1806 Agency Italy

1806 Agency is a creative representation agency and production house, based in Italy but operating worldwide with partnerships in Asia.

''We have 20 years of experience but at the same time we are in continuous evolution. Our mission is to find every time new solutions for our clients. We believe in new technologies such as digital interactive, VFX, XR immersive media VR, AR, MR, virtual production, next generation real-time creative production studio, but we also love photography and classic video production.

Some of our clients: Telecom Italia, Sky TV, Vodafone, Carrera, Gucci, Barilla, Lavazza, Ferrari, Samsonite, Toyota, BMW, IKEA, Fendi, Armani, Prada, Hogan, Audi, Huawei and the best worldwide networks.''

Represented by JSR Aart-Jan Venema London

Aart-Jan Venema uses digital and traditional painting techniques to create multi-layered and fantastically coloured illustrations, anchored with a strong compositional eye. Aart likes to fill his illustrations with stories, surprises and details for the viewer to find, reminiscent of one of his favourite painters, Hieronymous Bosch. He lives and works in the Hague and is the winner of both the Overall Professional and Design awards at the World Illustration Awards 2017.

Aart’s diverse portfolio has led him to work with clients such as Google, BMW, The New Yorker, Kiehl’s, ZEIT magazine, Douwe Egberts, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Green Man Festival, and The Guardian. Aart has also illustrated his first picture book ‘Night Windows’, published by Cicada Books.

When he’s not illustrating – which is quite rare – you’ll find Aart surfing, playing board games, watching Twin Peaks or reading Murakami.

Aart-Jan Venema is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Agustina Gastaldi London

Agustina Gastaldi is a Spanish artist whose skills across lettering, papercraft and illustration know no bounds. With a background in product design originally, Agustina made the switch to graphic design and hasn’t looked back since. After graduating, Agustina worked at the renowned Barcelona-based studio Vasava for clients such as Nike, PUIG, Uniqlo, Hotel Ritz, Atlético de Madrid, EMI Music, Moët Chandon, Mango, EasyJet and Estrella Damm.

Inspired by the passion to create without limitation, and not wanting to do things by halves, Agustina went freelance and moved to Mexico last year. Since then her creative goal has been to create graphic images with analogue and digital elements using a myriad of techniques including stop motion, 3D, papercraft and photography.

Agustina has most recently worked with Penguin, EMI, Women’s Health, America Music, The Washington Post, ULO, HotpointApp, Macmillan and the Golden Globe Awards.

Represented by JSR Alan Guzman London

Alan Guzman is a trusted pair of hands for any type related brief; from graphic logo design to traditional calligraphy, he has built a name for himself as one of the leading lettering artists.

His passion for typography knows no bounds and is evident in his years of experience and experimentation across his commercial work and as a co-founder of the first typography studio in Mexico, Lettres Studio. The versatility of his work expertly positions him for projects across editorial, branding, packaging and advertising. Alan has worked for brands including Diet Coke, Vans, EMI, Nike, Boots and Absolut Vodka.

Alan Guzman is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Ana Jaks London

Bristol-based illustrator Ana Jaks has a love for pattern, shape, colour and inclusivity that is reflected throughout her work. Easily adaptable, Ana has worked across a diverse range of projects, including editorial, campaigns, clothing and murals. Her speciality and passion lie in visual identity work.

Ana is an award-winning illustrator; she received the New Talent Award in 2018 at the AOI World Illustration Awards, for a visual identity project she created for Facebook.

She studied a BA in Illustration at Falmouth University, an MA in Visual Communications at Bath Spa and has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2015.

Her clients include Facebook, Nike, John Lewis, Lush, Bombay Sapphire, Stylist Magazine, The Washington Post and many more.

Ana Jaks is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Beya Rebaï London

Parisian-born Beya Rebai is a prolific artist, always with a sketchbook and wax pastels in hand. Fascinated by colour and inspired by the artistic current of the Nabis, Beya builds her drawings with a narrow and carefully selected colour range which is central to her work.

Everything is an excuse to draw; a bouquet of flowers, a girl in a cafe, the grace of a mountain. She draws on real life, her imagination and memories to create illustrations that tell a story.

Clients include Nike, Rimowa, Paris Airport, The Guardian, The New York Times and The New Yorker.

Beya Rebai is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Carla Lucena London

Based in Spain, Carla Lucena is a graphic designer and illustrator who uses dreamy soft textures and pastel colours to build her vintage aesthetic. With a focus on architecture, people and nature, and taking inspiration from mid-century design, Carla’s vector illustrations are clean and stylish.

