Alicia Stepp Dallas

"My visual storytelling can be described as 'punk rococo': edgy and opulent.

I gravitate to the world’s in-between moments, where anticipation and excitement shimmers. I want my photography to be aspirational, building a fantasy world where curiosity and creativity can run free, borne up by the thrilling magic of youth.

As a former graphic designer and voracious consumer of pop culture—whether it’s film, art, or music—I love to go beyond the expected. If you ask me whether I prefer a look that is hard or soft and dark or light, my answer will always be yes. I celebrate the beauty in all of it. And while I take my work very seriously, I don’t think work should feel like a chore. We can make amazing visuals and have fun at the same time. The vibe on my sets is playful, inclusive, and fantastically collaborative, and the work is always stronger as a result."

Represented by JSR Amy Currell London

Photographer and director Amy Currell lives’ and works in East London. Her still life photography and moving image is shot through a distinctively female lens, and each frame is composed with thoughtfulness and grace – artfully juxtaposing colour and texture, shape and shadow.

Expanding in her role as a director, Amy works with the newest motion control cameras to give any moving image elements of the work an edge, giving the same poise and polish to her film that you’ll find in her photography. Her shoot production is seamless and highly technical, meaning the studio can adapt quickly to an evolving industry, and also turn out a range of deliverables in a single day – never compromising on aesthetic or detail.

Amy works with clients who value beauty, and the context of their products in carefully choreographed composition, and these have included.

Amy is represented by JSR, see her work here and follow the agency on Instagram for the latest projects.

Represented by JSR Ana Jaks London

Bristol-based illustrator Ana Jaks has worked across a diverse range of projects, including editorial, campaigns, clothing and murals. Her work is predominantly female led, and has a love for pattern, shape, colour and inclusivity that is reflected throughout her work.

Her clients include Facebook, Nike, John Lewis, Lush, Bombay Sapphire, Stylist Magazine, The Washington Post and many more.

Ana Jaks is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Anna Michell London

Anna Michell is a London-based fashion and advertising photographer, specialising in menswear.

With recent studio editorials for Harper's Bazaar, a set build for Elle and location shots for Cosmopolitan, she is excited to get involved in projects with a variety of setups.

Striking a balance between spontaneity and technical detail Anna creates glossy images that have a soul, combining a creative eye with evocative flair which reflects in both her editorial and commercial work.

Camilla Camaglia Italy - Germany

Camilla Camaglia is a beauty, fashion and portrait photographer, based between Rome and Berlin, working as a freelance for beauty and fashion brands, companies, artists and magazines.

Camilla’s strengths are that she can create impactful and creative images that catch the viewer’s eye, yet at the same time she has a keen eye for detail which allow her to work on a clean commercial image style.

One of Camilla’s latest works include photographing opera star Anna Netrebko for the cover, booklet and promotion of her new album “Amata dalle Tenebre”, commissioned by Universal Music Germany - Deutsche Grammophon.

She recently published editorials on the printed editions of L’Officiel Arabia and Gala Greece, and shot commercial beauty work for the latest campaign of K-Beauty brand Yepoda.

Her photography work has appeared on several magazines such as L’Officiel and Glamour, and she has worked for clients such as Universal Music, Glossybox and Kryolan to name a few.

Ellen McDermott New York

The New York City based photography team of Ellen McDermott and Creative Partner, Bridget Sciales produces timeless visual language with imagery that is both intimate and visceral.

“As a female photography team, we feel it essential to provide seamless, white glove service for our clients. Many of whom love the idea of working with female photographers, a few never considered women as photographers prior to meeting us!”

Giving female photographers equal billing to our male counterparts, expands the creative energies and acknowledges a different approach to subject matter providing new and unexplored points of view.

Their Photography evokes emotion which enhances the digital experience for consumers across e-commerce, marketing, and content creation. The approach involves shooting with a studied and refined lighting that immediately provokes the viewer into a time and space.
“Throughout our careers together we have partnered with our clients as a driving force with digital pioneering and customer engagement using new and emerging digital channels. The end result is extremely well curated experiences in the era of digital immediacy. We translate our client’s retail standards and needs in the e-comm space that drives social commerce and leads digital innovation”.

