest issue that explores the vibrant food scene in London. Other recent commissions include Lidl UK, Tesco and Michelin star chef Simon Rogan, to name a few.

Holly Pickering London

Holly Pickering is a London-based food, drink and lifestyle photographer, working for a range of clients from editorial to advertising. Although food and drink is always the focus of her photography, Holly’s work is all about people, textures, time spent together and capturing natural moments.

It’s been a busy 2018 so far for Holly. Alongside shooting for her regular food and drink clients, she has been working on a series of advertising shoots for Lurpak; the first campaign has just been released, promoting the launch of Lurpak Softest.

To view the rest of her food and drink folio please visit her updated website.

Holly is represented worldwide by agents Hancock & Handsome.

JENNIFER DAVICK New York - California

Jennifer Davick is a California and New York-based director and photographer for brands that seek to showcase food and culinary lifestyle photography and film that is vibrant, stylish, approachable and appetizing.

Her work explores the beauty-from-within of ingredients and reveals a portrait of implied lifestyle in the process. She is passionate about collaboration, remaining curious, mixing mediums and creating striking stories that feature food as the hero.

Recent clients include The Food Network, Imagine Soups, Aldi, Hillshire Farm, Lifeway Kefir and Electrolux.

Jim Franco New York

Jim Franco is a lifestyle photographer based in New York City and Chicago.

He has travelled the globe shooting imagery and video for clients including Condé Nast Traveler, Starwood Hotels, The Plaza Hotel, The Habita Hotel Group, Maison Kaiser, Aria Hotel, Apartment Therapy, Whole Foods Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Southern Living, Lexus Magazine, Condé Nast Traveller UK, People Magazine, Essence Magazine and other lifestyle and travel magazines and companies.

Karinehnyc Los Angeles - New York

Capturing the life-moment in every photograph, Karineh awakens the senses through her undeniable understanding of colour and texture.

Much like her personality, Karineh offers an uncompromising perfectionism to her clients while creating art with every click of the camera.

Her exuberant portfolio of work speaks for itself. After years of living in New York City, the intoxicating California sun persuaded Karineh to move to Los Angeles.

Today, she travels from coast to coast attending to her clients' needs.

Kevin Smith Chicago

photokevinsmith is a Chicago-based full service studio serving the best in food and beverage photography. Kevin’s studio is located in the vibrant Pilsen neighbourhood on the artsy lower west side.

A lover of travel, hiking, golf and donuts, Kevin is equally passionate about his craft. He loves the art of photography, collaborating with his studio team and client partners to get the best results on every project.

His spacious studio has all the creature comforts with many spaces to call one’s own, making it is easy for clients to catch up on their work, conduct meetings, or just think. And there is always great music playing!

Lemonnier Foto Lisbon

Lisbon-based Lemonnierfoto has been a food photography studio for over 20 years. Highly regarded in the Portuguese gastronomy industry, the studio has is publishing an increasing number of books and food magazines.

The concept is always original and carefully thought through with time and preparation. Although its main market is the Portuguese food industry, Lemonnierfoto is known for a global image concept that is very much up to date with the outside world and what is being created worldwide.

"Our long experience permits us to develop recipes and food concepts from and for all over the world. Lemonnierfoto is a creative studio where any food would love to be photographed."

Lenaka Geneva

Lena and Nicolas are an artistic photography duo whose roots are embedded in the fashion and glamour world. At one point in their career, they decided to join forces and create LenaKa, a food-fashion photographic studio specifically dedicated to the art of cooking.

Their images are not static but rather present food in motion, providing a peep into the world of food photography.

After three years of operations, the pair are now working with great names from the world of gastronomy such as Favarger Chocolate, Caviar House and Prunier, as well as several Michelin Star Chefs, five-star hotels and advertising companies.

Lett Studio Poland

Alice Kolodziej and Peter Maksymowicz would like to invite you to their wonderland, Lett Studio, where they create magical photographs. By photographing beverages, food and other merchandise, they successfully lure you into their world - always with a bit of magic, a pinch of charm, and a whole lot of professionalism.

They work both in Poland and abroad. Journies, long flights or connections do not make them anxious. Creating sensational photographs is what drives them, so they are always ready for action.

Satisfied customers come from countries all over the world, including the USA, Germany, Belgium and the UK to shoot brands such as Tullamore D.E.W. and Pernod Ricard.

Finesse, emotions and technical ability are masterfully combined. Alice and Peter know by heart all the spells needed to create a final, one-of-a-kind outcome.


Lisa Nieschlag, based in Germany, is a graphic designer and co-founder of Nieschlag + Wentrup, an award winning agency for communication design. She is also a best-selling cookbook author with several titles in print, and is co-founder of the popular food blog Liz & Jewels.

Lisa combines her love for food in her photography and her daily work as a graphic designer, but also teaches food styling and photography at the workshops she hosts throughout Germany. Lisa works with natural light and believes food should look delicious and natural.

In 2015, Lisa was the winner of the 'Non-documentary food film' category at the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards, and in 2017 made it on to the shortlist in the category 'Food Bloggers – Highly recommended'.

Lisa’s work has been featured in several magazines including Sweet Paul, flow, SweetDreams, Couch and Wienerin. Her next cookbooks are already in the making.

Metcalfe Lancaster Food & Drink London

Metcalfe Lancaster specialises in all things ‘food and drink’: "We have the biggest and best roster of photographers | filmmakers working on food and drink brands and campaigns, all in one place. You no longer need to spend hour upon hour searching out who to use across multiple sites, we’ve got everything and everyone you could possibly need here with us.

