Represented by JSR Amy Currell London

Photographer and director Amy Currell was born in East London, where she lives and works. Her still life photography and moving image is shot through a distinctively female lens, and each frame is composed with thoughtfulness and grace – artfully juxtaposing colour and texture, shape and shadow.

Amy is most at home when evoking the character of textures and working with cutting lighting to give the sharpest shadows, and crispest definition to liquids – finding the warmth in their shadows. Her work finds possibilities for playfulness and hidden narratives in the shapes and shadows of food and drink.

Amy’s 13 years of experience mean she has acquired a highly technical and creative team – from set designers to retouchers. Together, they have composed striking images for Vogue, Selfridges and Liberty London, and award-winning campaigns for the likes of IKEA, each brimming with creativity and a sense of playfulness.

Amy is represented by JSR, see her work here and follow the agency on Instagram for the latest projects.

Barbara Wrigley McDevitt Miami

Barbara Wrigley McDevitt is a South Florida-based photographer specialising in commercial and editorial food and beverage photography.

Wrigley McDevitt has a passion for storytelling and draws her inspiration from the interplay of the subject with the surrounding light, colour, environment, and textural elements effortlessly blending them together in her images.

Working remotely or on location, she aims to provide her clients with scroll-stopping images that make people hungry.

Bozena Garbinska Poland

Bozena Garbinska is a award-winning food photographer based in Wroclaw, Poland.

She shoots food and drink, both with natural and artificial light. She can create her photos from scratch: from cooking, styling to photographing and editing. Bozena also can offer product photography.

This year she was awarded finalist in the photography category at the 13th The Taste Awards competition.

Brent Herrig New York - London

"Hope you are gearing up for a great summer of content and delicious food and drinks! Would love to work with your next campaign."

Now more than ever, new food and drink content still needs to be created. Something that will tell a story and capture the appetite appeal of the product. Photographer and director Brent Herrig can help. Based in both New York and London, Brent supports in-house and agency clients to achieve stress-free productions that hit the brief.

"We are excited to work with you and your team as soon as next week or next quarter. Either way, let's all push forward and make tomorrow together."

Some of Brent's recent clients, including Regal Cinema, Belvedere, and Pepsi, rely on Brent to capture their vision of food, drinks, and products in the most collaborative, efficient way possible.

What can Brent help you with? Contact him directly to talk about your next project.

Represented by JSR Debby Lewis-Harrison London

Debby is an experienced, London-based photographer and director specialising in food and drink.

Her feminine approach, alongside her former career as a stylist, allows her to create imagery full of texture, colour and with a delicate and natural touch.

Debby has been busy over the summer shooting both summer and autumn campaigns for Maestro Dobel and Bottlegreen in both moving image and stills.

Debby is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Food Hall London

Food Hall assembles award-winning teams to provide marketing solutions for food and drink brands across the world, helping create exceptional content for TV, online and social campaigns.

"With our new category showcases, you can see all the work we have been doing across fast food, drinks, plant-based and vegan brands. 

Dave Miller has been taking great strides as he progresses from DOP to a high-end advertising tabletop director. Using a cluster of beautiful cinematography and narrative skills, he is trusted by brands such as Billingtons, Panera Bread and Baileys.

Food and drinks director Claudia Biondini has joined the agency; an experienced director, she expresses her rich graphic and colourful style bringing an energetic personality, clear and direct artistic vision with exceptional dynamism to her projects at every stage.

Whether we are launching Baileys spring collection or championing vegan food for Oumph!, our clients return for our constantly creative directors and cost-effective production. We are working more closely with photographers than ever before to help deliver multi-format campaigns and are building our roster working with world-leading teams, led by the UK's most in-demand food and drink directors, photographers and food stylists."

Other recent campaigns include Lurpak, McDonald's, Panera Bread, Johnny Walker and Heinz.

Food Hall celebrates good food and joyful eating that makes anyone watching hungry for more.

Jeremy Baile London

From his studio and on location, Jeremy Baile shoots drinks, for large international brands to small independent producers. Utilising his skill with lighting and strong use of colour, he has helped create striking images for his clients.

Based in central London, his fully equipped 7000 sq ft studio is perfect for any shoot - large or small. He shoots both still and moving content, perfect for today's multi-channel needs.

Joe Pellegrini Chicago

Joe has been an industry leader in product and food & drink photography for more than 20 years. Also an accomplished painter, he has brought his artistic sensibilities to national campaigns for Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Tyson and Ziploc and for the past 11 years has shot virtually all of Subway’s national and international print and outdoor ads as well as their in-store displays.  

Unflappable, Joe has made a career delivering memorable imagery with the utmost professionalism for products ranging from Scrubbing Bubbles to Jim Beam.  

Shoot days find his studio abuzz with clients snacking on mini candy bars while Joe and his group of top food stylists, special FX and digital technicians descend on every shot with a practiced efficiency and provide proven success.

john couper Switzerland

John Couper is a food, still life and liquids photographer working from his studio in the centre of Geneva, Switzerland.

