Brandon Clifton Atlanta

"I think I speak for everyone when I say the world wasn't prepared for the coronavirus and what was to unfold in the following months. 2020 as a whole was otherworldly, but March in particular was the start of it all for most Americans. This was when state and federal governments enacted shutdowns, masks mandates, and curfews. During all the chaos, I set out to do a photo series on first responders and healthcare workers. The images were later selected to be in an advertorial for a brand new magazine that would be sent to over one million people nationwide. 

Photography isn't just a job for me. It's a way to bring awareness to issues, particular messaging for brands, and a way to bring us all together in a world that needs unity now more than ever. I'm an Atlanta based photographer and stories are the reason I set out to pursue this career. Stories can change the way we view the world around us and is why I've devoted my career to the pursuit of storytelling."

Camille Chaudeurge Paris

Camille Chaudeurge is a photographer and a video director based in Paris.

Brought up between Paris and the Provence, she was inspired by her environment, nourished by the art, the architecture and the fashion of the city of love, as well as nurtured by the beautiful nature, the sun and the impressionists painters of the south of France.

After her studies, she started a long modelling career working for big brands and renowned photographers, lasting for over 20 years, which allowed her to live in different cities, travel all over the world, and learn about photography from the best. It helped her to understand the business from both sides.

In her quest for aestheticism and beauty, she likes to travel, meet different cultures and shoot in natural and authentic backgrounds.

Her photographic style is feminine, natural, soft, pure, sensitive and timeless.

David Giesbrecht New York

David Giesbrecht is an entertainment and lifestyle photographer based in New York City.

His eye for storytelling is an asset very much appreciated by his clients, such as Sony, Netflix and NBC Universal.

EYXL Photo Australia - Singapore

Eric of EYXL Photo is a photographer based in Australia capturing emotion, expression and dynamic movement in his photographs. 

His images are coloured vibrantly to maximise the effect of the emotive photograph. Shooting in both studio and locations, Eric and his team brings the best from the environment and the talents on set to make impactful images that leave an impression.

Eric splits his time between Singapore (S.E.A) and Australia for assignments. 

When not behind the lens for work, he will be busy making pictures of his 4-year old Kai who will rue the day his father logged his younger years on social media - @PlanetOfKai. See more images from EYXL Photo on here and say "Hi" on his socials

Flanegan Bainon Malaysia

Flanegan Bainon is a portrait, lifestyle, and documentary photographer based in Malaysia. He has worked with agencies and clients in Malaysia, Japan, Australia and travelled all over the Asia Pacific for assignments.

Flanegan discovered his interest in photography at the age of 18, during a backpack travel around Europe.

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and frequent lockdown in Malaysia, Flanegan is currently based in Kota Kinabalu after living in Melbourne and Tokyo for seven years.

Gerhard Linnekogel Hamburg

Gerhard Linnekogel is a passionate people and lifestyle photographer. The brief gives him the framework to direct his casting and scouting towards an authentic moment. 

His mindfulness and loving respect for his performers and crew create situations that are free of posing and artificiality. 

That was the prerequisite for him to capture real emotional moments for his clients in over 20 countries with their different characters.

Due to the current Corona situation, all crew members and performers take a PCR test before a shoot. A hygiene manager is present during the shoot.

He is represented in US by i2iphoto, New York.

Gummi Thor Iceland

Gummi Thor is a Reykjavik-based commercial, editorial and portrait photographer.

He is first and foremost a storyteller, celebrating personality and creativity with his theatrical and cinematic looks. With more than 12 years of experience, his skillful use of light, colour and moods creates strong visuals with a three-dimensional contrast.  

Working as a commercial director he has developed ways to direct people with ease and comfort in front of the camera.

Gummi has a long history of collaborating with clients and brands to find the right stories and visuals for the desired briefs and business goals.

His hope is always that the passion for the job shines through in the final picture.

Ian & Erick Australia

Born in Mauritius, Ian and Erick found their passion for photography around the water and have since travelled across the world capturing amazing lifestyle, portraiture and action sport photographs.

With their love for the craft they experiment with all sorts of cameras and lenses to get the job done properly. From large format cameras to water housing and 600mm lenses - all in the quest for impeccable images.

