Eye-catching /ˈʌɪˌkatʃɪŋ/
Adjective: Immediately appealing or noticeable.

For the last nine years, Andrés Calderon has been walking an outstanding creative path. Throughout his journey, he has discovered the transformation of the still image and the multiple alternatives presented by the poetic feel of movement itself.

With a highly defined style he has brought many ingredients into the equation and resolved many challenges within his projects. The results have become high-end visuals with a fun and striking, yet very simple touch that grabs anyone’s attention.

His portfolio features several international assignments from companies and brands such as Starbucks, Palmolive, Essie/L'Oréal, VMLY&R, Juan Valdéz, Nestlé, UberEats, Alpina, Homecenter, Sancho BBDO, Publicis, SYOU, Beckett Simonon and Notabag.

Join Andrés to discover a small excerpt of his mesmerizing way of bringing ideas to life - "your next project just might need these kinds of skills!"