Light and its characteristics have always been a fascination for John, and he is able to modify and shape it to emulate any desired scenario for a given subject.

Fully furnished with state of the art equipment, John and his team are able to service clients to the highest standard.

Exploring the neuroscience involved in how images are perceived helps John create aesthetically pleasing photographs in his personal work.

John Fyn London

John Fyn is a London-based brand and advertising photographer specialising in food and still life.

"This project is about creating tension or motion in still life images. Capturing motion in a still photograph can be explicit in the case of a liquid pour or a splash. Falling powders like salt and sugar create action.

It could also be implied motion, such as an expanded burger with flying ingredients. Being more subtle with tension is also explored – here we have a spaghetti wrapped fork: the fork, the angle creates tension; will it fall over? The baby octopus tentacle coming out of the bowl – is it alive? Is it falling back into the bowl?"

John’s photographic style is graphic, conceptual and simple. His goal is to find intimate details in the food to connect with the viewer emotionally.

Represented by Pearson Lyle Management Jonathan Gregson London

Jonathan Gregson is a multi-award winning photographer based in London, working across the genres of food, people, still life and travel.

His work spans advertising, branding, packaging and editorial commissions, often shooting from his South London studio.

Jonathan has had an incredible start to this year, shooting many new and continuing projects which include Al’ Fez, Amazon Fresh, Arla, Avanti, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Marks & Spencer, Ocado and Waitrose.

Jonathan is represented by Pearson Lyle Management, to see more of his work, you can visit his website here.

Julie Renouf Europe - Australia

As a food and lifestyle photographer and director / DP, Julie Renouf is passionate about creating delicious visual stories.

With a career of more than 15 years immersed in food, Julie has worked on over 100 cookbooks, on a wide range of food & beverage advertising campaigns, and on creating energetic, branded, online films. She is known for her storytelling, her ‘real’ and feminine style, a strong creative vision, and an innate understanding of brand identity.

Current work is varied and includes a collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi London for Procter & Gamble, rebranding for HYPOXI, TVC plus various advertising for Heathcote Gin, Don Smallgoods’ rebranding, and her short food films feature on SBS Australia. Her client list also includes Kellogg’s, James Boag, Fisher & Paykel, Tourism Victoria, and ALDI, to name a few.

Julie’s capacity to shoot both photography and film streamlines production and maintains style consistency across various media. On set, she works closely with clients - she believes collaboration, a positive attitude, and a shared enthusiasm for evocative visuals is the most effective way to create beautiful, authentic stories worth sharing with the world.

Kai Schwabe Bremen - Hamburg

Kai Schwabe is a Bremen-based photographer specialised in food and drink photography. He is equally comfortable in the studio or on location, and he travels around the world whenever the project requires it.

His 340 m² large daylight loft studio in Bremen has the perfect conditions for all possible projects. It is spacious and has a large kitchen with a rich selection of props which make every job a wonderful experience. Moreover, especially these days, if the client or agency can't be present, no problem - shooting remotely is available and their daily business; the process welcomes feedback from clients, to make sure that the final result meets all the expectations.

Kai's work includes recipe photography and development, food and drink photography, food films and packaging as well as other promotional materials. Together with an experienced team of food stylists and other professionals, Kai is able to combine sophisticated craft with artistic aesthetics and the latest trends.

This Spotlight features a range of vegan food and spring time recipes, plus some excellent liquid and liquor work.

Klaus Peterlin Italy - Austria

"Photography is like love: first there has to be a good spark; butterflies in the tummy, a pleasant tingling sensation, jumps of joy. But for the first euphoria to turn into a long-lasting love story, more is needed.

I am Klaus Peterlin. Together with my team, I make sure that your idea becomes a million-dollar shot, the soul of your product begins to shine and your story gets a face. In our 300sqm studio in South Tyrol and at our clients' locations, we create visual worlds that will be etched in your memory forever - with outstanding technology, decades of experience and the claim to tackle every project in a highly professional and dedicated manner. And if the butterflies are still flying high even after looking at your pictures for the hundredth time, we have fulfilled our mission.

Clients and highlights: Loacker AG, Mila, Stuffer S.p.a, Mizuno EMEA, Q 26.5, IDM South Tirol to mention a few."

Luzzitelli Danieli Italy

Roberto Luzzitelli and Laura Danieli are a photography duo based in Turin, Italy, specialised in food and drink photography.

They work in their studio with a fully equipped kitchen, ready to shoot all kinds of images. Luzzitelli Danieli Studio works with a team of expert economists, assistants, food stylists and retouchers.

"We will always make sure that your products look beautiful for you and special for the market.

We carry out food and drink photography for advertising, packaging, editorials, and video content for our customers, ranging from supermarket chains to advertising agencies, to large and small companies in the food and beverage field."

Represented by JSR Martin Wonnacott London

With over 25 years of experience in advertising photography, Martin Wonnacott has amassed a vast experience in the industry and its needs. Martin travels around the world shooting for major global brands all the time. He has shot virtually every liquid refreshment for sale in the world at this point. His skills in shooting food and beverages are world-renowned and are in high demand.