Ian and Erick love taking photographs of the youth culture, the cool people and the people with character. As Ian describes it, “A great picture is a great team of people working together.” Their photos are all about great composition and clever lighting.

Clients include: The Works, M&C Saatchi, Host, JWT, Cummins & Partners and others. 

They have worked on ad campaigns including Wild Turkey, Bolle Sunglasses, Sky Vodka, RAC, Red Bull, Decathlon, Rip Curl, Bankwest, Lululemon, Shell, Hurley and Woodside

Their photos have appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, Free Sport (France), Action Asia, Tiger Airways Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. Ian and Erick also shot the summer campaign for CommBank in Australia, Toyota and the Olympic Channel.

Jack Harlem Photography Australia

Josh Kelly a.k.a Jack Harlem is a highly sought after portrait, lifestyle and advertising photographer with over 15 years experience creating both meaningful and powerful visual stories. Josh has an amazing ability to capture moments that feel real and authentic. He creates a relaxed vibe on set and everyone feels a part of the process. Josh is based in Australia and available internationally on short notice.  

Josh is represented by Reload + Co, an Australian-based production company representing a select group of photographers and directors. They specialise in advertising campaign production and offer their expertise across the fields of stills photography and film.  

The Reload + Co team offer both clients and artists alike a wealth of knowledge of the entire industry. Their impressive talent roster, backed by a strong team of producers, means they are able to offer clients the very best creative expertise in every aspect of the industry.

Represented by The Hounds Group Johnny Valentine Los Angeles

Johnny Valentine is an award-winning photographer and commercial director whose work possesses a rare combination of sophistication and youthful irreverence. His unique style has taken him all across the globe, working with a wide variety of brands.

He grew up in a small town in rural Virginia (the kind of place where you learn to invent your own fun), and cut his teeth holding the camera while his cooler, older brothers did amazing skate tricks. To their surprise, he now holds the camera for brands and agencies like Comcast, Ducati, Geico, Jaybird, Levi’s, LG, The Martin Agency, MedMen, The North Face, Ogilvy, RedBull, Saatchi & Saatchi, Uber Eats, Yeti, and more.

Johnny Valentine is represented by The Hounds Group in the US, and Morgan Lockyer in the UK. Visit his website and follow him on Instagram for more information.

Laura Crosta New York

Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Laura Crosta  has an innate ability to capture moments that place the viewer directly in the midst of the action even during these unprecedented times. Whether shooting for a lifestyle brand, a musician, or a pharmaceutical company, her images exude energy and realism.

Laura continues to work throughout the pandemic creating images and films while maintaining strict protocols ensuring the client, talent, and crew are safe and engaged during each production. Shooting both remotely and in-person, Laura has most recently captured stills for two major banks; directed a broadcast PSA; directed, produced and edited a remote short film for an international in-house PR department, and directed two music videos.  

Her recent clients include Havas NY, Leo Burnett, Korn Ferry, and Freuds/Atomized. She is in post production for her latest personal project, a narrative short film that she wrote and directed.

Laura’s imagery has elevated numerous brands including ADP, Excema Exposed, ConEdison, Lyft, Paris Baguette, Microsoft, ESPN, Sony, Nike, Canon, Adidas, Toyota - to name a few.

Accolades include The International Color Awards, Exposure, Spider Award, PDN’s Photo Annual, Tuscon Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Vail Film Festival and The Los Angeles Reel Film Festival.

Laura fills her spirit conceiving and executing an array of still and motion projects spanning almost every business category...Yours could be next!

Martin Lugger Vienna

Martin is based in the Austrian alps and shoots people and lifestyle projects. Outdoor photography has always been an exciting part of his career. 

The ability to trace the original character of people, moods and situations with a high level of empathy is reflected in his projects, which have led him across Europe.

See more of his recent work on his website or through Instagram and get in touch to discuss the details of your upcoming project.

Matt Zugale Philadelphia

"Portrait and lifestyle photography are about making connections and elevating the moment."

With a background in street and portrait photography, Matt’s work is direct and intimate: warm light and saturated colour invite the viewer in.