The work can be seen in ad campaigns, digital content, books, corporate assignments and private collections throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Clients include Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, One Kings Lane, Martha Stewart Living, Iconix Brands, Toast, Plain Goods, Dwell, Cottages & Gardens, Architectural Digest, Christies, Sotheby’s and Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt among others.

Ema Peter Vancouver

"I often call myself an architectural photojournalist.

My biggest influences were not architectural photographers. They were the photojournalists like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliot Erwitt. They tried to find the incredible "decisive moment" that makes you feel the scene exactly how they felt it. By looking at their images you experience a strong emotion and it stops you in your tracks.

Buildings change with the light and become humane when people walk in the frame. Sometimes they even become unrecognisable when reflecting the light. My biggest goal has been for people to look at architecture in a different way. For instance, if it's a building they pass everyday, I want them to look at the photograph and not even recognize it. In return, this makes them want go and experience it more for themselves."

GABO Photos Berlin

"For International Women's Day, here are a few of my strongest women portraits that I got to know thanks to my photography.

Angelina Jolie for Cinema for Peace; Yoko Ono's portrait which will now be shown in March at a women's photographers exhibition 'Female View' in the Kunsthalle St. Annen; Sarah Wiener for her bio farm; entrepreneur Judith Dommermut for GG, the high-gloss magazine by Engel & Völkers for the March 2022 issue; Laura M Seiler for the spiritual campaign for Vegan, that offers a huge toolbox for self discovery; Nina Hagen with her opera-trained voice and UFO connections; Sophia Thomalla, who always does what she wants; Amelie for the "We celebrate the women" campaign for Appelrath&Cüpper, and Manuela Schwesig, the popular SPD politician.

The world would be a better place if women were in power...power wouldn't be power but togetherness and unity."

Represented by Avenger Photographers Janina Laszlo Munich

Is there a female gaze in photography? Do women photograph differently from men?

Avenger Photographers presents Janina Laszlo: Janina wants to show people as authentically as possible. To do this, she works on a very personal level. Likewise, her landscape pictures are characterised by her very personal point of view and depth.

You can find more impressions at avenger-photographers.com

Jessica Griffiths London

Romanticism mixed with a technical precision is Jessica Griffiths’ signature approach to image making and visual storytelling. Her work is formed through a desire to translate the narrative and beauty of objects using a combination of texture, colour and light.

Jessica works from a still life studio based in Hackney Wick, East London, but is also more than happy to work abroad or remotely for international clients.

Julia Bostock London

"Since the days of Julia Margaret Cameron, the number of male photographers, both amateur and professional, has vastly outnumbered women. The camera gave women the ability to record and comment on life with freedom and insight and to reveal a unique perspective.

In my personal projects I love exploring culture and heritage through the lifestyle and traditions of people around the world. From the amazing traditions of the “Guardians" in the Camargue I was able to recognise and pick out a young cow girl who was as capable as the traditional male horsemen but who stood out not only for her confidence but her sense of calm, poise and self-possession. Another pushier (male) photographer had spotted her at the same event and was trying to muscle me out of the way, but the innate unspoken and unthreatening communication that two women can silently create between them enabled me to capture some of the most powerful portraits of that series. I then turned this into a commercial project for Liberty.

Gaining trust and using my intuition has always been key to my work from photographs of couples undergoing IVF treatment to the remote crofting families in the Outer Hebrides.

As an art director initially and having studied painting and photography I instinctively understand what makes a good composition, but at the end of the day it is story telling that lies at the heart of my work, giving expression to the lives, passions and stories of my subjects."

Represented by Avenger Photographers Julia Keltsch Munich

Is there a female gaze in photography? Do women photograph differently from men?

Avenger Photographers presents Julia Keltsch: Julia's distinct sense of aesthetics and her clear, modern visual language characterise her images. In her strong portrayal of women, she concentrates on the essentials: attention to detail and close-ups.

You can find more impressions at avenger-photographers.com.

