David closed out 2020 highlighting the Subaru Legacy 3.6R in Raleigh, NC. The goal of the campaign was to naturally showcase the vehicle in an urban setting. Faced with a tight deadline and Covid related logistical challenges, David was able to effectively coordinate a small team to produce both images and motion in record time.

Additional images presented in this Spotlight issue include automotive-lifestyle work of the Honda Civic in Long Beach, CA, Tesla Model X in San Diego, CA, IMSA Motorsports highlights from Road Atlanta, BMW M5 in Downtown LA, and a collection of Porsche images utilising different lighting attributes. 

A true lover of cars and the humanistic interaction between people and the automobile, David strives to push boundaries and is always thinking ahead. No matter the challenges, David and his team are here to deliver going into 2021! You can view more of David’s work on his website.