He is based in Philadelphia and works around the United States with clients such as Burger King, GoFundMe and The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Matt’s approach brings warmth and unique personal feeling to advertising, editorial, and corporate projects.

For inquiries and requests, please visit his site and contact Matt here.



Matthew Joseph London

Matthew Joseph is a people-focussed advertising photographer and director based in London. Much of his work is lifestyle-based, and he is known for being able to capture ‘moments between moments’ - constantly striving for authenticity within the curated commercial world.

Since the world has gone into lockdown, Matthew has challenged himself to find creativity closer to home, rather than flying around the world every week! Despite the restrictions, 2020 was still a busy year - shooting new global campaigns for The North Face, an OOH billboard campaign for Tide Banking, the campaign for HIVE was released, and he won gold at the 2020 AOP Awards for his ‘Podo’ project. Alongside this, a few new personal projects are under way - both moving image and stills.

Some of that personal work is included in this Showcase, alongside some new lifestyle photography for outdoors lifestyle brand Glampify

"2021 has started with some optimism - we’re well used to living / working / shooting with Covid around now, productions are happening and the diary is starting to fill up. Here’s to another productive year!"

Myles McGuinness Los Angeles

Myles McGuinness is a people and lifestyle photographer based in Oceanside, California and working worldwide.

There’s the viewpoint behind the lens, and then there’s the rare perspective of being deep in it, just out of frame. Myles gets there because he’s been there. Soaking it up. In awe of nature, and human nature. Focused on delivering the shot you’re looking for. And situationally aware to capture the one you never expected. When considering production, we take the time to set up real life scenerios, making the most of each location and light. Instead of canned action, we foster genuine moments.

Myles is represented Emissary Artists.

Recent client list includes Adidas, Chevy, Four Seasons Resorts, and Tahiti Tourism to name a few.

See more work on his website and Instagram.

Nick Hall Seattle - London

Nick Hall is a US and UK-based ‘big picture’ photographer and director. He is known for his panoramic, high definition landscapes and lifestyle images.

His career has seen him work on large-scale productions in the UK and abroad for clients including Canon, American Airlines and Citi Bank. His personal projects take him to the world’s rugged environments to document their impressive landscapes and the communities that live alongside them.

Nick’s captivating images have seen him feature in Luerzer's Archive '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide', win an International Photography Award, and regularly appear in the PDN Photo Annual.

Reuben Paris Scotland

Reuben Paris has 24 years' experience under his belt working across a wide range of industry sectors. 

He is very much at home on big productions, but for this particular publication wanted to celebrate some of the real people he has encountered in their rich and varied natural habitat. Showing stripped back shoots often with time constraints and initially slightly reluctant subjects.

Sean Breithaupt Photography Dublin

Sean Breithaupt is a photographer based in Dublin. He loves working with people in the lifestyle sector, providing visual narratives for a variety of brands and publications. Recent clients include RTE television, Paddy Power Betfair and The National Broadband Agency.

Through great use of light and composition, Sean aims to create engaging images that have a documentary feel without looking staged. He works with a team of like minded professionals to realise a clients vision. He has over 10 years experience, great technical skills and is fun to work with.

In 2020 his work was recognised at a number of award ceremonies. He was a finalist at the AOP awards of which he is a member. In Ireland he won the Curtin O’Donoghue Photography award at the RHA and was commended at the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design awards.

Tim Pannell Salt Lake City

Tim Pannell is a photographer and director known for his incredible ability to tell stories through visuals across the globe. Whether it is a family on a ski trip, a millennial in quarantine or seniors enjoying life, Tim has the vision to bring your creative to life.  

Tim has the good fortune to be anchored by an exceptional production team he has worked with for decades around the globe.  The team is prepared for creating shoot strategies that work with the current COVID protocols. If you cannot join them on the shoot, remote viewing capabilities are available.

Some of the clients Tim has had the pleasure of shooting with include, Forbes, Lutron, BNY Mellon, Wrangler, Feld and WGU.

To learn more about Tim, feel free to reach out to his agent Emily Inman, check out his website or follow him on Instagram.

"We look forward to working with you on your next project."