Julie Renouf Australia

Julie Renouf is an Australia and Europe-based photographer, director and DP with longstanding clients around the globe.

With a style unashamedly feminine, Julie is known for her storytelling, strong creative vision, and an innate understanding of brand identity. Her visuals genuinely increase consumer engagement, particularly with the female consumer.

Current work is varied and includes a collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi London for Procter & Gamble, rebranding for HYPOXI, TVC plus various media for Heathcote Gin, Don Smallgoods’ rebranding, and her short food films feature on SBS Australia. Her client list includes Kellogg’s, Aussie Haircare, James Boag, Fisher & Paykel, Tourism Victoria, and ALDI, to name a few.

Julie’s capacity to shoot both photography and film streamlines production and maintains style consistency across various media. On set she works closely with clients - she believes collaboration, a positive attitude, and a shared enthusiasm for evocative visuals is the most effective way to create beautiful, authentic stories worth sharing with the world.

Karen Thomas London

Karen Thomas is a London-based photographer and director with over 20 years of experience in producing beautifully inspiring images. Karen has an extensive client list that includes some of the biggest names in food such as M&S, Costa, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, McDonald's and Lidl to name just a few.

She works with the very best food stylists in order to produce the high quality of work for which she is well known.

Karen fell in love with photography at a young age and the passion has never left her. She loves nothing more than getting stuck into an exciting project whether it’s a big advertising shoot, editorial project or some of her own experimental work. It might be a busman’s holiday, but in her spare time, she loves nothing more than cooking!

In this Spotlight Karen is featuring some recent tests and work for Marks and Spencer, Fwip Gelatos, Costa and Walnut Magazine.

Kathy Plunkett Omaha - Denver - Chicago

Kathy Plunkett is a commercial and editorial photographer based in the Heartland of the US.

She has a passion for story telling and her work consistently exudes casual, fun and relaxed authenticity. 

Kathy spent over a decade working on diesel engines as a mechanical engineer before taking the leap to pursue a career in commercial photography. Her passion and precision behind the lens can be seen in the work she’s created for clients in the lifestyle, corporate, healthcare, and children’s sectors throughout her region.

Nevena Milosevic Dubai

Nevena Milosevic is a Dubai-based photographer who shoots internationally. Specialized in People and Lifestyle photography, she traveled the world, worked with over 120 nationalities and captured Her previous clients include Lena Hoschek fashion designer, Idda Van Munster pin-up artist, Puma Middle East and some of her images were used in Emirates Airline social media campaigns.

She enjoys sports and is fascinated with elegance and beauty of human body. Nevena also regularly shoots personal work and is passionate about meeting new people and making creative ideas come to life. So, come and say hi!

Tiffany Beucher London

Tiffany Beucher is a London-based illustrator. Her work is instantly recognisable with its clean design and vibrant colours. She draws inspiration from the people she meets, turning them into bold characters, full of life and personality.

For Women’s International Day, Tiffany wanted to support women-owned businesses by enjoying the fruit of their effort, that’s why she has illustrated a woman winegrower picking grapes in her vineyard, with two people enjoying the wine she produces. Tiffany is also part of part of Duck&Falcon who has also collaborated in the animation.

Tiffany has worked for clients including Monocle Magazine, Facebook, Eurostar, CNN, Petco and many more.

Represented by Avenger Photographers Verena Heller-Ghanbar Munich

Is there a female gaze in photography? Do women photograph differently from men?

Avenger Photographers presents Verena Heller-Ghanbar. Verena's many years of experience as a top-class hair & makeup artist help her to create fascinating images in the fields of fashion, cosmetics and portraiture. Playfully creating unique stories, her sensitive style adds emotional depth to her fashion photos.

You can find more impressions at avenger-photographers.com

Boudika Productions Canary Islands

Boudica, the warrior queen, was armed with the qualities of leadership, intelligence, aggression and courage. Though she lost her battle and cause, Boudica is celebrated as a freedom and justice fighter.

As woman-owned production company, Boudika Productions follows that spirit, and celebrates the women’s fight for equality and freedom every day, not only 8th of March.

