1 Secret Italy - Spain

1Secret is a brand new creative production hub, based in Milan and Barcelona but available all around the world.

You may ask, why another one? 1Secret is made up of two people, but they can be as many as you need, wherever you need their services, and whatever the project, they are experienced, passionate, professional yet funny.

Services include art buying, casting, location scouting, set design and props research, budget management, logistic, permits, and post-production coordination.

"1Secret makes your ideas happen - including the crazy ones. Nothing is impossible, everything is a challenge in our productions. How do we do it? We cannot tell, it's 1 Secret."

7 Seas Productions France - Colombia - Cuba - Argentina

Celebrating 22 years in the business, 7 Seas continues to take clients all over the world to capture the most exotic, beautiful and aspirational locations. With offices in France, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina and Chamonix, 7 Seas has all seasons covered and knows the ‘who’ and the ‘where’ in each location - with people on the ground and a persuasive database.

Trusted production partners to some of the biggest names in fashion, 7 Seas understands the needs of each shoot and their experienced team of producers can manage all elements of a project from start to finish. Including location scouting, travel bookings, budget management, organising visas and permits, equipment rental, local street casting, logistics and all on-ground requirements. 

Zara, Vogue, Zimmermann, For Love and Lemons, Hermès and Bloomingdale’s - some of fashion's heavyweights who chose 7 Seas to produce captivating campaign and editorial work. 7 Seas specialises in on-location shoots and seamlessly manages each project with professionalism, ease, transparency, a friendly smile and no attitude.

Let them prove to you why they have a glowing reputation by choosing them for your next shoot!

Fat Fred Amsterdam

"We have a large amount of experience in providing production services for film and photography and can provide quality expertise for every stage of the production process. Having shot abroad extensively ourselves we know what is expected from a service company.

We like to make good work and know you do too, so let's work together on making it happen whilst having some fun on the way!"

FX-Group Hawaii

"FX Group is a full service still & motion content production company in Hawaii with over 35 years of combined experience. We blend urban production work ethic with island production know-how, resulting in a combination that fulfils every possible job need.

We have built the company through our resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and scrupulous attention to budget. We have an office in Oahu and Maui, but our territory covers all of the Islands. Some of our recent productions have taken us to Lanai, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii."

Hilife Productions Mumbai

Hilife Productions is a content creation company specialising in media production and promotion.

"Core of our business is our commitment to build, map out and execute ingenious content creation strategies driven by the vision of our clients.

Combining creative finesse with cutting edge technology, three main solutions fall under the aegis of our content creation solutions: production, promotion and branded content. Photo and video shoot production for ads, campaigns, magazines and more. Promotion on social media and other online channels as well as paid promotions on campaign sponsorships. Branded content delivery through effective storytelling based on brand’s passion points and USP."

Magnet Dubai

Magnet Connect is an award-winning production company based in Dubai, UAE.

"Our talents and specialities range from corporate films and brand campaigns to events, food and portrait photography & videography. With dedicated internal teams working on your projects from start to finish. 

Magnet works with a local and international clientele. We pride ourselves on being able to provide creative solutions to match every story’s needs for all different project scopes and budgets. 

Within the current landscape and the world, as it is right now, Magnet is always striving to raise the bar higher. We have adapted and are equipped to facilitate your production while you are based anywhere in the world. 

Our services include creative, film, still photography, talent, location library and scouting, facilitation, post-production."

Photo Group Los Angeles

Photo Group loves working with creatives, and has worked with an exceptional roster of talented and iconic photographers. Finding the elements that bring the creatives’ vision to life is Photo Group’s forte and their passion.

"A romantic farm in upstate New York or a vintage motel and gas station in the California desert, coupled with amazing designers, stylists, artists and beautiful models help to bring photographic visions life and help create the beautiful imagery we love to look at."

Shoot in the Alps The European Alps

Shoot in The Alps is a film and photo facilitating company operating in the European Alps - France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia as a single geographic entity. The company handles everything, from full production service, location scouting, casting of sports models, stuntmen, mountain safety experts and helicopters - including warm cups of Espresso at 3800 metres!

Conditions change quickly in the mountains and a detailed and updated knowledge of the territory is necessary for a successful production. Shoot in the Alps will take clients exactly where their production needs to be - knowledge that is provided by a network of professionals who live and work in the region all year long.

The locations database includes everything a client can think of: cities, forests, lakes, castles, beaches, icefalls, pastures, rural villages, high altitude - but accessible – icy peaks, and much more. The automotive industry will find amazing roads here, and fashion photographers will enjoy the mix between modern and historical architecture.

Shoot in the Alps has access to snow all year long! The team works with crews and suppliers from Milan, Geneva, Innsbruck, Munich, Zurich and Ljubljana, offering the best equipment and the highest level of professionalism.


SPEEDBALL PRODUCTIONS looks back on a busy first half year of 2021.

Early in 2021, SPEEDBALL vastly expanded their location database in Hamburg and northern Germany, just in time when demand for local productions increased. They presented their updated sustainability and hygienic measures for safe and eco-friendly productions with SPEEDBALL ONE.

Catalogue client Peter Hahn was one of the first to enjoy their streamlined services. Some clients still wanted snow and winterly mountains moods, so SPEEDBALL provided modern mountain architecture, gorgeous chalets and alpine lakes in the Italian Alps for the upcoming fall/winter. Chinese fashion label Autason and Austrian luxury brand Hanro have also used SPEEDBALL for full production services.

Back in Hamburg, SPEEDBALL produced the fall campaign for Gerry Weber all over northern Germany. Hamburg at its best came next for Happy Size catalogue.

After an extensive scouting, it turned out that northern Denmark with the city of Aalborg and the west coast of northern Jutland provided the best settings for men’s fashion label Casamoda. In June, romantic Paris was the absolute best choice for SPEEDBALL client Falke.

A busy summer is ahead, SPEEDBALL crews will be seen all over Europe, producing for fashion clients and catalogues in Paris, Marseille, Amsterdam, southern Italy, and of course, in and around beautiful Hamburg.

The Lab Copenhagen

"Close to Copenhagen centre, you’ll find The Lab; Denmark’s leading still-photography production service.

We have more than 20 years of experience in finding all the right locations and carrying out productions all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for modern or classic architecture or even a beach, Copenhagen offers all of these options within a range of 20 minutes from the city centre. 

Featuring full-scale daylight studios, equipment rental, set-building, an experienced crew and in-house restaurant, The Lab offers ultimate flexibility for all customers.

During 2021 The Lab expanded to a total of eight studios, as well as our set-build department grew into a full-scale workshop, helping with all sizes of projects.

Clients range from upcoming photographers to worldwide companies such as Bolia, Jotun, H&M, HAY, Pandora, Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen, Zara, Mercedes and Miu Miu.