Chris Frazer Smith London

"During lockdown I have been reactive and have now shot 50 plus portraits in my local community. I am continuing to shoot more, having discovered that inspiration and the exotic can be right on your doorstep.

I have directed a short dance film on location in the UK, and look forward to this years AOP Awards where I am a finalist with a non-commissioned portrait. I am near to completing  principal photography on 'Bike Club' my next documentary looking at a local cycle club.

My short film, 'Tommy The Portrait Of A Sculptor', was shot over an 18-month period - this short documentary was completed in February 2019 and has since had great film festival success that has up until now, the summer of 2020, remained solely for film festival entires."

Felix Reed Italy

Felix Reed is a people and lifestyle photographer based in Milan. His work has received many international awards, and among them the prestigious inclusion in the 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide by Lüerzer's Archive for the 2020.

Recently, Felix had the pleasure to work with different clients and agencies, including Costa Cruises, DolciADV, Domitys, Nestlé, Publicis, Range Rover, UBER, VISA and many others.

Besides his commissioned work, he works on personal projects that often bring him abroad, like the long term ongoing project “Cublanco”, in which he portrays Cuban people in black and white.

Felix is represented in Italy by Sfera Production and in India by Qench. Feel free to visit his website and get in touch for your upcoming shoot.

Ian & Erick Australia

Born in Mauritius, Ian and Erick found their passion for photography around the water and have since travelled across the world capturing amazing lifestyle, portraiture and action sport photographs.

With their love for the craft they experiment with all sorts of cameras and lenses to get the job done properly. From large format cameras to water housing and 600mm lenses - all in the quest for impeccable images.

Ian and Erick love taking photographs of the youth culture, the cool people and the people with character. As Ian describes it, “A great picture is a great team of people working together.” Their photos are all about great composition and clever lighting.

Clients include The Works, M&C Saatchi, Host, JWT, Cummins & Partners and others. 

They have worked on ad campaigns including Wild Turkey, Bolle Sunglasses, Sky Vodka, RAC, Red Bull, Decathlon, Rip Curl, Bankwest, Lululemon, Shell, Hurley and Woodside

Their photos have appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, Free Sport (France), Action Asia, Tiger Airways Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. Ian and Erick also shot the summer campaign for CommBank in Australia, Toyota and the Olympic Channel.

James Braund Australia

James Braund enjoys creating imagery for brands. He doesn't miss the darkroom, and wasn't given a box brownie.

Jonathan Barkat New York

Jonathan Barkat grew up along the shore in Cape May at the southern tip of New Jersey. Many moments were spent watching as the light moved across the ocean, dunes, and wetlands as well as amusement piers, beach hotels, boardwalks, and seaside attractions. The atmosphere and mood of the area played a large part in shaping how he sees the world and continued to be an influence as he turned the camera to the people around him. Though he started taking photographs in high school, he spent the first part of college focusing on painting and drawing before turning again to photography. This background, along with his love of evocative light, informs his work and approach to image making. 

Jonathan has always been drawn to portraiture. From studio shots with carefully considered lighting to environmental portraits that evoke a sense of time and place, his approach pairs his lighting skills and understanding with a desire to create thoughtful portraits with emotional impact.

Jonathan works with advertising, book publishing, and editorial clients, and has been recognized by Communication Arts, Photo District News, The Society of Publication Designers, and the International Photography Awards. He thoroughly enjoys the collaborative process and working with a wide range of clients to bring his visual voice to an assignment. In addition to commissioned work he spends as much time as possible shooting personal images. 

When not shooting or working out new productions with clients, he can often be found riding around his local mountain bike trails. And if you ever want to come along he’s pretty sure he knows where to find an extra bike.

Lucho Vidales Spain - Germany

Lucho Vidales is a photographer and director working worldwide, blurring the lines between editorial and advertising photography.

From the beginning of his career, he has repeatedly taken part in fast-paced productions which often involve renowned personalities.

He strives to bring great energy on set and making sure whoever is on the other side of his lens has a great time.

Lucho enjoys being involved in the creative process as much as possible.

Clients include: Adidas, Adidas Originals, Under Armour, New York Times, Hypebeast, SoccerBible, Freeletics, Red Bull, Team Messi, Neymar Jr Sports, McDavid.

Features include: New York Times, T-Magazine, T-Magazine China, Red Bulletin, Die Zeit, Hypebeast, SoccerBible.

Matt Marcus Scotland - UK

Matt Marcus is a photographer specialising in portraiture, lifestyle, commercial and fashion, working with a wide variety of subjects, brands and creative agencies. 

