Abigail Bobo Nashville

Abigail Bobo is a Nashville, TN-based commercial photographer travelling internationally.

She takes ordinary things and lifts out what is beautiful, humble and holy about everyday moments.

Her clients include Mercedes Benz, National Geographic, Morton Salt, Ogilvy, Buick, Caliber Collision and BMW.

Anton Watts Los Angeles - London

Anton has had an extremely busy 2021, working on multiple projects from practical to CGI and all including motion content.  

He also worked on a couple of personal projects, one of them called “Fall in Love, Not in Line” with a vintage Mercedes Benz.

Brands he partnered with were Cadillac, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Ferarri and Lincoln.


The past couple of years have been very busy for photographer Arnold Park. 

He created advertising and key visuals for various automakers, including Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Lexus and Volkswagen, and he recently took on the role of photo director for Motortrend Korea. 

Arnold is a talented creator who is expected to continue to play around the world.

Represented by JSR Ashton Keiditsch London

Whether it’s portraits or warships, cars or particle accelerators, Ashton has been tasked with travelling the world in pursuit of that unique shot. London-based Ashton Keiditsch has been commissioned by some of the world’s leading advertising agencies working on British, pan-European and worldwide campaigns for many of their prestigious global clients.

Clients include: VW, Suzuki, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Ford, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, O2, Bacardi, Speedo, UPS, Cadbury, Thompson Holidays, BAA, Lindemanns Worldwide, Corus Steel and TFL. There are few brands that haven’t benefited from his relentless pursuit of that one image that captures the consumer’s imagination.

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Represented by JSR Carioca Studio London

Multi award-winning Carioca Studio is a world-renowned image concept house highly acclaimed for their work specialising in advertising imagery. Carioca offers integrated visual services, from production to photography, illustration and CGI. The company now has over 20 people working in three different departments – production, 3D and post-production.

Clients include Toyota, Nissan, Porsche, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Europcar, Mercedes-Benz, VW and WWF to name a few.

See more here and follow Carioca on Instagram. Carioca is represented by JSR Agency, follow them on Instagram.

Dejan + Per Gothenburg - Los Angeles

Dejan + Per realised two cameras capture more than one. Is it that simple? Well, in this case Per has a long career in commercial lifestyle and fashion, where Dejan is an expert at retouching and a ”sheet metal fanatic”. As they joined forces, magic was bound to happen. After all, they were both car geeks. Per does the directing. Dejan does CGI. Per loves lifestyle. Dejan loves hero motion-shots. The balance is always present.

With several Lürzer’s Archive awards as "Top 200 Ad Photographers of the world" and ”Digital artists of the world” this duo is a force to be reckoned with. Native to Sweden, they like to see the world as their workspace and LA is their second home. Represented in the USA by Gloss Reps.

Harniman London

"Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner motion and stills along with 12 new bad boy Triumph Motorcycles Special Editions.

Great to be awarded 1st place in Automotive Advertising by the IPA in LA (International Photography Awards) with our Ford ‘Backbone of Britain’ series.

New Jaguar press campaign across UK, Europe and USA along with Rolls-Royce coming in Spring 2022.

Looking forward to collaboration with our new US agents - Elizabeth, Patti & Kelly at Elizabeth Poje in LA.

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Get an insight behind the scenes on the regular blog, and our latest interview with Production Paradise"

Jan Steinhilber Hamburg

Jan Steinhilber has been shooting for Porsche again. Together with creative director Tim Lehnebach from Grabarz und Partner he chose Berlin as the perfect backdrop for the new Panamera Platinum Edition.

The goal was to show the car in authentic and unstaged urban surroundings, which was achieved with the support of Berlin locals Claas Cropp Creative Production, stylist Stephanie Franzius and hair and make-up Artist Anna Kürner.

Post Production and CGI was handled with great routine and passion by Dock2 Studios.

Jeff Ludes Los Angeles

The end of 2021 saw Jeff busy with a variety of projects across the country. For Chevrolet, his team packed up and headed to North Carolina, spending eight days with the two electric Bolt vehicles. Jeff worked with the weather as the rain came and went, bringing some drama to the series. 

Next up was a shoot for Subaru, and the revised Ascent SUV. Shot locally in the LA area, you can see these images now on the Subaru website and in magazine ads.  Jeff’s next project was with Hyundai, for their new Santa Cruz, the first-ever truck from the brand. The team headed to Northern California, for its epic landscapes: stunning redwood forests, rocky ocean overlooks, and rugged mountain trails. For seven days, they covered every inch of the truck and spent a day shooting video as well.

To end the year, Jeff headed to Philadelphia on a personal project. With an Audi A5, he split the two days by exploring the city and hunting for fall colours as the leaves turned. The skies cooperated as well, taking the mood from sombre grey to a vivid explosion of colour.

Based in Los Angeles, Jeff has been shooting for automakers around the world for over 15 years.

