Ana Nance Madrid

"I am a portrait, location and travel, commercial and artistic photographer. My career is in media and advertising creating still and moving images that have a vision, tell a story or sell an idea.

Born in the U.S. to a Spanish mother, with a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, I lived and worked in New York City until relocating to Madrid, Spain. I have experience directing advertising campaigns with large crews for big brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Mercedes, Visa, Renault, Movistar Series, Iberdrola and more.

I've worked on editorial assignments worldwide shooting on location and in studio for magazines such as El Pais Semanal, Marie Claire, Wall Street Journal, Icon, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, The New York Times, and National Geographic Travel. This also includes travelling to over 80 countries.

Awards and recognition include British Journal of Photography, Prix de la Photographie, American Photography, ICP, Lens Culture, and ARI Award. Exhibitions, teaching and consulting are all part of my ongoing activities, with archive represented by Redux Pictures in New York City.”

Represented by JSR Ashton Keiditsch London

London-based Ashton Keiditsch has taken his unique vision and his cameras with him worldwide. Whether it’s portraits or warships, cars or particle accelerators, over the past 20 years Ashton has been tasked with travelling the world in pursuit of that unique shot. 

He has been commissioned by some of the world’s leading advertising agencies working on UK, pan-European and worldwide campaigns for many of their prestigious global clients. 

Clients include: VW, Suzuki, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Ford, Rolls Royce and Land Rover, O2, Bacardi, Speedo, UPS, Cadbury, Thompson Holidays, BAA, Lindemanns Worldwide and Corus Steel and TFL. There are few brands that haven’t benefited from his relentless pursuit of that one image that captures the consumer’s imagination.

See more here and follow on Instagram.

Ashton is represented by JSR, follow them on Instagram.

Dean Northcott Photography London

Dean Northcott had a quiet then very busy and successful 2020 with both his personal and commissioned work. His vibrant new style in his stills work has transferred over into his work in moving image, a new great passion for him. 

Born in New Zealand, Dean was raised on a diet of sport, barbeques and beach. After several years of world travel in his early 20s he started to develop his sense of aesthetics. He then arrived camera-in-hand in London in the early 90s and went on to study photography at LCP.

A former semi-pro rugby player, a third Dan black-belt in karate and marathon runner, sport is at the epicentre of Dean's entire life and this is exemplified in the mood and texture of his work.

Graeme Murray New Zealand

Graeme Murray loves creating: his whole career has been in the image industry. After training in professional photography, his early days saw him working at one of New Zealand’s top audio visual production companies. He was responsible for creating, developing and producing product launches for New Zealand’s largest corporations, using various types of multimedia, from theatrical lighting, to video slide projection and interactive graphics, to set design and - the most fun - pyrotechnics!

The desire to be shooting led him into running his own successful photography business. Graeme now works with clients and agencies on projects that include portraiture, people, lifestyle and sport related to advertising. He takes all his knowledge and experience from previous work in the AV and TV industries into his photography, so dealing with any situation is effortless.

He has a great rapport with clients and the production crew on jobs and goes beyond the norm to make sure the shoot meets and exceeds expectations.

Clients include Red Bull, adidas, Specialized Bikes USA, Tudor Watches, Under Armour, Samsung, Wendy’s, VW, John Deere, AIG, Ford, Bendon, Ozone, Atomic, Tourism New Zealand, Mac Pac Outdoor Clothing, Powerade, Fonterra, among others.

Graeme can be found in the studio or shooting outdoors and is also an official Red Bull International Photographer.

Represented by The Hounds Group Johnny Valentine Los Angeles

The creation myth of Johnny Valentine:

Kevin Bennett is an award-winning photographer and commercial director whose work possesses a rare combination of sophistication and youthful irreverence. Kevin’s unique style has taken him all across the world. He grew up in a small town in rural Virginia (the kind of place where you learn to invent your own fun), and cut his teeth holding the camera while his older, much cooler brothers did amazing skate tricks.

Driven by the notion that “work gets work”, Kevin’s sheer enthusiasm for his assignments is contagious. To their surprise, Kevin now holds the camera for globally recognised agencies and brands.

"He still can't kickflip."- Kevin’s brothers.

Select clients include Ogilvy, Uber Eats, Hypno, The North Face, Arnold Worldwide, Med Men, Made, The Martin Agency and more.

Lucila Blumencweig Buenos Aires

Lucila is a well-known advertising and lifestyle photographer, currently based in Buenos Aires working worldwide. Her work is mostly recognised for her emotional use of light and actor direction.

She is always willing to jump into new experiences and projects.

She is represented in Italy by Nobile Agency in Italy, and by MyGosh in Switzerland.

For Latin America or US inquiries please get in touch.

Matt Zugale Philadelphia

Matt Zugale is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. His editorial and advertising work features an intimate and engaging approach that makes the viewer feel like a participant in the scene.

With natural light, warm colours, and a genuine connection with his subjects, Matt’s imagery celebrates and elevates the reality of the moment.

Always willing to collaborate, Matt enjoys working on image concepts before the shoot and thrives on being spontaneous on location. He recently completed advertising projects for The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau and City Fitness. Matt’s recent editorial work has appeared on the covers of Philadelphia Magazine and Dickinson College’s alumni magazine.