Born and bred in Scotland, Matt’s studio is based in Glasgow and he travels throughout the UK for commissions. 

Matt’s enthusiasm on-set for creating strong connections with his clients and subjects allows him to produce impactful imagery that is both emotionally and energetically driven, whilst also bringing the client’s vision to life.

Clients include: Dow Jones & Co, Penguin Random House, Hay House Publishing, Design House London, STV, Bailley Gifford & Co, and more.

Michael Leckie London

The six months before lockdown had seen Michael photograph some of the biggest icons in the world, from Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood to Harry Styles and Sir David Attenborough. Travelling internationally for cover shoots with Antonio Banderas and still finding time to do some personal work.

Lockdown during the pandemic has brought its own challenges for everyone. Michael tried to stay busy and creative by having fun with some personal projects for Instagram. Being as positive as always, Michael is looking forward to what might be in store for the rest of 2020, with the difficulties we all face in the next year there is still the ability to create and produce stunning work.

Michael is currently looking for international and European representation.

Represented by JSR Perou London

PEROU has shot some of the most iconic names in music, sports, fashion and film. Based in London, working worldwide, PEROU is a camera eye for hire, a creative director and director, and one of the most recognised celebrity photographers. He followed Marilyn Manson on a world tour and directed the award winning rockumentary. Perou recently released Manson + Perou: 21 Years In Hell, taking fans on a journey from the late 90s to today.

PEROU’s talent has led him to photograph for some of the world's super-brands and celebrities, actors and musicians and has photographed advertising campaigns for the likes of Adidas, Pearl Drops, Benetton, Reebok, Investec and Nair.

He regularly gets commissioned to photograph fashion legends and editorial features for Vanity Fair, The Guardian, GQ, Dazed and Confused and Esquire.

See more of his work here.

Ralf Tooten Bangkok

Ralf Tooten started his career as a still photographer on the sets of Germany’s modern cinema classics such as Oscar-winning 'The Tin Drum' and is the winner of the prestigious Hasselblad Master Award in Goteborg, Sweden in 2003.

He has focused on architecture, portrait and landscape photography throughout his career. For his highly acclaimed 'Eye of Wisdom' project, he travelled for six years to portray the inner realms of spiritual practitioners and leaders around the world, capturing their auras as much as their visions.

As a result, the pharma industry discovered Tooten’s portrait skill and trusted him with a worldwide awareness campaign.

Sam Thies Australia

Sam is a passionate storyteller and has been creating engaging imagery for his clients for over 20 years.

With production experience in both stills and motion he has successfully delivered campaigns throughout Australia and across the globe. His passion for adventure and the environment has taken him to the tops of mountains and the bottom of the seas, but he is just as comfortable in the studio or wherever the project demands.

Sam likes to work closely with the client and creative team to understand the visual direction to deliver the most suitable narrative for the brand.

He has produced work throughout Australia, Asia, The South Pacific, and the UK, and across advertising, travel, documentary, lifestyle, and portraiture.

His more formative works focus on documentary portraiture that explore the evolution of culture.

Represented by JSR Simon Stock London

Simon Stock is a London-based, award-winning photographer and director who is well known for his epic landscapes and automotive imagery. He is regularly featured in Luerzer's Archive '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’.

Recently, Simon has been working with gigapixel technology to create some of the world's largest images.

His latest projects range from the world’s largest car photograph for Bentley, to the ground-breaking gigapixel beauty portraiture. The images open up a whole new way of looking at the world with their ability to zoom in and explore the incredible detail.

Clients include Ferrari, BASF, Porsche, BMW, HSBC, ITV, Ram Trucks and Abu Dhabi Tourism to name a few.

See more of his work here.

Represented by JSR Stuart McClymont London

A photographer of immense style and grace, Stuart McClymont captures his subjects almost like a Renaissance portrait painter, carefully adjusting lighting and pose in order to create a strength and power in every image.

A character himself, he has extensive experience in portrait and fashion photography. His passion for photography is perfectly complimented by his incredible technical knowledge; his love for his work shows in his images and every shoot is a pleasure. 

A favourite of celebrities, brands and style magazines, Stuart ensures that every subject and image looks wonderful whilst maintaining an essential truth.

Stuart has built up an impressive commercial portfolio, shooting advertising campaigns for a broad spectrum of clients including his latest global campaign for Panasonic Lumix, Nike, Sony, Honda, Sky, Expresso Telecom, EasyJet, Remington, Police, Ralph Lauren, MTN, AA and Nokia.

See more of his work here.