Her career began as an art director in the advertising world for agencies such as Ogilvy and McCann, though she quickly realised her preferred creative language was in fact illustration. Carla has been illustrating ever since, winning accolades from Lurzers and working for clients such as British Airway, Royal Ascot, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, The Sunday Times, Gore-Tex and Shop Magazine.

Carla Lucena is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Cathal Duane London

Cathal is an Irish illustrator, who is now based in France. Cathal’s work is bold, modern, and consisting of highly figurative and expressive forms, smart compositions and joyful colour schemes.

Cathal has worked on commercial and editorial projects with clients like WIRED, Time Out, The Atlantic, The BBC, Empire Magazine, Bandai Spirits, The Association of Illustrators and the Belfast City Council.

Cathal is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Cécile Gariépy London

Cécile Gariépy is an illustrator based in Montreal. She creates images that tell stories. She illustrates for various mediums and clients, from editorial to food packaging and advertising campaigns, plus the annual birthday card for her mother.

Her work is playful with emphasis on colour, composition and character design. Apparently Cécile is afraid of finding a monster under her bed, but other than that, it’s all good.

Clients include: Apple, Blue Moon, Spotify, Aesop, Esquire, The New York Times and many more.

Claire Prouvost London

Claire Prouvost is a French illustrator inspired by the cubist art movement. Her style is fresh, colourful and bold. She loves to diversify, equally comfortable creating a digital illustration as a large scale mural. She seeks the perfect dynamic composition by combining softer lines with angular shapes and flat colour layers.

Clients include Gucci, Brown Thomas, Lavazza, Guinness, La Redoute, LG, WordPress, Dublin Inquirer, Arte, Oh Comely and Paulette.

Contesti Photographers Italy

"Time to show our true colors.

Contesti is here to bring you all the shades you need to highlight your message. Whether you need a graphic for a cover, an image for an editorial or you just want to see an idea come to life, we’ve got a wide range of professionals that will cater to your needs.

We dedicate this Spotlight to Michelangelo Rossino, esteemed artist specialised in illustration, digital art and post production, and Anna Godeassi, whose sweet and colorful traits make her art stand out.

You can take a peek of our palette at our website."

Represented by JSR Ewelina Dymek London

Ewelina is a self-taught illustrator based in Poznań, Poland. Her technique combines hyper-realistic pencil drawing, collage and digital painting. Ewelina’s intricately detailed fashion-led illustrations bring a luxurious edge to any campaign.

An extremely versatile illustrator working across advertising, editorial and branding, Ewelina has been commissioned by Bank of America, Kiehl’s, Neutrogena, Condé Nast, The Washington Post, Pentagram, Neutrogena, Playboy, Mandarin Oriental, and Samsung.

Besides her love of cats, Ewelina is a huge fan of design, fashion, non-fiction literature, gardening, yoga and Wes Anderson’s vibes.

Ewelina is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Goodog.tv London

Jonas Nunes is a motion designer based in Barcelona also known for his creative moniker Goodog.tv. His focus is on 2D and 3D animation; he loves to combine different styles and give life and character to good-looking design. He works in partnership with illustrator Itsacat.

Jonas has an extensive background in audio-visual and multimedia, but it was his move towards motion design that changed everything. He worked in animation studios in Barcelona for many years before going freelance as Goodog.tv and has had the opportunity to work with top agencies and clients throughout his career, some of his clients include: SEAT, Primavera Festival, BMW, Zumosol, Sol, Torres Wine and FC Barcelona. Besides work, Jonas is a real people person who loves nature, music and travelling.

Jonas is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Harrison Edwards London

Illustrator and designer Harrison Edwards fuses his love for retro style and digital artwork with his cheeky humour and personality, playing with bold colours and punchy textures.

Comfortable across all forms of illustration, from portraiture work and pattern making to animation, Harrison welcomes all new challenges!

Manchester-based, Harrison is widely known for his work with local businesses and community projects as well as working on international campaigns for clients including Blue Moon, Canon, Adobe, Eurostar, Balmain, Time Out, Junkyard Golf, Tchibo Coffee and Tabasco.

Harrison Edwards is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Iain Macarthur London

Iain Macarthur has a diverse portfolio, from beautiful and elaborate hand-drawn illustration created using a combination of pen and pencil, to the bold simplicity of his vector work.

Though diverse, his illustration is rooted in recurring themes such as surrealism, art nouveau and oriental culture, and centres around portraiture and nature, often depicted in a subtly surreal and unique way.

Iain’s work has the flourish of fine art but with a striking commercial appeal, winning him accolades with clients across advertising, branding and packaging design, such as Pepsi, Johnnie Walker, Kopparberg, Jet Coffee, Bafta and Nike.

Iain is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Illusion CGI Studio London

An award-winning CGI studio, Illusion is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and established by Surachai Puthikulangkura. The team started out as a photo retouching company offering extensive skill and artistry in post-production (creative retouching, image manipulation) for print production.

