Andy Grimshaw London

London-based photographer Andy Grimshaw specialises in food, drink and still life photography. He works out of his own central London studio with fully equipped kitchen.

Andy works with an experienced team of freelance home economists, assistants, prop stylists and retouchers. This enables him to put together a specialist team for any and all your photo shoot requirements.

Having his own studio with a large internal space means that Andy is able to work around the challenges of Covid-19 and can social distance whilst having clients at a shoot with two bathrooms for regular hand washing and hand sanitiser available at all times. This gives you the peace of mind that you are able to attend a shoot but remain safe.

Since returning to work at the studio after a short period shooting at home, Andy has been busy with a Cadbury's shoot, Heinz Bull's-Eye Sauces, Green & Black's chocolate and continuing with the Old El Paso rebrand.

If you have any projects you’d like to discuss with Andy, please call him on +44 207 267 7600.

Colin Campbell London

Colin Campbell is an award-winning London food photographer. Before venturing into the world of food, Colin’s background was in still life photography. This shines through in his detailed, colourful style and considered lighting.

The end of summer has been exceptionally hectic shooting many new and continuing advertising projects including Sainsbury's, Baxters, Waitrose and Campo Viejo.

Colin’s fantastic studio by the canal in Haggerston has been a great asset during these difficult times. Fully set up with separate rooms and live feeds, shooting can continue smoothly whilst adhering to guidelines.

We are also fully equipped for moving image projects, including editing and grading.

Colin is represented by Gill Turner.

Corina Daniela Obertas Italy

Corina Daniela Obertas is a food and drink photographer in Rome, who realises photographic services throughout Italy and abroad. She is working together with a team of creatives and taking pictures of food for packaging, magazine articles, cookbooks, and advertising. She offers a professional service that focuses on quality by capturing the beauty of food with expressive shots of sure impact capable of enhancing the products. 

Corina worked directly with local clients but in the past months she started her collaboration with agencies in Rome and London. Recently Corina has just been invited to participate in a new editorial project aimed at rediscovering ancient regional foods and flavours of Lazio and is in negotiations to create a book related to this project.

Dieter Brasch Vienna

"The corona pandemic has presented new challenges to all of us and it is now important to find the right path that will take us further into the future and allow us to work successfully.

I dedicated myself to photography many years ago and I will continue to adhere to my work philosophies and implement ideas into my work because it's of great importance to me.

As a creative, I've always been familiar with the benefits of technology, trusted and used the digital possibilities as a means of communication with customers all over the world. Therefore I have been able to work regardless of the distance. Despite any situation, I believe in always finding a good solution."

Dominic Episcopo Philadelphia

Dominic emerged onto the photography scene and began cultivating his craft. He soon gained international recognition as a pioneer of the food and lifestyle movement, unabashedly willing to push boundaries and “play with his food” as any good rock n’ roller would. His iconic book 'Meat America' is a testament to this unique style and voice.

His most recent work can be found in a wide range of campaign advertising for global brands; cookbooks and culinary editorial publications; web commerce; fashion; and the private collections of notable contemporary collectors.

Dominic currently resides in Philadelphia where he operates a fully equipped photography and film studio in his converted, historic 15,000 square foot property. When he is not behind the camera you will find him in the kitchen, on a yoga mat or out shopping 45’s for his beloved jukebox collection.

To read more about Episcopo Studios, visit his website

Duncan Loughrey London

With a wealth of experience, Duncan Loughrey has a keen eye for detail, is technically adept, and thrives on a bit of problem solving.

An expert at retouching too, Duncan likes to keep most post-production work in-house, allowing complete control through all stages of the image making process.

Happy to shoot in studio or on location, Duncan undertakes every shoot in an enthusiastic, professional and friendly manner.

Georgia Glynn Smith London

London-based photographer and commercial director Georgia Glynn Smith specialises in food, drink and still life, lifestyle photography and directs mouthwatering commercials. Georgia has a unique ability to truly understand how to read, respond and if helpful even build a brief with her strong eye-catching graphic eye.

She has spent a lot of Covid times helping brands get back on their feet with the use of Instagram and content imagery. 

She owns and runs the amazing N5Studios which has three kitchens and stunning location, so she is able to work around the challenges of Covid-19 and can social distance whilst having clients at a shoot, with two bathrooms for regular hand washing and hand sanitiser available at all times. This gives you the peace of mind that you are able to attend a shoot but remain safe. 

