Anya Dee Lithuania

Anya Dee is a fashion illustrator and artist who began developing her talents at a young age.

After a childhood immersed in the creative arts, as an adult her first successful steps were made in fashion photography. During her studies at the Vilnius Academy of Art, Faculty of Visual Design, Anya gained knowledge of styling and trained in professional make-up.

Eight years of research brought her to fashion illustration and an opportunity to find the balance between beauty, fashion and photography as a means of sharing a completely new vision with her audience.

Charis Tsevis Cyprus

Charis Tsevis is a Greek visual designer and artist whose work is known around the world for many years now. Tsevis became famous for the development and introduction of his own innovative techniques for digital mosaics.

International companies (Nike, Toyota, Coca-Cola), media (Wall Street Journal, Time and CNN), advertising companies (Leo Burnett Hong Kong, Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles and Publicis New York) are among his clients.

His work is used in advertising, visual communication and interior decoration. His projects decorate public and private spaces all over the world. Typical examples of these are the giant mural of the Golden Gate Bridge in the Delta Airlines VIP lounge at the San Francisco International Airport, the murals in the House of the United States Olympic team in Rio De Janeiro, the mosaics for Nike stores around the world and many more.

Charis' works can also be found in private collections or workplaces, dining and entertainment spaces.

Filipe Goulão Portugal

Filipe Goulão is passionate about visual arts. He started his career as an illustrator and sequential artist, gaining some notable awards. His journey has since passed through the study of Art History, traditional drawing, digital illustration and photography. He studied at Escola Especializada em Ensino Artístico António Arroio, Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa and Universidade Lusófona.

He has developed illustration projects for several companies, both in advertising and across editorial. Whenever possible, he shoots photos and videos for his personal archives and enjoyment.

JSR London

JSR Agency is a creative management agency globally representing a large roster of the best illustrators and animators. From character design to portraiture, typographic and infographics, hand drawn to Vector, their talents includes 3D illustration, pen and pencil, paper, screen print, and paper sculpture.

"We manage commissions in the advertising, brand, commercial and publishing sectors and would love to help you produce your next project. We can count CommArts typography and illustration winners, Lürzer's Archive '200 Best Illustrators and Packaging Designers' and Digital Arts ‘One’s to Watch' among our talented roster."

Get in touch to talk about how JSR can help, or to see one of the company's illustration portfolios. Call +44 (0)20 7228 6667 or visit the website.

Katrina Navasca Virginia

Katrina Navasca is a designer and illustrator. She finds inspiration in the ordinary and translates it into something that is playful, meaningful, and visually compelling.

Katrina now lives in Virginia Beach after recently graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Lemonia Ink (Alexa Barrera Torres) Colombia

"I’m a designer based in Colombia working in the field of illustration. My strength lies in how I approach every-day topics with my unique interpretation, catching the attention of people who enjoy my art. My style is a mix between subtlety and power, using the feminine figure with a contemporary twist.

I founded Lemonia in 2016 with the idea to express myself in a space that reflects my personality, as I have nothing to hide. My work is fresh with a harmonious colour palette. I’m able to produce a variety of artwork according to the field in which it is required. I feel comfortable in different areas: character design, editorials, events, campaigns or logos. Everything starts with a pencil and paper!"

Lizzie Mary Cullen London

Lizzie Mary Cullen is a multi award-winning illustrator, speaker and artist based in London. Graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2008, Lizzie’s work has been featured on the BBC, Huffington Post, The Independent, Glamour and more.

Her psycho-geographic maps and urban ink illustrations have been exhibited internationally in London, New York and Paris. In 2015, Lizzie created the international best-selling 'Magical' colouring book trilogy with Penguin Random House. The books are available in over 14 languages and are sold all over the world.

Pau Molas Barcelona

Pau Molas is a freelance illustrator with a graphic design background who loves exploring a wide range of visual paths and styles, looking for unique solutions to distinct challenges and targets. He has a bold knowledge of traditional and digital that he combines with a strong technique and accurate concepts.

The important thing for Pau is to find the best way to communicate and tell the story, regardless of the medium, which can be adapted to every specific client need. He specialises in contemporary portraits for advertising and fashion, and also enjoys playing with different custom-made lettering solutions.

His client list runs from big corporations to small businesses. His work has been featured in art books as well in online publications. In this selection of commercial and personal projects, Pau's versatility and adaptability to different subjects and media is evident, giving a high-end finished and personal touch.

Sergio Ingravalle Dusseldorf

Sergio Ingravalle is an award-winning illustrator and author who mixes traditional drawings and paintings with the possibilities of digital techniques. He creates dynamic illustrations and portraits which can be used in various ways including ads, editorials and product designs.

Sergio works with international clients such as Coca-Cola, FC Bayern Munich, Marvel, ESPN, Peugeot and more.

Art Director Munehito Sawada from ESPN Magazine says: "Sergio has amazed us with his extraordinary talent and creativity and also his consistent and timely communication skills. We are looking forward to collaborating with him again!"

Sergio's work has been honored by international recognition including Luerzer's Archive '200 Best Illustrators Worldwide' 16/17 and 18/19 editions, Communication Arts 'Award of Excellence', five times 3x3 Professional Show Winner, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and Freistil Book 2017. He recently published his first book '50 Mindshots.'

Stavros Damos Greece

Stavros Damos was born in Thessaloniki in 1977, where he also studied graphic design at AAS College of Art & Design. In recent years, his main professional activities and specialisation are focused on illustration.

His clients are primarily advertising agencies, publishing houses and magazines, in Greece and abroad.

He spends his free time in a continued creative quest for new ideas and techniques.

His love for the arts in general is what gives him strength and fuels his optimism for the future. He lives and works in Thessaloniki.