Addict Studios Madrid

Addict Studios is an adaptable studio space and a top rental house that focuses on studio equipment and cameras. Located in the city center with over 700 m² of space, it is the largest studio in Madrid city center. 

They have two studios, one large and the other smaller that both have a cycloramas, a private work area for clients and a stylist area. The larger studio is fully equipped with a full bathroom with a shower as well as a hairwashing basin in the stylist area, and a large client or celebrity lounge area.

This versatile location has been used for fashion shows, TED talks, a product show room, and company seminars. They provide maximum support to professional photographers, agencies and magazines for their productions.

Perfect place to mount a video clip, advertising spot and even a photo shoot, it is a blank canvas that can be preped to suit any kind of event needs.

They have PhaseOne certified technicians and audiovisual technicians that are available to answer your questions about the equipment and space for a production.  

They offer 360º production services and can help with with anything from location permits to film in the centre to locating talent, and even catering.

Their latest work includes:

  • Rastreator, ad for the insurance company.
  • Gemeliers, “Tacones (Heels)” new music video.
  • Pantene Pro-V, advertising campaign for new product.
  • TGB, five promotional advertising commercials.
  • Glamour, three online videos.

Central Studios Shanghai

As Shanghai’s longest-running professional studio, Central Studios is the predominant photography studio conveniently located in the heart of Shanghai. Situated in a former sock factory, the raw industrial space spanning 1000m2 offers a blank canvas waiting to be transformed by your creative output.

"Our three distinct studios all have different features designed for maximum flexibility, including 5.2m ceilings, elevated client or VIP mezzanines, movable fixtures, and generous furniture. Having ground floor access makes it easy for deliveries and bump in.  Our luxurious VIP suite is always a favourite for special guests.

Studio 1 is our largest space with a cyclorama big enough to shoot cars.  An interconnecting doorway between Studio 1 and 2 allows multiple intricate build-outs with large crew access as well as trade shows, product launches, and large events. Studio 3 is a popular choice for smaller shoots, whether it be a beauty or fashion shoot.  

Recently, with the uptick in streaming, Central Studios has been a popular choice for luxury brands needing to host their live streaming events, with high-speed internet available.

Beyond our spaces, we have numerous other onsite services including in house equipment rentals post-production and a team of bilingual producers to assist with all your production needs.

Central Studios is the one-stop-shop for industry professionals, and we are always willing to answer any China-based production queries, giving you the answers you need."

DC Studios @ Photogroup Washington

Photographer Cade Martin found a way to beat the Covid-19 shutdown: he is in the studio creating virtual portraits. Clients can remain safe in their homes while he captures beautiful portraits. Using a webcam and his Sony mirrorless camera, Cade shoots images projected onto the cyclorama wall in studio B at DC Studios @Photogroup. Sometimes he shoots the actual monitor as well, creating one of a kind, artistic portraits. 

Studio B has a corner cyclorama wall that allows him to distort images on the curve. The windows in the studio have total black out shades as well, making the projections stronger against the white walls.  

Photographer – Cade Martin

Project – Virtual Portraits

Location – DC Studios @Photogroup

FGV Schmidle Munich - Berlin

"Like many in our industry, we are currently 100% available for our customers - our studio is also currently being booked and used - our cleaning service has appropriate hygiene training and can, therefore, meet all requirements - nevertheless, it is of course up to the tenant to carry this out and the meet requirements in each case ... But - we are prepared!"

Just minutes away from the centre of Munich, FGV Schmidle studios feature 700m² / 7,500 sq. ft. of workspace for transportation, still life, interior or fashion photography as well as film productions.

The studio can be divided and has a variety of technical equipment options next to one of Germany's top rental facilities for motion and still photography, offering the latest professional equipment. The studio features a catering area with open kitchen, restrooms, make-up, separate shower and wardrobe rooms as well as production offices.

The crew offers full-service support in terms of rental equipment, set decoration, catering and production services. The studio is equipped with green/blue screen and black curtains, with a height of 12m / 40ft. A traditional cyclorama covers the length of two studio walls measuring 29x24m / 95x79ft. and is equipped with 120 kW of dimmable cyc-lights.

Clients can also access WLAN Internet, phone and fax services and there is a modern alarm protection system, truck-sized doors and a large private parking area. A business hotel is also located next door.

Visit the website for more information.

Four Studios Communication Milan - Turin

Four Studios Communication is a "production boutique", with a strong and long experience in commercial, photo, and film production. We are able to propose and manage the production chain reducing costs but maintaining the highest standards in the quality of production.

In these difficult times of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented the containment measures indicated by the competent authorities, integrating them with the specifications indicated by our customers.

Therefore, we constantly monitor and apply the most recent provisions issued by the Italian Government, and we're putting in place all the safety and hygiene measures for the neutralisation of the risks deriving from Covid-19. All our staff are constantly trained to correctly apply the provisions contained in our Company Protocol.