Georgia has developed a unique approach to food photography creating stunning images you truly want to eat.

With over 30 years of experience, over 90 books under her belt  and a long list of impressive clients, she knows a thing or two about food. From shooting for Vogue with Nigella for many years, then onto Gordon and more recently Mary B, she combines her passion for food, people, laughter and photography to create striking personal work resulting in interesting and beautiful commissions, in editorial and advertising. Working closely with amazing food stylists, achieving shots in camera where possible, she meets her own and therefore her clients' highest expectations. If you want your food packaging to stand out, she is your lady. 

Check out her extensive website to see all of her work.

Georgiadis Theodosis Greece

"We create magic – it's not only about combining the essential ingredients, but also about how we mix them: your brief, our numerous props and settings, our hi-tech photographic equipment and techniques and exactly the right amount (and perfect kind) of light.

The result? The magic to make your food story casts its spell."

Giorgio Cravero Italy

With 20 wars of experience as a still life photographer, Giorgio Cravero loves to take care of every detail in any project, starting with the creativity. The dedicated post-production team complete and enhance his vision, the post-production team completes its vision by making sure until the end that the customers' needs are met, and in the right time.

The personal search for beauty has pushed him over the years to work with the largest agencies and clients both in Italy and abroad, managing the most demanding productions thanks to the experience and the ability to foresee and solve the problems that inevitably arise on each set.

Joe Pellegrini Chicago

One rarely goes a day without seeing Chicago photographer Joe Pellegrini’s work in store windows, magazines, catalogues, cookbooks or cereal boxes.

For over two decades, Joe has been an industry leader in product and food photography. Also an accomplished painter, he has brought his artistic sensibilities to national campaigns for Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Tyson and Ziploc and for the past 11 years has shot virtually all of Subway’s national and international print and outdoor ads as well their in-store displays.

Unflappable, Joe has made a career delivering memorable imagery with the utmost professionalism for products ranging from Scrubbing Bubbles to Jim Beam.

Shoot days find his studio abuzz with clients snacking on mini candy bars while Joe and his group of top food stylists, special FX and digital technicians descend on every shot with a practiced efficiency and provide proven success.

Kai Schwabe Bremen

This time Kai shows a mix of works, of course Covid 19 cannot be left unmentioned at this strange time.

Kai Schwabe's work includes recipe photography and recipe development, food and drink photography, food films and packaging as well as other promotional materials. Together with an experienced team of food stylists and other professionals, Kai is able to combine sophisticated craft with artistic aesthetics and the latest trends.

Kai is happy about the support from Production Paradise and has felt in good hands there for 10 years.

Katrin Winner Munich

After completing her training as a media designer, Katrin Winner went to Nuremberg to study Graphic Design and Photography.

She found her professional fulfillment by combining her passion for good food with her artistic creativity and has since worked as a food photographer.

Because of the farm her parents own and working there with them over the years, she knows exactly how much hard work and energy it takes to produce fresh and organic food, so she‘s always eager to work sustainably.

During her studies Katrin gained experience at well-known food photography studios in Hamburg and Munich. After five years as a photographer, she decided in the beginning of 2018 to set up her own studio for food and still-life-photography in Munich.

Kevin Smith Chicago

"At photokevinsmith, we are committed to creating striking visual stories that feature food and beverages as the hero. Crafted through still and motion photography, we create visuals that are stylish, vibrant, graphic and mouth-wateringly appetizing.

Our work highlights the beauty within the ingredients elevating your brand beyond expectations. We’d love to collaborate with you (virtually) on your next project!"

Kris Kirkham London

"Simply create, capture and inspire: Images in this Spotlight have been selected from Sabrina Ghayour’s new book 'Simply'.

I’m all about making the everyday special. Sabrina’s book does just that; It’s full of delicious food that can be enjoyed with a minimum of fuss.

A lot of us are still stuck at home, let’s make your everyday special by giving a bit of time yourself and to your meals. Hopefully these images will inspire you to do just that.

Get in touch with me to see how I can help you and your clients make everyday special."

Metcalfe Lancaster Food & Drink London

"This is us.

