Abigail Bobo Nashville

Abigail is a Nashville, TN-based commercial photographer travelling internationally.

She takes ordinary things and lifts out what is beautiful, humble and holy about everyday moments.

Her clients include Mercedes Benz, National Geographic, Morton Salt, Ogilvy and Buick.

Adam Freedman Miami

Adam Freedman first picked up a camera at five and never put it down. His early subjects, family friends and the family dog, had no idea what they were in for. That passion for photography evolved into a career as a top lifestyle, fashion, corporate and editorial photographer / director.

He has always had a passion and drive to go against the status quo - and rules are meant to be broken. Stepping outside of conventional thinking has allowed Adam to create award-winning imagery for numerous clients. He works closely with his clients to build a concept that inspires, captivates, and pushes the industry. Corporate photography takes a special skill: working with subjects that are not used to being in front of a camera. Adam has a talent for relaxing his subjects and making them feel comfortable, making the experience of the production fun and building trust - he will make sure to create an image that best represents the client.

There is no detail too small; whether it’s the team of experts Adam has assembled or cutting-edge technology, he uses every tool needed to exceed the clients’ expectations.

His client list includes Capital One, INOVA Hospitals, Virginia Hospital Centers, Washingtonian Magazine, Miami Living Magazine, Bikini Crush Swimwear, Mela Swimwear, Bethesda Magazine, Arlington Magazine, US News, Northern Virginia Living Magazine, Super Lawyers, SBE, Shore Club Resort and many others.

Recently Adam and his team have started to direct videos for clients. This is a natural progression in a world of mixed media and ever growing number of advertising channels.

Adam Gault London

"I love that feeling of coming out of a day and you’ve learned or experienced something completely new. I get that every time I shoot on location, particularly with industrial work. The opportunity to visit places that I would never have otherwise had the chance and the employees are always proud and keen to tell you about all that goes on. Many of those people end up in the shots. The use of people or ‘bits' of people humanises the photography and importantly provides scale for what are often impressive and complex places of work. Some locations aren’t particularly pretty but therein my enthusiasm to find the angles, light and details that make great compositions never wains. It’s simply a matter of seeing the potential.

I have been shooting corporate and industrial photography for the past 25 years. There’s so much more to do and experience!"

Alexander Rudolph - DOMUSimages North-East Germany

Alexander Rudolph is located in the northeastern part of Germany - right in between Stralsund and Greifswald and close driving distance to Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen and many cities in Poland.

In addition to architecture and interiors, Alexander mainly photographs corporate and industrial motifs. 

He loves to work where there is sawing, hammering and, above all, welding. For him, producing impressive welding motifs is one of the greatest challenges in industrial photography. To illuminate the glistening bright welding arc and the surroundings in a balanced way and to bring the play of colours of different welding processes to light gives him the greatest satisfaction.

For him, highly specialised industrial workers in their dexterity and precision are on a par with surgeons whom he photographs in his healthcare motifs. Neither profession is allowed to deviate from their tolerance. Both are heroes of everyday life, whom he likes to stage in exactly this way.

What he loves about corporate photography is the balance between being a photographer and psychologist. Hardly any of his protagonists initially stand in front of the camera of their own accord. By giving his "models" the confidence to portray them impressively and giving them the feeling that, as the face of their company, they represent the bridge to potential customers, he achieves an intimate and authentic insight into the inner workings of his customers.

Andy Mahr Texas

Andy Mahr is a Texas-based photographer specialising in industrial photography. Andy's work has regularly been featured in the Communication Arts Photo Annual, PDN and One Eyeland's 'Best of the Best', and he has been nominated as one of Archive Magazine's '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide' several times.

He also won the Production Paradise Corporate and Industrial category for 2018 and the Sports category for 2021.

As an industrial photographer, Andy loves capturing images that involve real world situations with real people doing real jobs. He often immerses himself into the environment with workers and gets dirty. He loves the gritty, hard working tenacity that his industrial subjects demonstrate and this is strongly characterised in his work.

Andy cut his teeth in the industry as an art director and worked his way up the ranks to creative director. In 2008, he made the full transition to photographer and never looked back. His invaluable experience has been a great resource, he speaks the language of his clients and is highly collaborative, always adding conceptual ideas to the project and taking it one step further. It is very natural of him to work on integrated campaigns that involve still and motion.

As a certified drone operator, he knows how to glorify dramatic landscapes. Whether it’s a farmer in the field, a fisherman at sea or a soldier combat training in the U.S. Marines, Andy flourishes in making each project feel powerful and spectacular. 

Andy is based in the Hill Country near Austin, Texas.

Charles Sturge London

Charles Sturge prides himself on creating photography and film that uniquely connects businesses and brands with their audiences. No one challenge is the same and budgets often vary, yet Charles delivers the same professional end-to-end service to all.

Being able to create great photography that tells a unique story and his immaculate delivery is what sets Charles apart and has led to him being named Corporate Photographer of the Year in 2019 and 2020.

Being at the cutting edge of technology also allows Charles to deliver that competitive advantage. He guarantees you a finished product that you can use across all mediums: web, social, film and print.

