AWARDS 2021 Sep 2021


Grand Prize and Fashion Winner Charlie Chich Photography London

Title: A Journey

"Upon seeing that the twins had dyed their hair blonde, I messaged them immediately due to a concept I’d had in my head for over a year.

Our two-hour journey to the shoot location turned into seven hours due to a four-hour breakdown but, eventually, we arrived at our location by sea on the edge of the New Forest, in the middle of nowhere, in complete darkness. 

What we awoke to can only be described as a preternatural paradise. Running off pure adrenaline at seeing our new surroundings we sprang out of bed at 5:30 am, with the early morning sun regally dancing off our faces accompanied by the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore. 

We headed straight to our savanna-like shoot location. 

Within the image I wanted the twins (Kevin & Karl) to embody love, loss, peace, duality and hedonism... not a big ask at all! The moment before the photo was taken came eerily naturally and organically, I hardly had to think or direct the twins as we were so in sync. This image couldn’t have been achieved without the pure chemistry we’d built between each other despite this being the third time we’d met. The environment was our canvas and the twins were my illustration, together, in pure synergy. 

As the shadows from the sun lined up and I composed my shot, the twins as if by telepathy, fell into the exact pose my imagination had been craving."

Advertising Winner Scott Grummett London

Title: McDonald's Breakfast Wrappers

"McDonald's commissioned me to shoot their breakfast campaign. Alongside more traditional macro food images we shot a series of empty wrappers showing just how good the McDonald's breakfast is via the fact it's been eaten before we could even take the shot.

We based the shots in areas people traditionally enjoy a McDonald's and worked hard to include details such as the light passing through wrappers, drips, crumbs and pulls of cheese all bathed in an optimistic morning light.

The image was commissioned by Leo Burnett. Food Stylist: Fergal Connolly, Food Styling Assistant: Chris Gates, Props Stylist: Jess Elcock & Ashleigh Latter, Assistant: Nick Warner, Digi: Jon Rose & Digi Boutique, Art Direction: James Millers, Agency Producer: Jo Hodge, Stills Agent / Producer: Terri Manduca."

Architecture & Interiors Winner Ema Peter Vancouver

Title: The One

"This image was taken at the BlackCliff House in British Columbia by Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses. I called it The One as in my mind it represents my own search for that one decisive moment, my search for peace and self exploration.

In 2020 we all were in many ways alone experiencing life in such a different way, I felt this image could represent that pause in life that could be used to reflect on where we are, where we are going and who do we really want to be."

Beauty Winner Donald Graham Photography Los Angeles

Title: Janicia, Los Angeles, California

"This image is featured in my book 'One Of A Kind', published by Hatje Cantz in 2021. The book explores, through portraiture, people who have created lives that are one of a kind.

Defining beauty is one of the crucial things that every photographer of people must grapple with and define in a manner that is consistent with both their values and aesthetics. The idea that beauty is not some single standard, but rather a fluid celebration of the wonderful diversity of all people and races is perfectly highlighted by Janicia’s tattoo, 'Imperfection is beauty'.

Her elegance, combined with her tattoo, beautifully illustrate this fresh and nourishing vision of beauty."

Cars Winner Patrick Curtet Los Angeles

Title: On any Sunday

"When two of your crazy friends (Nikita and Iliyan Bridan) invite you to spend a week end with them, prepare to get dusty. Those Canadian twin designers are always off road, in their creation and literally in their lives. Follow them on @dropped_alfa and @oilstainlab."

Patrick Curtet is a French photographer living in Los Angeles for five years. He's operating in a duo with his wife Marlyne, and you can follow them on @MPCURTET.

Car, lifestyle, fashion: Marlyne and Patrick excel in many categories with a very recognisable style. They also handle @lacreativeteam, where they create a large variety of content for brands, with photo video and a very strong artistic approach.

Corporate & Industrial Winner Aaron Kotowski New York

Title: Icarus Redeemed

"How do you photograph a provocative CEO, who is launching his fifth airline endeavour when the flagship aircraft cannot leave the hanger and the forces of nature accost your photoshoot? Not sure I have the correct answer, but this is the photograph I came up with and this is how it happened (slightly enriched):

The wind was ripping through the hanger with a scornful fervour unleashing hell upon my set. No doubt, a punishment by a mercurial celestial force, the natural enemy of a location photographer. My imported hand painted background betrayed its duty and became disgracefully animated. Mocking me with dissent, the key light followed suit in contemptible solidarity. My first assistant was thrust into the set, at my command, to restore order. I am determined to assert dominance over the malevolent saboteur. Failure will entomb me in a prison of shame and professional destruction. The vengeful tempest will be brought to yield.

