Anatol Gottfried Barcelona - Berlin

Emphasising on its dynamics, Anatol is mastering the automotive world while enhancing it with his unique and refined style.

Colour, composition and precise control of light are a must in all Anatol's works. Besides that everything he tells never aims to miss a strong human component, "I never forget how important it is to talk about emotions and to draw them sparkling and sincere. The big challenge lies in the small details that together in the big picture tell original stories but always within human reach."

His latest projects are perfectly balancing lifestyle and automotive.

"Each time on set I feel so fortunate. Just loving the variety, diving into worlds I never have imagined to visit. So grateful being surrounded by amazing, creative people and together always trying to push the limits a little further."

Driven by passion, Anatol is always hungry for new adventures, right now he is available in Barcelona and throughout Spain, ready to rock your production!

Among his clients you will find Audi, Cupra, Mercedes-Benz, Seat and Volvo. For more work please check his website and follow him on Instagram.

Anthony Dias Los Angeles

Born and raised in Southern California, Anthony Dias grew up with strong family values and a wide range of artistic expression. These same values and artistry are exhibited in the respect and admiration Anthony shows towards his team and the work they create. Positivity, calmness, and resourcefulness are Anthony’s key attributes that provide a smooth and productive project, allowing the final results to reach incredible heights.

Anthony’s mastery of photography and video is where he shines, his skill and creativity in both studio and location as well as his passion to capture people, cars, and landscapes is what sets him apart from most shooters. Anthony’s colourful and clean style is represented throughout his imagery with a strong sense of humanity and life.

As each year passes, Anthony’s client list grows, including: Mercedes, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti, and many more.

Represented by Catherine Collins Anton Watts London - Los Angeles

In this full CGI Polestar1 project Anton collaborated with Curve Digital. The concept was to not only create a car in CG but to also create its environment. Anton supplied visual reference from Nordic locations, including tree types, islands, road shapes, and architectural designs.

One of the most important points was to create the correct type of light - Anton wanted to have the mist and mood of a Scandinavian morning. Curve approached this by experimenting with volumetric fog and various kinds of CG noise. This in combination with sun position generated the appropriate look.

Nick Limb, CEO of Curve said: "We loved the challenge of working on this project with Anton, and the beauty of using full CGI gave us the ability to control the light whilst retaining the delicacy of the mist/fog, which was essential for the final overall look and feel."

Follow Anton on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Anton is represented in London by Catherine Collins. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Brian Konoske Photography Los Angeles

Born and raised in Southern California, Brian Konoske grew up with a love of the outdoors. Now living in the Eastern Sierra and Southern Utah, it's that love of nature and the world around him that informs the authentic feel of his photography, and his dedication to creating real moments that are never overly manufactured is a hallmark of his pictures.

From an adventurous and spontaneous approach to life to an inspired palette for his imagery, Brian looks to the natural world for everything he creates, as well as a global world-view shaped by traveling the world from a very young age. From cars to candid human moments to a quiet landscape, Brian's ability to see beauty in real moments and in real time is a source of constant inspiration for crafting a look of distinction.

In addition to focusing on capturing a moment, Brian enjoys creating a fun vibe on set so people feel free to enjoy themselves; thus making the work feel warm, approachable, and fresh. 

Besides photography, he is passionate about woodworking, great design, architecture, travel and spending time good friends and family. He loves great food, animals and is always on the lookout for the perfect piece of furniture. 

His client list includes OnStar, Blue Cross Blue Shield, US Postal Service, Toyota, Acura, Subaru, Chevrolet, Honda, Renault, Chrysler, VW, Vans, California Avocado Commission, K2 Sports, Salomon, Imperial Barber Products and RESQ CO.

He's always game to catch a great sunrise in Helsinki, or go road tripping around Argentina, and is never without a camera to capture his adventures in work/life.

Bruce Jenkins New Zealand

With a reputation for capturing the grit, the raw and the passion all in one, Bruce Jenkins has been photographing cars and motorcycles for clients all over the world for the past three decades.

His experience at capturing the mood, the speed and the atmosphere is second to none. Bruce's knowledge of exquisite shoot locations throughout New Zealand and other parts of the world is just as enviable, he also makes great coffee.

Follow him as Bruce Jenkins on LinkedIn or on Instagram.

Christian Colmenero Madrid

Christian Colmenero has worked as an automotive photographer for more than 20 years, with clients such as Ferrari, Renault, VW, Mazda, and Nissan, and his own team of retouchers and CGI artists.

Christian is also the CEO of Zona IV Producciones and Prismatica Studios, one of the largest studios in Europe specialised in productions with cars.

Frederic Courbet Sydney - London

Represented by Reload&Co agency, Frederic's work is versatile but precise.

Working either in studio or location, Frederic along with his production team achieve the highest client expectations worldwide.

Jeff Ludes Photos Los Angeles

Times have quickly changed, but Jeff’s commitment remains the same: to prepare ahead and create the best shoot circumstances possible, then make some amazing images. Early in the year, Jeff and his team of two assistants, plus talent, spent a day in the California desert with Porsche’s latest 911. On this personal project, Jeff showed what can be accomplished with a skeleton crew, coming away with shots including car-to-car action and drone shots.