Kevin Uy Photography Vancouver

Kevin and team recently wrapped up some cool campaign projects, and by cool, it meant being in Alberta, Canada this December for both Rolls Royce and Bentley. Imagine photographing Rolls Royce' latest offering, the Black Badge Ghost, in one of the most iconic nature escapes in Canada – Lake Louise.

As always, mother nature proves to be a big challenge in any photoshoot but luckily the team experienced more than favourable conditions to shoot.

On the other hand, the Bentley Flying Spur and Continental GT were photographed in highly urbanized downtown sections of Edmonton, where the challenge was just the iced roads. Nevertheless, the team chipped away at the challenge and produced great results.

Currently, Kevin is working on improving photography and videography direction along with preparation for other projects in 2022. See more of his work via his website to stay connected!

Luciano Consolini Europe

Luciano Consolini was born in the Ivory Coast, grew up in different countries (the Ivory Coast, Italy, France). He is an automotive and lifestyle commercial photographer and director. He shoots people, places and vehicles, combining the Italian style and creativity with a higher standard of perfection. Passion and perfection, this mix is the recipe behind every shoot and film.

Pursuing the image wherever it is found, he travels all around the world for his international clients and inspiration, constantly challenging himself.

With a journalist and graphic design background, he looks for the story behind every product and brand, and he narrates it through his vision.

He's very passionate about engines and photography. He is continuously investing in new equipment and new projects.

Michael Krosny Munich

Michael Krosny is an advertising photographer and director based in Bavaria, close to Munich. 

His work is moving between people and cars, natural and punchy, calm and dynamic.

Have a look at this selection of photos shot at commissions for Audi and Opel.

Stay tuned for the launch of his new website.

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Represented by JSR Oliver Paffrath London

A car and lifestyle photographer with a background in fashion photography, Oliver Paffrath uses his skills honed from fashion shoots to bring his unique style and techniques to his car and automotive photography.

Oliver also combines these styles to create eye-catching and appealing motion and CGI content for clients including Allianz, Adidas, BMW, ChevroletHonda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Mazda, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Škoda, Seat, Toyota and Volkswagen.

He shoots for the world’s biggest car manufacturers on global advertising campaigns and car lifestyle brochures. Germany based, Oliver’s focus is on the ability to meet client’s main restraints – timing, budget and quality in every production.

See more of Oliver's work here and follow on Instagram. Oliver s represented by JSR, follow them on Instagram to see more.

Paolo Cecchin for Oplà Production Italy

Paolo Cecchin’s studio is based in Milan.

Paolo has always wanted to be a painter. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he personally retouches all the images he produces; another reason is the ability to control each stage of the work with greater precision. He starts with a black canvas where light is allowed to tell the story through contrast and shadow. He is fascinated by light. It comes from his love of nature and sometimes hanging on the wall of a mountain watching the lights on the horizon.

The fact is that being a photographer gives him a way to combine his passion for creativity, energy, adventure and storytelling.

Paul Barshon Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based and Australian-born, Paul Barshon and his production crew have quickly adapted to shooting and filming under the Covid restrictions.

"Commercial photographers and directors are natural problem solvers and the current circumstances means there are problems to be solved. 

During these times, we have successfully managed productions for Toyota (CGI), Volvo, Polestar, Renault, Hyundai USA and Aston Martin."

Richard Seymour London

2021 turned out to be one of Richard’s best years yet with some fascinating projects across the globe. 

Despite the obvious hurdles extensive commissions were completed for Porsche, Inmarsat, Patek Phillipe and a few other exciting clients who are currently under embargo.

Richard specialises in capturing the forces of technology that shape our modern world including automotive, tech and aerospace.

He is often commissioned to shoot automotive manufacturing and this is a particular area of interest for him. 

2022 is shaping up nicely with projects in the UAE, Denmark and the US already booked in. 

Shooting stills, CGI and motion.

Check out Richard’s great new website with the stories behind these images. 

Richard is represented in London and New York by Ray Brown Represents

Sergei Zjuganov Hamburg - Tallinn

Sergei Zjuganov is an advertising photographer with 20 years of experience in the field. 

During the summer Sergei was quite busy, the most significant automotive project was having McLaren aboard with their campaign (to be revealed soon), as well as other jobs for Peugeot, stills and motion for Toyota and personal work with Porsche.

His works are noticeably technical, minimalistic and elegant. Sergei is passionate about experimenting with light techniques, praising the car design and making the lines look really outstanding. Internationally acclaimed works include shooting imagery in studio and on location, as well as lifestyle shots.

Being a petrolhead himself, Sergei transforms his experience with cars and emotions into his work.

Sergei Zjuganov is eager to work with old and new clients – productions, agencies and manufacturers directly. This is why he is ready to travel around the world to wherever his client is – Europe, Asia or the USA, as well as allowing remote shooting on request.

Visit the website for more information or get in touch to discuss your next project.