We offer 5000m² of equipped workspace divided into four studios, offices, toolrooms, warehouses. Our structure, with well-distributed spaces, allows us to match more easily to the safety parameters and the distancing criteria between people as requested by the Health Ministry.

The studios and all our services are a support to help clients realise their communication projects; such as rental studio and equipment, skilled staff coordination, accommodation, design and creation of scenography, post-production, and more.

We can manage entire productions; among our most important clients, there are FCA, Unilever, Adidas, Juventus, P&G, Ferrero, Nike, Subway and Herbalife.

Visit the website to learn more about the company's services and studios.

Manhattan Studio Barcelona

Tuset Studios offers two stunning and modern studios and equipment rental: Manhattan and Aribau. Located in Barcelona city center, Tuset has 900m2 of studio rental space with car access. Aribau: 400m2 penthouse loft with 7m long x 4,5, width x 4m height cyclorama, and Manhattan: 500m2 ground floor industrial set with 11m long x 8m width x 7m height cyclorama.

The company provides a 24/7 premium full-service production with the latest equipment from top brands for all types of production both in-studio and on-location. It also provides you with everything you need for your production: catering, technical staff, assistants, transport, etc ...

Lastest productions in Tuset Studios: Stradivarius, Lottusse, Tuc Tuc, Doppia, Lefties, Harper’s Bazaar, C&A, Opium, etc.

"Visit our website for more information and see all the available equipment and prepare a personalised quote. Follow us on Instagram."

Paul O. Colliton Studio New York

Paul O. Colliton Studio is a unique penthouse location in the heart of Manhattan. Photographers love the location due to its five separate rooftops with 360° views of the city.  

The interior of the studio has 1500 square feet of space with nine-foot ceilings and windows to the south and west. If unusual interiors are required, the studio also has a water tank room, an elevator motor room, a back staircase and a balcony with a wrought iron railing.

The studio is fully equipped with backdrops and all of the grip that goes with them. Facilities include a large bathroom and shower, WiFi and client computer.

Street Studios London

"At Street Studios, we are East London’s most established studio complex, offering seven flexible spaces with daylight and blackout options.

After recently expanding the studios we can now offer a fully fitted shoot kitchen in Studio 5A. For any larger food shoots, you can use the studio with Studio 5 using the newly installed large interconnecting doors. We have also been busy renovating our infinity coves in our daylight studio 1 and 2 for your next shoot.

At the heart of everything we do is great customer service, built on the philosophy that if we can make something possible, then we will. We offer a comprehensive range of lighting and delicious catering to ensure you have a successful shoot."

Sunbeam Studios London

"We manage our eco-measures through our 'Eight steps of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rehome, Recycle, Replace, Rot and Respect'.

By shooting with us, clients facilitate our sustainability measures and productions here become even more sustainable.

We can also assist businesses within photo, film, fashion and events industries with furthering their sustainability.

Find out more here. Thank you for your interest in our green side!"

The Loft Studio Barcelona

The Loft Studio is a fully creative company that offers a wide variety of services in professional photo & video production.

The studios have more than 120m2 dedicated to full production services, plus: cyclorama, waiting room, hair & make up stations, lounge area (with water, coffee and tea), 600 MBs wifi (optic fibre), 10kW electrical power, a 10x11m space with 6m high ceilings (gable roofs).

The Loft Studio is next to Marina metro station and tram lines; 500 m away from the beach and 10 minute walk to Barcelona’s city center, with parking area, loading zones, lift/forklift.

The studios can hold photography, video and casting sessions, workshops for photography, retouching, make up, and other events such as presentations, exhibitions, showrooms, etc.

The team includes photographers (advertising, fashion, portraits, still life/product, architecture, events, reportage), camera operators, cinematographers, sound technicians, lighting and digital assistants, and they can provide all kinds of equipment, such as a projector, lighting, a big table for still life shoots, portable lighting kit with batteries for exteriors, continuous lighting kit, cameras, optics and laptops, accessories for photo & video, etc.

Services include digital retouching, video editorials, making of, video editing, casting, styling, make up & hair and catering.

The studio offers special promotion packs, contact the team for more info.

Waat Studio Porto

Located in Porto, WAAT Studio provides professional photo equipment rental for in-house as well as on-location shoots.

''We want our customers to access top-class, recognised brands, increasing reliability and therefore success with their rental experience. We believe that effective partnerships enhance development, success and experiences - that is why we are a Profoto listed rental house and host workshops and product launches with specific brands.

When our customers also need video equipment we easily address their requests by working together with specialised partners.

Our rental studio is filled with natural daylight along with all the in-house solutions and facilities for a great production experience, as well as other photo services that may be of need.

We want to create value. We want to provide amazing experiences. We are WAAT Studio."