My subject, CEO David Neeleman, stood firm and looked upon me with quiet confidence as I came to dominate the natural order of destruction. We had an unspoken understanding that I would emerge the new commander of wind and barometric chaos. An alliance with me would be critical if his new airline, Breeze, were to be a success as I now ruled the skies. The shoot would go on. 

A hard fought victory from the hellish assault allowed me to steal this image from the teeth of destruction. 

This assignment was commissioned by Forbes Magazine, last March. I also shot the daily cover for this story and a bunch of other stuff for Forbes."

Food & Drink Winner Roberto Pastrovicchio Photography Venice

Title: Drops of Gold – EVO oil on Bread

"Drops of golden extra virgin olive oil slowly flow on a slice of homemade bread: the image is part of an editorial portfolio of images, where products of my land, a harsh but generous one, are portrayed in the role of protagonists."

See more here.

Kids Winner Sacha Stejko New Zealand

Title: Under the Bougainvillea Tree

"This image was about capturing the essence of summer. The colours, the light and the cheekiness of the girls as they lie in the grass and play with the bougainvillea flowers. I wanted it to feel like an observed moment, shooting through the flowers gives us a sense of depth and the colours softly frame the girls.

This image was shot in the setting afternoon sun which gives us that beautiful even wash of light across the scene. These two girls are sisters, and I really looked at capturing their playful dynamic on camera. My approach to this image was to set up the scene and then have the girls interact naturally, the frame was crafted but the moment was authentic.

I really enjoy the energy and the spontaneity of this shot, it captures a youthfulness and ease of a moment that feels carefree."

People & Lifestyle Winner Joseph Ford London - Paris

Title: Dre and Tom, 2019

"The models blend in to a greater or lesser degree, and their faces are the main jarring element. It was important to me to work with a slow, analogue medium rather than to create these images with CGI. There are multiple layers to be discovered, hidden details to spot. Above all I wanted to make people smile. 

Often when looking for models I wander the streets for hours or days, searching for inspiration. I’d wanted to step away from the stereotypes of people who fish so I went to a skatepark. Tom and Dre were surprised to be asked to model but agreed. 

This is one of my favourite images from the project - you can see more here."

Portraiture & Celebrity Winner Charlie Clift London

Title: Glenda in the mist

"I photographed Glenda Jackson for BAFTA to celebrate her 2020 Best Actress Award. She won this for her amazing performance in Elizabeth Is Missing. Because of Covid we could not photograph the winners at a traditional award ceremony. So instead I met with many of the winners individually to photograph them in their home or in a place that matters to them.

I wanted to use this chance to create intimate and unique images that truly captured their personality, I feel I've managed to show some of Glenda's incredible presence in this portrait. Huge thanks to Claire Rees at BAFTA for her support in making this project happen."

Still Life Winner Camillo Büchelmeier Munich

Title: Tri Angle

"I live in Munich, close to the historical site of the 1972 Olympics. I have always had an admiration for sports pictograms from legendary designer Otl Aicher. Inspired by their amazing simplicity, my photograph is part of a playful series of abstracted images intelligently reducing to the max."

Sports Winner Andy Mahr Texas

Title: Gloves Dropped

"Shooting hockey is a passion of mine. This image was part of a library shoot for The San Antonio Rampage AHL hockey team.

These guys are amazingly skilled athletes, and while fighting and the role of the enforcer in the NHL has declined over the years, it still exists at the lower divisions. Players try to prove themselves to NHL teams, and sometimes they have to drop the gloves to do so.

This fight was a nice tilt between Jarred Tinordi (Milwaukee Admirals) and Evan Polei (San Antonio Rampage)."

Travel & Documentary Winner Yuriy Ogarkov Spain - Germany - Ukraine

Title: Fisherman of Manakara

Manakara is a city at the East Coast of Madagascar with its population of 39,540 people. The major part of Manakara's inhabitants belong to the Antaimoro ethnic group, who arrived on the island from the Arabian Peninsula in the 15th or 16th century.

Fishing is the main occupation of men, that engages around 30% of Manakara's population. Boys, who nearly reached the age of seven, are already learning to row, to catch and prepare the fish in the Manakara River before they are allowed to go out into the rough Indian Ocean.