Illusion CGI Studio is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for recent news.

Itsacat Studio London

Itsacat is the creative alter ego of Catarina Alves, a digital artist based in Barcelona. She finds inspiration in daily scenes, in which women and nature are almost always the protagonists. Passionate about experimenting with shape and colour, Cat loves to tell stories that are full of joy and bring them to life with animation.

Born in Portugal, she first studied graphic design but was always curious about the animation world leading her to a postgraduate degree in motion design. She then moved to Barcelona, where she worked for over five years at an animation studio, creating work for clients such as Amazon, Nike, Seat and Primavera Sound. Since starting her freelance career she has also worked with Mitsubishi, Adobe and Facebook.

Kezia Gabriella London

Singapore-based Kezia is an art director and illustrator. She is known for her bold and vibrant practice that explores the theme of human connection through abstract shapes, powerful composition and quirky characters.

Ever since she left the advertising industry in 2019 to become a full-time illustrator, she has worked on a wide range of projects, such as editorial, visual identity, and music video, and has collaborated with multiple global brands including Apple, Nike, Rayban, Refinery29, Rimowa, Selfridges.

She is freelance full time as well as running ANTINORMAL, an independent illustration lab and creative shop.

Represented by JSR Kim Sielbeck London

Kim is an illustrator, painter, and surface designer. Her colourful, bright illustrations can be found on packaging, clothing, in magazines, and on murals throughout the world.

Kim was greatly influenced by her fun years living in Hawaii as a child and recently moved there to illustrate full-time after eleven years in New York City.

When not creating colourful, bold art, Kim is travelling to new places far and wide, playing the guitar in her band Puppies, reading, hiking all the trails in Hawaii, or trying to figure out how to get on a sailboat.

She really misses the pizza of New York City, but can’t really complain because… Hawaii. Her clients include Pepsi, Danone, Vans, Lush, Target, Lidl, Propercorn, The Washington Post and Time Magazine.

Kim is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Luke Waller London

Based in the West Midlands, Luke Waller is a visual communicator who brings a cinematic approach to storytelling in both his illustration and animation. His work has a unique colour palette and an instantly recognisable hand-drawn style that sets it apart from other animation and lends it a sensitivity suitable for a wide range of subjects.

Luke’s versatility has built him an impressive client list including Philadelphia, Playstation, The Financial Times, MTV, Twitter and the BBC, though he also remains passionate about personal projects including his most recent longer form animation, Freedom or Death. 

Luke is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Muokkaa London

Muokkaa’s creative goal is to make graphic images where bold colours, light and shadows have the main prominence and focusing on geometrical shapes and isometric perspectives, Muokkaa cut his teeth collaborating on projects for Nike, Audi, Mercedes, RedBull, Starbucks, Google and Samsung.

At the renowned studios ILOVEDUST and Brand New School, since going it alone Muokka has worked for clients including Adobe, Apple, Facebook, WIRED, Billboard, The Oprah Magazine, Fortune, Women’s Health, Goop, Yorokobu, AIGA and Heineken.

Muokkaa is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Neil Stevens London

Neil Stevens is an illustrator and image-maker based in Hertfordshire. Inspired by the fluid forms of Matisse, coupled with an ability to distil complicated ideas into visually arresting compositions, Neil’s illustrative style appeals to a wide range of sectors including music, sport, travel, technology and finance.

Neil boasts an expansive and diverse client list including Apple, Danone, Blue Moon, Amazon, Audi, Red Bull, Toyota, Virgin Media, New Scientist, Johnson & Johnson, The Guardian, Swatch, Brussels Airport and TfL.

Noruwei Italy

Noruwei is a full-service creative studio with expertise in photography, animation, illustration and cg imaging.

"We represent a collective made by the finest Italian and international contemporary artists, such as Paloma Rincon, Mr Kat & Friends, Pilmo Kang, David Sossella and many others.

We specialise in the unique needs and standards of the fashion and advertising industries, and pride ourselves on the ability to identify the ideal creators to produce visual content across all media, for each brief.

Our latest collaborations include clients such as Campari Group, Fendi, Bvlgari, Wunderman Thompson Italy, Timberland, Moncler, Boscolo Tours, De Grisogono and VMLYR Italy.

Join us on Instagram and Behance."

Represented by JSR Raid71 London

Raid71 is the alter ego of illustrator and art director Chris Thornley. He creates dynamic art with a retro illustration style, classic take and detailed line work, and his expert understanding of graphic design and wealth of career experience means he can turn his hand to a range of briefs.

He always wanted to draw comics and spent six years studying Art and Design, inspired by Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, before realising his dream career as a full-time graphic designer and illustrator.