Boudika serviced some projects run by women; we spotlight the Hyundai - Expecting Generation One spot. It was shot in Tenerife with partner Palma Pictures for Stink Films, directed by Judith Veenedaal with Isabel Kast as producer, Cat Isakson as line producer and Izaskun Montilla as production manager. The spot celebrates the women that give birth to the next generations that will change the world.

The first job for Madeleine Scott as a director, produced by Adele Barach, was the videoclip for the great singer Imany, 'A Wonderful World'. Shot in Tenerife and Fuerteventura, again with motherhood as its main theme.

cake film The Netherlands

"Cake Film & Photography is passionate about getting the best results out of the ideas that are brought to us by pushing the boundaries of imagination. We produce videos from scripts or from scratch, and photos from just a spark of inspiration to state-of-the-art ideas. Our success comes from our close collaboration with agencies and brands.

We have extensive expertise in producing all kinds of imagery, from tv commercials and editorial shoots, to digital campaigns, music videos and even the odd documentary. Nothing makes us happier than discovering uncompromising talent who can bring something smart and new to the table. Our roster of directors, photographers, and creatives boasts both more established names and emerging talent.

We have a service production department and offer personal high quality and creative production solutions tailored to suit each budget. We have produced for: RSA, Somesuch, Prettybird, Adam & Eve, Publicis Paris, Mama Team, Apple, Coca-Cola, Diesel, Footlocker, IKEA, T-mobile, Adidas, Scotch & Soda, Amstel beer, among others."

Chicas Productions Curaçao

Chicas Productions is a happy and hands-on production company that is operating since 2008. Marcia de Goede is one of the founders and managing director of the company and 100% enjoys her job; especially on “her” loving island, Curaçao.

Curaçao is a hidden gem in the southern Caribbean Sea. Its European architecture style capital city is an UNESCO World Heritage site and the colourful island is home to more than 35 captivating white sand and coral beaches and coves. Curaçao is based outside the hurricane belt, it’s got a dry climate, it is easily accessible by air and it is summer all year round, which makes the island a perfect shooting destination at all times.

Chicas offers full-service local production and location management, casting, transportation / logistics, crew accommodations, permits, customs handling, on set catering services, equipment rentals and any local assistance. But moreover, the complete Chicas crew offers their clients an excellent and unforgettable Caribbean shooting experience.

Einat Dan Berlin - Milan - Paris - New York

Einat Dan is an award-winning make-up artist, art director and body painter. Her early work started out in Tel Aviv and led her to move on to live and work out of cities such as New York, Milan, Berlin and Paris. In 2012, she launched a successful line of make-up brushes called M.i.a (make-up.is.art).

In 2013 she found her new passion for fashion films, writing the scripts, directing and producing. She is also a key make-up artist on fashion shows and fashion films, and she runs make-up masterclasses worldwide.

In 2019 Dan launched her first book “Art beyond beauty” together with the photographer Camilla Camaglia. The intensive dedication to her talent and career has led her to win 28 awards, including the lifetime achievement award in Bokeh festival.

Her work has been featured on the covers of fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Elle, Vogue, InStyle and more. Her goal is to keep inspiring artists to follow their hearts and dreams. 

Some of the celebrities and top models in Einat's list are Anna Netrebko, Anna Belmondo, Morgan Polanski, Tisha Campbell Martin, Adriana Lima, Toni Garn.

Life Design Cape Town

Linda Notelovitz has worked in over 20 countries creating beautiful and moving content for top brands globally. Her filmmaking style seeks to hold the audience in a space of emotional involvement and connection. Her work touches that which is universal in our humanity, enabling messaging and communication of brand experiences through her interpretation.

She works very much from her senses, finding resonating pathways as she interprets a script or an idea, developing styles of imagery and sound – equally important to her. Her desire is to make films that allow the viewer to fall in love with how it makes them feel as they watch it.

She believes that the energy that is infused into the film-making process is just as important as the final product. Collaborative and passionate – her excitement whilst creating is infectious.  There seems to be an innate knowing in what makes up Linda; she works from a place of purpose.

