Cade Martin New York - Los Angeles

The only child of a university art professor and freethinker mother, Cade Martin grew up surrounded by shapes and images. His love of art grew out of summer vacations filled with trips to galleries, museums, and art studios. At home he often found himself around the dinner table with an eclectic cast of characters—sculptors, writers, painters. They paraded through his childhood, shaping his art foundation and forming his appreciation for the candid beauty found in people from all walks of life.

Cade has been chasing characters ever since. He seeks out their stories - told through the architecture of their faces or the costumes they wear - whether he’s on a commercial production or setting up an Avedon-like photo booth at Comic-Con. They are the heroes in his pictures.

His thirst for capturing adventures took its hold while shooting stills on movie sets and then as a photographer for National Geographic covering the railways in India. And it is that sense of adventure that Cade brings to his productions, elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary with a cinematic touch. It’s not just a picture. He’s committed to the experience, building beautiful environments and, sometimes for his portraits, simply building trust.

A talented storyteller, Cade splits his time between the East and West Coasts creating images for editorial, advertising, fashion, and lifestyle clients.

Cameron Studio Amsterdam

From early September until the end of November, Cameron Studio is in the Christmas spirit. Pre-production meetings with clients, briefings with the photo-teams, searching for the right props and accessories. Only then do the team begin shooting the Christmas breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the upcoming festivities.

In close collaboration with the design department and photo teams, the studio helps find the right look and feel for the new Christmas campaigns. For clients such as Heerlijk and Heerlijk, Dekamarkt and Dirk van den Broek, most of the images they shoot are recepies for food magazines and advertising.

The studio, located in Wormer, close to Amsterdam, is the perfect place for this kind of photo shoot. With a vast collection of crockery and other accessories in the prop room, stylists will always find something to complete the picture to make it feel more like Christmas.

The cooks who work on the recepies are well equiped in the professional kitchen next to the studio floor. And when everyone is still enjoying the last days of summer, at Cameron Studio the tree is already decorated! Golden cutlery and crystal glasses find their way to the set and rare seasonal ingredients come from specialised grocery stores and butchers.

Claudia Goetzelmann New York - San Francisco

Claudia Goetzelmann is a globe-trotting visual story-teller, equally at home creating unique images on the beaches of Brazil or on location in Moscow. A native German who has lived and worked in Africa and Asia, she currently splits her time between San Francisco and New York.

Her well-travelled perspective brings an experienced eye to luxury, fashion and lifestyle assignments in advertising, editorial and new media contexts. Claudia values people as much as places, and finds conceptualising and collaborating with clients and art directors to be an energizing aspect of her process.

Her approach is fun and forward-thinking, open minded and always embracing change. Claudia’s constantly questioning spirit drives her to deliver still and motion imagery that combines timeless creative vision with the narrative punch that today’s media platforms make possible.

Ian Boddy London

Ian Boddy is a kids fashion photographer. Based in London, he shoots for clients all over the world.

Ian is represented in the UK by Zara Ronchi.

Visit the website for more information about Ian and follow him on Instagram.

Jeff Harris New York

Cookies baking. Family gatherings. A fire in the hearth. Reindeer in a line. Santa reading his mail and watching elf porn!

Jeff Harris mines the rich photography and iconography of the holidays for his personal take on that special time of the year.

And yes, you might just know that elf!

Kalman & Pabst Photo Group Cleveland

Kalman & Pabst Photo Group (KP Photo) is a commercial photography and CGI studio located in Cleveland, Ohio. For 30 years, the studio has been creating beauty and community through award-winning food, product and lifestyle work for large regional and national brands. KP Photo is proud to collaborate with longstanding clients like Moen, Nestlé, Smucker’s, and more, and is touted as a visual brand driver.

Featured holiday projects include styled food and product photography for Smucker’s and Vitamix as well as conceptual holiday room scenes inspired by Scandinavia - all hand crafted by the KP Photo team and stylists.

Visit the website to view more work.

Karen Thomas London

Karen Thomas has just launched a new website.

Karen is a London-based food, drinks and still life photographer/director. Early in 2017 - after working two decades with some of the top names in food - Karen was excited to announce her signing with the prestigious agent, Horton-Stephens.

As a result of this new collaboration, Karen has worked on dynamic new ad campaigns for Sainsbury’s with Weiden and Kennedy, the soon-to-be-launched Lidl Christmas ad campaign with TBWA, and Dolmio ad campaigns with both AMV and JKR.

In addition to these new projects, Karen has continued her commitment to her long-time clients M&S and Waitrose, and her editorial shoots for Sainsbury’s magazine and Waitrose Kitchen. Recently, she has completed work on a ground-breaking new title from Renee Elliot, founder of Planet Organic: 'What To Eat and How To Eat It'.

Featured in this Spotlight are Christmas campaigns that Karen has shot for M&S, Waitrose and Lidl.

Will Heap London

Christmas started in July for Will this year, shooting all sorts of festive fun in the sweltering summer heat.

London-based and very much at home with food and drink photography, he can meet all your media requirements with bucketloads of creative energy.

With years of experience in the industry, he continues to grow, learn and keep up with the changing trends and demands of a modern workflow.

Visit his website for a true taste of his talent.

Yechiel Orgel New York

At Yechiel Orgel Photography, inanimate objects come to life in the presence of lighting, technique and angles. Where others may view a pair of shades as just a product, Yechiel chooses to find its subliminal value through his work.

Ever the self critic, he demands only the best when it comes to his deliverable talent, contributing his timeless imagery to a lifelong passion. He sees life even in the simplest of objects, expressing strong opinions about his insentient subjects. While Yechiel predominantly shoots at his Brooklyn studio, he often collaborates with trending stylists and goes to great lengths to perfect the lighting and background details, even for transient photo shoots and single products.

With clients such as Colangelo, Flexon Eyewear and Kung Fu Tea, Yechiel appreciates the challenge and diversified product range to which he’s exposed. More so, he makes quick friends with the unique products that enter his studio. They enter, confined in a box; yet they leave, photographed superstars.

In his own perspective: “Life is all around you. Family portraiture captures it via movement and interaction. Yet, still life photography possesses a unique form of artistry. One must be willing to experiment, perfect and have total conversations with a 4% alcohol flavored beer until the pixelated results make you taste the fizz on your tongue."

Still life photographer. Commercial photographer. Product whisperer!