From local start-ups or individuals to global multi nationals or creative agencies, all receive the same professional approach. Charles’ has an impressive client base covering fintech, finance, pharma, property, health, government, defence, entertainment and sport.

Diego Cappella Miami

Diego Cappella is a multi-award-winning industrial and commercial photographer serving architects, builders, and manufacturers, among others. Based in Miami, Cappella also works internationally and across the United States. Cappella focuses on getting to know his clients’ goals and the brands they represent. This focus has distinguished Cappella as he delivers compelling, brand-consistent images that meet the highest standards in the industry.

Cappella draws from a wide range of experience as a creative in the advertising industry. He applies a holistic approach to all of his work, marrying client company marketing goals with a keen eye for light and composition, producing images that not only speak to their purpose but also grab the attention of their audience as compelling photographic works.

Felix Baab Munich

Felix Baab, based near Munich, is a young freelance photographer. He specialises in portrait, advertising and corporate / industrial photography.

At the age of 17, he’d already photographed his first advertising campaign for an eyewear label. He subsequently tried his hand at various areas of photography before finding his passion in corporate and advertising photography. 

What fascinates him is constantly getting to know new, interesting people and companies in order to capture them in his photography. Accordingly, interpersonal relations are important to him. His visual language is professional, friendly and honest.

References: BMW Sales and Marketing, Salesforce Munich, BFW Bayern, KM-Wohnbau, Allgäu GmbH, ContentGuru, Penta Events, Hirschvogel Ventures, Sparkasse Oberland, Sitour, Funk Eyewear, One Luxury.

Hans Verleur Amsterdam

Hans Verleur is a Dutch photographer, a true visual storyteller based in the Amsterdam area. Known for his stills, he has also been shooting video for multiple clients.

His style can be described as cinematographic, with an intuitive approach in which the light tells an important part of the story. He has a great eye for detail and is a real people man whereby collaboration with the subjects is the key to his work.

His assignments range from advertising, editorial, portraits and music. He has also been the photographer of choice for many corporate image bank productions where his storytelling and international production experience come together. His impressive international client list includes Adidas, ABNAMRO, Cisco, Heineken, Orange, Ricoh, TenneT, Vodafone and many more.

Hristo Shindov Los Angeles

Hristo Shindov is a photographer and cinematographer based in Los Angeles and operating globally. His visuals are often described as sticking, intense, energetic and recognisable. A combination of strong characters and grand environments is usually what Hristo’s work is recognised and used for. Hard work, being able to come up with quick and reliable solutions in critical moments and doing whatever it takes to get the production completed even through the hardest of circumstances is what a client can expect from him.

Such qualities have grabbed the attention of Hoover, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Sony, Newell Rubbermaid, Stanley Back and Decker, World steel association and many others who have trusted Hristo’s vision and dedication to make them look good in public. 

Visit Hristo Shindov’s website for more.

Jürgen Nobel Düsseldorf

Jürgen Nobel, who is based in the west of Germany, takes photos of people for corporate communication and advertising across Germany and internationally. His focus and imagery are considered authentic and natural, but he always finds the special features of every customer.

Recent projects featured in this Spotlight:

  • Board member of the AXA Group Cologne.
  • Image shooting for LUMITOS AG, Berlin.
  • Three-day photo production for MAN Energy Solutions in Andalusia, Spain with agency 31M, Essen.
  • Image recordings for the Marien-Hospital-Euskirchen with its own staff.
  • Photoshoot in Munich and Frankfurt for the construction company SEMODU AG.

Kathy Cacicedo New York

Kathy Cacicedo photographs everyday people. Every day.

An East Coast, commercial photographer / director, Kathy has a natural talent for connecting with real people. From CEO portraits to tender moments between doctors and patients, Kathy’s images and videos are full of personality, bringing to life the companies and brands commissioning her.

Clients include Havas, Merck, Bayer, Claritin, Dr Scholl, Coppertone, Afrin, Happy Family Organics, Atlantic Health System, Overlook Medical Center, Overlook Foundation, Donate Life, The Heather Trew Foundation, Morristown Medical Center and Stevens Institute of Technology.

Lopez Foto Design Nuremberg - Barcelona

Francisco Lopez, based in Nuremberg / Germany, is a freelance photographer for whom corporate, industry, healthcare and the financial world are his daily bread and butter.

Francisco has been at home in these areas for over 25 years and feels comfortable and secure. It's the variety and interaction with people that make this job so exciting, exciting and fun.

Over the years he has learned to get to the point quickly and to remove people's shyness in front of the camera and motivate them to create exciting and expressive pictures. He is fast, safe and precise with the light and the camera's perspective, and he only concentrates on the people and the environment. In his pictures people come across as authentic, and you can see that they had fun during the shoot.

Whoever books Francisco Lopez gets an all-rounder who comes from classic studio photography, so has learned how to deal with light precisely. One also gets an architecture photographer who has photographed countless company buildings, houses and apartments over the years.