Little Devil Productions Barcelona

Little Devil Productions is a women-owned, full service production company offering international experience and knowledge specialising in still and motion shoots.

"Producing around the globe, we leverage a worldwide network of trusted production partnerships ensuring highly skilled crews for projects of any size. Flexibility and efficiency are priority number one; starting with the estimation process and continuing through hand off, all to make certain that every detail is realised and the production goes smoothly."

LS Productions London - Manchester - Edinburgh

LS Productions is the UK’s largest production service company, founded by Marie Owen in 2006. LS are creative collaborators and problem-solvers, and their female led production and location teams unlock the UK’s potential for photo and film projects from their studio base in Manchester and production hubs in Edinburgh and London.

LS Productions specialise in commercials, fashion, sports, music and film and tv and their impressive and inspiring female producers have recently produced work globally with Valentino, Aston Martin, Burberry, Bentley, Adidas, and Condé Nast.

LS’ reputation, locally and internationally, is built upon professionalism and sustainable production agenda and is strengthened by the ‘people-first’ attitude. LS are an ambitious team with an inclusive and positive culture.

“LS Productions bring incredible value to a project. The whole of the visiting team were impressed with the level of service provided.” Jude Spour, Senior Producer, Conde Nast International.

To find out more about producing with LS Productions, check out their recent work here or say hello.

Madam Films London

"We offer a personal, tailored and hands-on approach to production service built on a foundation of deeply held commercial production industry experience.

Our founding partners have a deep understanding of the complexities of production with experience of managing in-house directors, agency partners and clients across television commercials, branded content, broadcast, feature documentaries, show trailers, short films, stills campaigns, photography, music videos and live events across a multitude of disciplines – SFX, live action, car, beauty, documentary, tabletop, corporate. Awards include the prestigious D&AD & BTAAs (British Arrows).

We are highly informed in working across cultures due to a shared global experience, and our in-house expertise guarantees a high level of efficiency, problem solving & budget management that offers security and delivery of a premium production.

We have an expert knowledge working with A-List talent and elite athletes and building strong and trusted relationships with the talent, their management and clubs. Recent clients and ambassadors include Mo Salah, Andy Murray, Liverpool Football Club, Jose Mourinho, Daisy Ridley, Henry Golding, Alexis Sanchez and Harry Kane.

Clients include PepsiCo, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Alex Bank, Vodafone, Puig, Hennessy, Disney, Ford, McDonald's, Netflix and more, alongside their global communication agencies.

Madam Films is the UK country partner for PSN the global Production Service Network, and a APA member. We support the sustainability agenda as members of Green The Bid following the industry principles of ADGREEN and ALBERT. Based in London, our reach extends to all corners of Great Britain and across the globe"

NM Productions - Global Production Services Worldwide

NM Productions is a global production company with teams in London, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Milan and Malaga.

With extensive experience producing moving images and stills productions for projects large and small, NM Productions can manage every aspect of your project. Offering you all, or individually, the services you require, from location scouting, casting, pre-production, on-set shoot management, through to post-production and asset delivery.

“As a woman-owned production company, we’re so pleased to have the opportunity to share with you some of the amazing women we’ve had the pleasure of shooting with. From inspiring and powerful athletes and models and actors down to the amazing crew that bring it all together. We are incredibly proud to have worked on these projects alongside hardworking and inspirational women. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us

Photo Group Los Angeles - New York

Photo Group has spent the last 25 years committed to excellence. They have had the privilege of working with both iconic photographers and up and coming talent.

Their love for the industries continues to grow with each project. They welcome new challenges and always look forward to the collaborative process with their partners. No project to large or small. They specialise in branded content projects combining stills and motion.

The Line Stockolm

"If you shoot in Sweden - come shoot with The Line!

With years of experience with both international and local clients, and with qualified and experienced staff - you can be sure that you are in good hands with us during your production.

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to producing commercials and feature film. With a broad experience managing projects - whether it be locations, casting, picking together a crew, logistics and travel arrangements, equipment or post production, we can provide creative solutions.

Sweden with its unique and varying landscape offers endless possibilities. With diverse locations and our local knowledge and broad network we make your ideas happen."