We don’t just shoot stuff on plates and in cups. We cover all genres including people, farming, preparing and eating food, still-life, location and collage. With this broad range of subject matter, styles and experience, we can match each budget and brief with exactly the right creative approach. Our purpose is to make your life easier.

We are: Rachel Lancaster | Julie Metcalfe | Rob Streeter | Mike English | Hilary Moore | Tal Silverman | Laura Knox | Will Heap | Tony Briscoe | Ryan Ball | Ben Gold | Simon Mooney | Gavin Kingcome | Carl Warner | Jeremy Baile | Rob White | Detail Films | David Munns | Tessa Traeger and Nadege Meriau.

For our own peace of mind we work with FoodCycle and Olio."

Ozlem Dinc London - Istanbul

Ozlem Dinc is a food and portrait photographer and director with nine years of experience working with famous executive chefs, luxury and 5 star hotel restaurants.

Having such a background helps her guide chefs and stylists to create beautiful final compositions for photos that make you want to eat. She shoots both in commercial and editorial format and uses her documentary production and marketing background to create inspiring stories around food.

Ozlem's local and international shoots and interviews were regularly published in Turkish Airline’s Skylife and Skylife Business magazines for four years. She is available for work in studio and on location and loves natural light to capture a real yet delicious look in her subject.

Ozlem is also experienced in celebrity portraits and storytelling. She is the co-founder of documentary production company Loyka Visual Arts, and works from her own studio in London serving clients from the UK and Turkey. She speaks French, English and Turkish.

Phil Sills London

"Hello, I'm Phil Sills. I’ve been shooting products all my career, however a speciality of mine is photographing drinks.

I can shoot your product in the studio or on location, or even mix the two up.  Creating moving pictures of drinks is a passion of mine and my vision is to align stills and movement as closely as possible in my workflow, offering you the client flexibility and choice.

Brands I have had the pleasure of working with recently are Bombay Gin, Tiger Beer, Jose Cuervo, Ribena, Lucozade, Guinness and Heineken.

Please get in contact and say hello!"

Represented by Fuze Reps Rob Fiocca Toronto

Toronto-based director / photographer Rob Fiocca has an exceptional eye for beauty. As one of the most sought after food and product directors and photographers, he has established himself as a well-respected artist on the leading edge of the commercial industry.

With a career that spans over 20 years, his creative and commercial work has garnered international awards and his reputation has kept his client list stocked with advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, JWT, and Havas Worldwide.

As a director, Rob applies his mastery of light and texture to memorable spots for clients such as McDonald’s, Kraft, Nestlé and Kellogg’s. His appreciation for the story of food and the poetry within the details has made this medium a natural translation of his unique vision. Both his motion and print work continues to exceed expectations, keeping him busy shooting at home and abroad.

When not shooting for clients, Rob’s love of travel to far flung places like South Africa and Iceland have allowed him to capture beautiful images that have been featured in galleries and private collections.

Souders Studios Denver

Rick Souders, owner of Souders Studios, has been shooting food and drinks for some of the world’s most well-known brands. Rick is an honors graduate of the Art Center College of Design and has been a part of many award-winning images.

Rick is truly known for the artful nature in which he captures food and beverage and that 'in-your-face' taste appeal. Using light, colour and texture as his palette, he creates amazing edible imagery. He is known as the “Mile High Food and Beverage Guy.” Souders Studios is based at the edge of the Rockies in Golden, Colorado and is celebrating 20 years this year!

The Souders Studios facilities include a commercial kitchen, two studios, five client lounges, three prop storage areas, and is super client friendly. The studios have helped transform many food and beverage brands into visual icons. Square Pixels is its award-winning retouching and digital compositing studio.

Visit the website, email Rick directly, or call 303-384-3128 for more information.

Studio Ballena Brussels

Studio Ballena is a high-end commercial photo studio in Belgium with two large fully equipped studios, one near Brussels and one between Brussels and Gent, as well as a professional team working both in studio or on location.

Offering a full service approach to clients including an in-house food and set stylist with an eye for detail and a large selection of tableware and set accessories, Studio Ballena is a valued partner for many brands and agencies. By always using the latest technologies and equipment, an edge in efficiency and quality is guaranteed for all projects.

Post-production work is taken care of by the team in a fully colour calibrated workflow from camera to print. They provide mouth-watering photography to food and drinks companies as well as brand and marketing agencies for use in advertising, packaging, social media and publishing to support marketing campaigns and branding.

Recent projects include some of the most delicious Belgian food specialties.

Thomas George New Delhi

"Why food?" A question Thomas George gets asked most of the time - why he chose to be a food and beverage photographer among so many other genres. The answer is, well, simple.

"A good meal is one of the most simple joys in life. It's the simple things that, more often than not, are the most complex to photograph." Thomas has a unique set of skills to interpret the sensation of a soulful meal and portray it through the medium of photography.

His pictures aim to carry the viewer through the aromas, the textures, the flavours and most importantly the memories that food weaves.

He is admired by his clients for his ability to translate their brand stories through powerful images. Having worked recently with McDonald's, KFC, Cargill Foods and Nestlé along with creative agencies like Bartle Bogle Hegarty, JWT, Lowe and M&C Saatchi, Thomas is widely trusted for his understanding of light and textures.

He is an ardent believer that knowledge fuels creativity and is always on the lookout for new advancements in technology to make better narratives.