John Murphy is a professional automotive and adventure travel photographer based in Nashville, TN. John is a true artist, masterfully mixing exceptional lighting and motion techniques that result in mind-blowing automotive portraits. His work has successfully launched some of the largest automotive brands in North America. John brings a life-long love for cars and more than 20 years in automotive industry experience to every project. His work combines elements of film, photography, and visual effects to deliver timeless imagery that is sure to ignite the consumer’s innate desire for the next hot car.

Work in automotive photography has led John across the country creating advertising and editorial imagery for manufacturers, advertising agencies, and other car organisations. John is the consummate professional, with proven expertise orchestrating complicated projects. He has produced arresting imagery of top-secret automotive prototypes in some of the most stunning outdoor locations in the North America. John also enjoys high production value studio shoots, that enable him to leverage his unparalleled technical automotive lighting expertise.

John offers the full package from initial prep for the shoot to full post-production on the images and everything in between. 

If you would like to commission work with John for your next project, you can contact him through the "Contact Us" page on this website or email him directly.