CGI projects also tend to lend themselves to a somewhat more compact team, with the car rendered digitally in post.  Here are a couple recent examples from projects for Nissan and Renault. With CGI shots, because the car isn’t real, Jeff finds it essential to keep all other aspects as real as possible, such as shooting a reference vehicle in place, and lighting it as they would on any other shoot.

Jeff’s production team has been working to implement protocols for working conscientiously and safely in this ’new normal’.  Both high-tech solutions such as live screen sharing, and simple things, like the use of masks, combine to make productions that are smart, effective, and produce great shots.

Lisa Linke Los Angeles

One of the projects Lisa photographed in 2020 was a personal shoot with the new BMW Z4 at the Bridge House in Los Angeles. This unique house, designed by Dan Brunn Architecture, was the perfect modern location to compliment the Z4´s stylish body lines. 

During the time quarantining at home Lisa went on occasional walks around her neighborhood in Venice Beach capturing a very different city, not the typical busy Venice vibe we are used to. 

The Porsche 911 Speedster Heritage Edition was another project Lisa captured for the manufacturer. This super rare 911 was later auctioned off as a benefit to raise funds to help fight the spread of Coronavirus.

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Malek Fayoumi UAE - Canada

Malek Fayoumi is an international photographer and videographer based in UAE and Canada, With over 10 years of experience in the commercial and editorial sectors, he is now translating his passion for everything with wheels into a real life career. With in-house equipment for photo shoot and film productions as well as post-production, Malek has built a reputation as an all-in-one solution.

Malek been recognised as one of top commercial/editorial automotive photographers in Dubai and the Middle East. His recent projects include: 2019 Ramadan campaigns for Lexus UAE and BMW Middle East, 2020 Nissan Patrol, Sunny and X-Trail digital library photos, this wide range portfolio helped him getting quickly  into the Canadian market and establish a good affairs with local dealers and regional manufactures offices, his Audi Q3 pics can be seen on Audi Canada website.

Top clients: Nissan Middle East, Toyota UAE, Porsche ME, BMW Middle East, Lexus UAE, BBC Topgear UK, Bentley UAE, and Aston Martin UAE.

Marius Krutschke Frankfurt

Marius Krutschke is based in Frankfurt, Germany, as a photographer specialised in automotive and with a passion for fascinating landscapes and extraordinary urban architecture.

During his recent project in California he went for a special shooting of Tesla cars downtown and into the suburbs of LA, as well as into the surrounding desert area. The black and white bring out the art of light-setting and generate a kind of nostalgia, a homage to the HP 5 appearance. A fascinating coincidence of look back and view in the future.

"The black & white gives me the opportunity to emphasise the character and the personality of the motif."

Check out and follow his Instagram and have a look at his website.

Marius is now represented in the US by Jay Rodan and in Italy by Opla Production.

Mike Cutler New York - Vermont

Mike Cutler is well versed in many genres of photography and video, but focuses on cars. He currently freelances for Roadshow, CNET’s online automotive channel.

The current situation has halted any travel work, which is totally understandable. Mike hopes everyone is staying home, staying healthy, and staying safe during this time. When it is appropriate, he looks forward to working with more brands, agencies, and magazines in the near future!

"You all stay well and be well."

WE! SHOOT IT Frankfurt - Munich

WE! SHOOT IT, Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon, present their work ‘CX-Ray’, that makes fashion and transportation melt, plus a new website.

A high fashion model from Miami, a car like from another planet, a completely down-to-earth location and good styling: these are the ingredients creative duo Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon had to present their new personal work ‘CX-Ray’ on Production Paradise.

“We just didn’t want to go down the same old beaten transportation track, but instead let the creative juices flow,” the two photographers tell Production Paradise. Of course, the two petrolheads need a car for the mission. The 1970s station wagon ‘from outer space’ in the form of a Citroen CX Break is precisely the right antagonist for male model Ray and the outfits styled by Melina Johannsen, with everything from a balloon silk tracksuit to sensitive vintage fashion or even a fine Cavalli jacket.

The two proudly announce that they are represented in the US by Jay Rodan.

In light of current events, the two have completely redesigned their website. You’ve got to see for yourself what all is new!

Yannick Brossard Paris

Yannick Brossard, born 1976 in Paris, began his career in the field of photography in 2001. Self-taught, he worked in a traditional film laboratory for two years, and witnessed the emergence of digital technologies in the professional world. These new technologies allow more flexibility and less bulky devices.

In 2003, he embarked on a trip to Argentina to develop his shooting capabilities and to discover Latin America. The meetings he made during this trip allowed him to work with great Argentinian photographers as an assistant and digital retoucher.

With his many experiences and references accumulated abroad, Yannick returned to France in 2006, and began freelance retouching. He worked mainly in fashion and advertising for Vogue, Numéro and Elle, among other prestigious brands.

Today, Yannick Brossard works mainly in the automotive sector producing catalogues, ads, press kits or commercial films. He completes his work with corporate and annual reports.

Yannick has a team that works alongside him in the realisation of films or in the retouching process.