Francisco provides the perfect package for corporate and industrial photography. Long-lasting clients rely on him, if they want guaranteed perfect results and a smooth production within all circumstances of a corporate or industrial production.

Markus Heimbach Dubai - Hamburg

Markus Heimbach was born near Cologne in 1960 and lived in Amman, Jordan for the first seven years of his life. The region fascinates him still to this day with its light, solitude and aridity.

His customers include major industry and automobile corporations, ship owning and general aviation companies, as well as magazines, agencies and media publishing houses.

He recently worked for Mobilis, Medical Manufacturing (with Paralympic World Champion Heinrich Popow), Mercedes-Benz, Dubai Properties, Baker's Kitchen Dubai and Lufthansa Technik.

Featured in this Spotlight amongst other projects and jobs, a journey with a truck group between Hamburg, France and England. The vehicles had to go to a fair in England, Markus accompanied them and produced film and photos. 

Markus lives in Dubai and Hamburg.

Matt Zugale Philadelphia - New York

As a photographer, Matt Zugale sees businesses as more than the sum of their parts. He believes that the humanity of individuals drives all business forward.

Matt’s work appears in out-of-home advertising, collateral printed material, company websites, and social media for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Columbia University, Lavazza, and many others.

For inquiries and requests, please visit his site and contact Matt here.

Mike Ellis London

Mike Ellis shoots engaging corporate photography in an unobtrusive reportage style. Whether shooting on the frontline in the healthcare sector, in the boardroom or on the factory floor, he shoots with a minimum of fuss to put his subjects at ease, capturing their stories to bring their brands to life.

Working across many sectors, both in the UK and abroad, Mike’s portfolio showcases his strong composition and a keen eye for detail, helping his clients to communicate their message and brand values to customers, employees and shareholders alike.

Recent clients include Adecco, Anglo American, Beazley, Beiersdorf AG, Biffa, Block Solutions, CareTech, Cavendish Education, The Crown Estate, Eurocommercial Properties, G4S, The Gap Partnership, NHS England, Norge Mining, Oxford Properties, Peabody Trust, Riverstone Energy, Smurfit Kappa Group, Turner & Townsend, UK Power Networks and Vodafone.

Ofir Abe Amsterdam

"Starting my career 20 years ago as a graphic designer in Israel's leading ad agencies, I've come to understand that I had no aspiration to be on just one side of the creative process. 

Self-taught mostly, I combine my passion for music, aesthetics and cinema as well as human interactions, to distil into dramatic, impactful, and conceptual photos. 

Currently based in Amsterdam, I've been making album covers, advertisements, corporate portraits, automotive and documentary photography around the world - in my studio or on locations.

In the end, it's the impactful image that drives my interest and makes my day. There’s nothing more inspiring for me than to capture people in ways that they don't usually see themselves in. Using creative lighting and a fresh mood, I love sending them on a journey towards another dimension, bringing out some of the most interesting alter egos.

Commercial clients include Adidas, Porsche Travels, Publicis GNS Adv., Adler Chomski Group/ Grey Israel Adv., Orange, and a wide selection of the biggest law and tech firms in Israel."

Peter Baiamonte New York - Berkshires

Peter Baiamonte would like to tell you a story, give you a glimpse of a place, show you some personality, and reveal meaning behind his images. His strengths include clean storytelling, vibrant colours, creative problem solving, and an ability to connect with his subjects - putting them at ease, and making their time in front of the camera comfortable. 

He also excels at assembling a great crew, working collaboratively with clients, and creating a friendly, happy vibe on set.

Peter’s work includes many styles and disciplines: portraiture, lifestyle, landscape, travel, and sports, among others. He splits his time between New York City and the Massachusetts Berkshires, working regularly with clients in New York and Boston as well as the entirety of New England. He is available to travel worldwide.

Recent projects include portraits of CEOs in four cities for Ernst & Young (including Boston, New York, Trenton, and Philadelphia); portraits, headshots, and assorted group scenes for First Manhattan Company (an investment firm) for the development of their new website; and for Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, doctors' portraits and scenes between doctors and patients, using real in situ photos vs stock photos.

Stefan Hobmaier Munich - Berlin

Stefan Hobmaier is a freelance photographer based in Berlin and Munich, focusing on portrait, reportage and corporate photography. Always working on personal projects, he develops new styles and integrates new techniques into his commercial and editorial work.

Agencies, industrial clients and magazines appreciate his honest, natural and lively imagery that gets people's attention.

Very recently he finished the new employer branding campaign for the city of Munich and Google’s brand new robotics company Intrinsic launched a new website with his images.

His national and international clients include Audi, BMW, Osram, Bosch, Hornbach, Intel, Intrinsic, Google, ProSiebenSat1, MAN, H&M, Porsche, Mazda, Siemens Healthineers, SZ Scala, Trumpf, Epiroc, C3, Hoffmann&Campe, Territory, Condé Nast, Laut von Leise, Interone, Thjnk, Impulse, Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week, FourFourTwo, Haymarket, Redwood and various international clients, agencies, B2B and B2C magazines.