We are a collection of photographers/film-makers, producers and stylists specialising in food & drink content. We offer an eclectic choice of talent for every brief.

Every artist we work with is brilliant at what they do and all are super nice to work with.

Our mantra is on time, on budget and drama-free."

Recent clients include: VCCP | Green & Black’s, VCCP | Cadbury, Engine | WarbutonsWundermann Johnson | Grolsch, Bray Leiono | Milk & More, Hey Human | Smirnoff, Isobel | Caffe Nero, Karmarama | Lidl.

Please contact Julie Metcalfe to chat through your brief or call her on +44 07778 331771.

Metcalfe Lancaster are members of The AOP and Photo Agents London.

Represented by Style Department Sam Stowell London

Sam's unique style and eye for intricate detail and passion for meticulous lighting help him to transform any brief into powerful imageries. His determination to translate art directors’ concepts earns him strong working relationships with creatives, clients, stylists, set builders and retouchers and all those who work with him to deliver amazing results.

Sam has an excellent grounding in the use of large, medium and small format cameras. He uses both artificial and natural light, and he has a beautiful fully equipped studio in west London with kitchen and parking. Over the years, Sam has built up his strong client list centred on food and drink.

Get in touch with your brief!

Have a look at Sam's work on his website, and contact Style Department for more details and commercial commissions.

Sam's clients: AMV BBDO, Asda, Boots, Boursin, Cancer Research, TMW, Tesco, Elmwood Design, Forte Group, Higgedy Pies, Harvester, JWT, Pearl Fisher, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, Pizza Express, Jamie Oliver, The Sunday Times, La Fromagerie, Kiwi & Pom, House & Garden, Falcon Enamel Ware, Leon Restaurants, Ole & Steen and Waitrose.

Scott Grummett London

Food and drink is at the heart of Scott Grummett’s work. Whether it be a macro studio project or shooting loose documentary the aim is always to make you hungry. Working as both a stills photographer and motion director Scott has shot for most of the world's biggest food brands including Snickers, Heinz, Subway, Cadbury, McDonald's and Lurpak

Scott is shooting safely in the UK and internationally again with representation and production facilities worldwide. Some of his most recent work was shot in Italy for family steakhouse Roadhouse. He has also been shooting coffee roasters Bohemia, mustard kings Maille and a huge world of Christmas amongst other things

The aim is always to keep stress low and work with a budget to deliver the most handsome and mouth watering images for you. Be it on location, in the studio or even contactless they will deliver delicious safely.

Stephen Hamilton Chicago

Stephen has grown his photography business into a full-service production company. Stephen Hamilton Productions combines his talents with those of an on-staff producer and editor as well as a roster of skilled photographers.

"We’re also proud to deliver seamless remote shoots to better serve our North American and international clients."

Stephen's stylistic intention is showing food as simple, delicious and most importantly, real! He is always pushing the envelope for honest authentic imagery where taste appeal is heightened: where nutritious and delicious are synonymous.

STUDIO_M Amsterdam

STUDIO_M is an Amsterdam-based photo studio specialising in food and drinks photography. The team, consisting of Olivier Mul and Wimer Meijer, has been mastering its video skills in the past few years, making STUDIO_M a one-stop-shop for all food related campaigns. 

With a network of food stylist, stylists, recipe writers, a spacious studio and their own post production facilities, they’re equipped to take on your project from beginning to end.

Fortunately they have been quite busy during the corona crisis creating very diverse video content for, among others, Kanzi Apples, JDE Coffee and the new Dr. Oetker packaging designs.

A small selection of these recent projects are showcased here, and there’s a lot more mouthwatering stuff on their website.

Drop them a line or give them a call if you’re looking for a reliable partner to make your new food project look beautiful and attractive.

Terry Benson London

Terry Benson specialises in food and drink, lifestyle photography, as well as covering still life and portraits on a regular basis. Based in central London by Farringdon station, his studio is well equipped and very spacious making it ideal for any shoot with large kitchen, make up room, and extensive lighting on site.

Terry has worked on editorial, packaging and advertising projects for a large range of clients. His passion for food and working with people is second only to photography, creating images that best reflect the brief and subject. This has seen him deliver on point images for clients such as Knorr, Heinz, Thorntons, Tesco, Asda, Carte D’Or, and Favourbrook.