Internationally published photographer Dorit Thies, born and raised in Germany, is known for her highly styled and carefully produced iconic images in the beauty, hair and wellness industries, has expanded her repertoire. 

 "All things beauty is what I do", she says, "like most of us I had a lot of extra time during the pandemic and I was lucky taking on new opportunities, creating high-end fashion editorials at my favourite indoor and outdoor studio spaces in Los Angeles, while producing authentic lighting scenarios with my team of experts.”

Recently she was photographing a cover story with actress Kate Mara for Amazing Magazine, soon to be seen in the upcoming 2020 Fall/Winter issue.

APA (American Photographic Artists) 2020 Awards presented her the number one prize in the category Fashion/Beauty with one of her latest floral beauty images this past summer.

Some of her recent clients include Sephora, GLAMGLOW, Estee Lauder, Elle International, L’Officiel Magazine, Marie Claire, Glamour Magazine and Amazing Magazine.