Låpsüs is a creative content boutique based in Madrid. It’s founded by Annie Domínguez and Mary Urrutia, two creative minds united by their inner genius, their "INgenuity"!

Låpsüs creates value and brand awareness to brands' digital communities by using visual storytelling in its photography and animation. The artistic firm specialises in still life photography with a stunning art direction. They have been very innovative when it comes to social media formats, trying to portray bold and colourful concepts that not only show products but also establish a conversation with their audience.

With a playful approach and a large dose of thinking, these two passionate professionals find the right environment for creativity. 

Låpsüs works both with agencies and direct clients, local and abroad. They’re looking forward to telling your story in an extraordinary way.

"Welcome to the place where nothing is what it seems and all you want is to play!"