For inquiries and requests, contact him on +1 201 400 4096 or visit his website. Also, to see more of Matt's still life work please visit his additional website here.

Michael Wharley London

"It’s all about people and stories.

I create atmospheric, narrative, cinematic images that advertise stage and screen productions as boldly as they tell the stories of brands.

Whatever the story you need to tell, I'll create photos that will engage the viewer in your campaign and its message. All my work is punchy, precise and beautifully lit, filled with detail, drama and feeling.

Recent news: 

  • Advertising winner in the Spotlight Awards 2020 for the ‘Our Lady of Kibeho' campaign.
  • New work: commission from Warner Brothers to shoot the campaign for feature film 'Emily', campaigns for 'Doctor Who: Time Fracture', streaming hit 'Apollo 13: Dark Side of the Moon' and '& Juliet'.
  • Spring-time portrait work with Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Soho Farmhouse, and a string of musicians and artists. I continue to shoot for my green portrait project 'In a Green Shade: The English & Nature'."

Patrik Johall Sweden

Patrik Johall is a Swedish automotive, lifestyle, commercial photographer who shoots people, places and things, in a style that combines state-of-the-art technical proficiency with soulful style and creativity.

Pursuing the image wherever it is found, on earth or in the sky, Patrik Johall brings a rare amount of humility and common sense to his art. His creative and technical skills have made him highly sought after by a range of global clients.

Photography is both Patrik Johall’s calling and his profession, but Patrik doesn’t so much photograph subjects as he captures the way they make us feel. He squeezes every ounce of perfection from each and every shot, but considers humor, compassion and curiosity to be just as important as lights and lenses.Patrik is continually helping clients to evolve their vision, using his creativity and technical prowess to ensure that every client’s story gets told in the best way possible.

Some clients: LG Electronics, Bang & Olufsen, Peugeot, Renault, Audi, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Mercedes-Benz, Seat, Cupra, Ford, Sony Pictures.

Phil Babb London

In this Spotlight Phil features six campaigns:

"Argos wanted a colourful and quirky image, so Phil suggested the eclectic wallpaper background.

We were asked by UCB Pharmaceutical to focus on the question of the next generation ‘making a difference’. Phil hand made the cube and had it painted in the UCB corporate colours. Phil and Jon came up with the idea of the cube being lit from inside to achieve the mesmerising glow.

Phil was asked by Cow&Gate to depict a happy, healthy baby in a non-specific interior environment looking ready to take on the world. "The casting for our star talent was achieved over two days. Our toddler smashed it!

Kiddylicious, founded by Sally Preston, approached us with the sole aim of looking to explode into the healthy snack market. Inspired by comics as a boy, Phil came up with the idea of using bold colours reminiscent of 70’s ads with an element of mischief, fun and style to the brand message.

For Sainsbury's, Spark asked us to create soft lighting with a hint of sunlight while maintaining a warm believable environment with props, with the emphasis on baby feeling comfortable and protected in an engaging image for their packaging.

For Walls we created a series of ads for their print campaign using bold primary colours.”


SHTRAK BOYZ! (Milos Gazdic and Vlatko Mitashev) are a pair of very distinctive, bearded men. One is loud, and the other levitates. With a combined experience of a VW Golf Mark 1, they know their shit! You wanna know anything about 120-year-old cameras and play with one, or maybe 60? Well, visit their studio and Milos will educate you till you beg Vlatko to mix you an old fashioned while you are secretly planning to move in with your belongings in one of the most friendly and cosy studios in Shanghai. 

Commissioning these guys for your shoot will not only get you two brains but four eyes, double the heart volume and twice as much of balls in comparison to an average photographer, they perform much swifter and meticulously in pre-and post-production and especially during the shoots. Both coming from a creative design background they fully understand briefs and work closely with creative directors to turn that brief into a visual orgasm. They boldly push the limits to achieve the best possible work for the clients and ultimately for their own visual addiction.

Connected through a mutual passion for photography and light shaping, combined with their creative sensibility, their body of work ranges from commercial / advertising, food and beverage to beauty and fashion photography. Edgy in approach, refined in treatment and recognisable for their style, they produce exclusive and hyper-realistic commercial images that draw lots of attention.

Teri Studios Cincinnati

Named one of the best advertising photographers in the world by Archive Magazine and called a lighting master by PDN, Teri Campbell is the creative lead for Teri Studios - a destination for consumer packaged goods companies, restaurants, beverage, and food-related businesses seeking original photography and motion work for advertising and packaging. 

Client partnerships include: Kellogg’s, Sonic, Maker’s Mark, Kraft-Heinz, KFC and Jimmy John’s.

Equal parts artist and craftsman, Teri’s keen eye and problem-solving skills make him a perfect fit for advertising photography. His more than three decades of experience, combined with his curiosity to explore new techniques and styles, help bring each brand he works with to a higher level. Whether for menus, packaging, or an advertising campaign, Teri’s images and films help connect the audience to the brand. 

Reach out and see how we can help you share your story.

Tom Michas Chicago

Tom Michas is a Chicago-based fashion and beauty photographer who creates contemporary imagery with a focus on minimalism and luxury. He thrives on high-production value and collaboration with strong personalities.

Possessing a discerning eye for detail, Tom strives to create photographs that are sharp and evocative. His experience as a commercial photographer and retoucher allows him to fulfil a client's vision from layout to finish.