He has created licensed posters for Star Wars, The Jungle Book, Blade Runner and Trainspotting, works regularly for Marvel and DC Comics, and has an impressive client list including Nikon, British Transport Police, HSBC, Xbox, Microsoft, Lego, Mercedes-Benz and the BBC.

Raid71 is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR R.Fresson London

Flag and map enthusiast R. Fresson makes illustrations that nod kindly to the past. Ruby hand-draws in pen and ink, then colours digitally, inspired by the print processes of early 20th century comics and magazines.

Her line-work is lodged in the ligne-claire style, made famous by Joost Swarte, Bob de Moor and of course, Hergé.

Ruby’s bright and bold compositions are influenced by her time in Japan, where she practiced woodblock printing in Kyoto and studied the Ukiyo-e style of Hokusai and Hiroshige.

Humour is an important aspect to R. Fresson’s work and she continues to develop a witty practice with a dextrous vintage aesthetic, working with clients including Apple, BMW, The New York Times, Bayern Munich FC, Monocle, The Guardian, GQ and The New Yorker.

R. Fresson is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Represented by JSR Sugar Blood London

Pedro Allevato, aka Sugar Blood, is an award-winning director and motion artist based in London. He has a wealth of experience working with 2D and flat 3D animation, graphic design, visual storytelling with studios across Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vancouver and London.

Sugar Blood brings together extensive experience with elegant design and obsession with beautiful movement driven by good storytelling. His unique style is defined by a seamless flirt between 2D, flat 3D animation and graphic design.

He has worked with a wide range of companies and projects, from advertisement, the music industry, films, fashion, and sports. For the past 10 years, he has developed his skills further on, becoming a specialist in design direction, character animation and CGI film production.

Sugar Blood portfolio has led him to be commissioned by clients such as: Adidas, Gorillaz, Google, Apple, Peugeot, Ford, Rolls Royce, BBC, GSK, Kappa, Visa, Warner Music, Shell, UPS, History Channel and agencies, to name a few: Buck, Mediacom, Possible, Beyond, Mightfine, BBC, Contra Agency, MPC, ITV, Ground Control.

Sugar Blood is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Tiffany Beucher London

Tiffany Beucher is a London-based illustrator. Her work is instantly recognisable with its clean design and vibrant colours. She draws inspiration from the people she meets, turning them into bold characters, full of life and personality. Her illustrations are relatable and playful, mirroring real life seen through a positive lens.

Born in a quiet town in the outskirts of Paris, she discovered her passion for art from the covers of picture books at the age of five.

Her career began with a degree in graphic design, followed by a year studying illustration, after which she moved to the UK, where she’s been developing her skills and style ever since. Tiffany has worked for clients including Monocle Magazine, Facebook, Eurostar, CNN and Petco.

Toonz Media Group India

A pioneering entertainment company based in India and producing world-class content, Toonz Media Group is a 360-degree media powerhouse and one of world’s leading animation production studios. Toonz was established at a time when commercial studios for animation in India were unprecedented.

Together with its group companies Telegael, Imira and Tiltlabs, Toonz has today emerged as a formidable name in the kids and family entertainment segment, with studios and offices across the world and over 10,000 minutes of 2D and CGI content produced per year. Toonz caters to almost every aspect of the entertainment media industry, including animation, Vfx, AR/VR, gaming, live-action and content distribution. 

Having worked with world’s leading entertainment studios, channels and networks, Toonz has to its credit several globally hit animation and live action series and feature films. Among the CGI projects currently under production at Toonz are 'Aliens in my Backpack', 'Pierre the Pigeon-Hawk' and 'Paddypaws'.

Represented by JSR Trajan Jia London

Trajan is a renowned and experienced illustrator and designer from China, presently active in London. He has worked extensively in London as a visual designer and illustrator for more than eight years.

He has created many successful projects within, or related to, the Chinese market, and is passionate about developing eastern aesthetics within modern brands and commercial spaces. His dream is to bring a re-imagined, re-designed and re-decorated lifestyle to every customer.

Trajan has worked for clients such as Estee Lauder, Bvlgari, Starbucks, SAGA plc and Genting Cruise Lines.

Trajan is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Yuschav Bali

Based in Bali, Yuschav Arly has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2014. He loves to experiment, creating unique and captivating portraits set against minimalist backgrounds.

A self-taught artist, he is always looking to develop and evolve his style. Yuschav passionately follows international fashion and trends, which he then pairs with his hauntingly realistic digital portraits to create cutting-edge illustrations, that are as at home in advertising campaigns as they are on the covers of books.

He has worked with clients including English Heritage, Deutsches Telekom, Penguin, Harpercollins and Simon & Schuster.