Martin’s photography can be seen on billboards everywhere from Times Square to Timbuktu and beyond.

Brands such as Coca-Cola, Grey Goose, Patron and Stella Artois are among many repeat clients.

Now with his motion work Martin is directing TV commercials with the same passion and drive as his photography. Recent spots for Coca-Cola were broadcast across the USA simultaneously with spots for Bud Light he also directed.

Martin is represented by JSR Agency, see more of his work here, for more information get in touch to discuss your next project and check out JSR's latest projects on Instagram.

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj Copenhagen

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj is a still life photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He specialises in advertising and editorial assignments and has been shooting professionally for the past 17 years.  

Mikkel's clean, graphic and colourful style defines his work and emphasises his goal to create images with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feel. He loves the creative and technical challenges of working in photography and approaches each product he shoots with the same dedication to create stunning imagery.  

Recent companies added to the client list are Carlsberg, BonduelleKronenbourg 1664Inter Flora and Tuborg. When not busy working for his often long-time clients, Mikkel enjoys working on his own personal projects.  

Mikkel has been featured in Lürzer's Archive’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide 2016/17, 2018/19, 2020 and 2021/22.  

Stay up-to-date with his work on his website and Instagram account.

Myles New London

"I have recently been shortlisted (and I am in the finals) in two competitions - it is always amazing to be recognised.

With three studios in London, I can offer great food and portrait spaces. Along with extensive equipment and high level of working, I am here to work with you through your project.

Recent works include Tesco, McDonald's, Costa, Nestlé, as well as a host of editorial publications and books. I have recently been working on a new TV commercial for Costa and M&S, along with shooting a new book shot and styled by myself."

Ned Gibbs London

Ned Gibbs is a photographer and director specialising in food & drink. Shooting from his own fully equipped studio he creates bright, bold and graphic imagery for use across all platforms.

The past year has seen Ned recognised by Hasselblad as one of only 10 finalists in the product category for their most recent Hasselblad Masters, as well as creating work for a variety of brands, from Small Beer to Heineken.

With a range of specialist equipment calling his studio home, such as a slow motion camera, the infamous probe lens and a 1000w stadium floodlight, Ned has the agility and capability to produce top of the line work for budgets both big and small.

Check out Ned's website here and follow on Instagram.

Patricia Niven London

Australian-born Patricia Niven is an award winning food and portrait photographer. Her work is known for its rich, textural style and timeless luminosity.

Her sumptuous food photographs range from painterly still lifes through to clean, modern classics - all are imbued with a tranquillity, warmth and free-spirited curiosity that defines Patricia’s style. She is as at home photographing in a field with mud on her boots as she is in a studio or a Michelin starred restaurant. Her natural warmth and love of people means she thrives when collaborating with a team, relishing the magic of the combined energy in a room, whether it be for commercial, editorial or freelance commissions.

Recent work includes KFC with Mother London and cookbook ‘Chasing Smoke: Cooking Over Fire Around the Levant’ by chef couple Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich, as well as their bi-monthly column in the FT Weekend Magazine.

She is represented worldwide by Laird and Good Company.

Paul Saraceno Boston

Paul Saraceno is a food and product photographer based in Newton, Massachusetts. With over 25 years of experience, Paul has consistently created stunning images through his meticulous craft and deep relationships with creative directors, food stylists and prop/set designers.

Together with top digital, video and retouching teams, he is able to provide outstanding work for his clients. His 5000 sq.ft. studio has a fully equipped kitchen and abundant daylight.

His portfolio can be viewed on his website.

Pierre-Jean Moulis Paris

"A photographer of the elements" it’s how Pierre-Jean will define himself. This advertising photographer specialised in food and drink photography is based in Paris since 2009, where he works for food magazines and brands such as Nutella.

Inspired by paintings and fashion photography, he consciously approaches each subject as if he was working on a portrait. Sometimes with a surrealistic or baroque style, he pays close attention to the light and colours that will complete his composition. Through is personal work, Pierre-Jean shares with us his personal experience of life and light, so specific to the South of France, where he is from.

Thanks to his long experience in the photography industry, Pierre-Jean is now recognised as a talented food photographer all over Europe.

Rob Grimm Photography Chicago

Rob Grimm is a food and beverage photographer operating studios in St. Louis and Chicago with 30 years of experience in advertising photography.

Rob’s deep and unique experience allows him to bring his bold and graphic style to each project while his relaxed and collaborative manner ensure that clients return to his studios time and time again. Rob travels extensively to work for global brands on a regular basis.

Rob’s images have been seen in advertising campaigns, print publications and billboards around the globe. Brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Bacardi, Woodford Reserve, Brown Forman, Kraft, and Panera are just a few of his repeat clients.

Please visit his website for more information or to get in touch to discuss your next project.

Scott Grummett London

Scott Grummett is a photographer and director based in the UK. He specialises in food and drink but brings in everything that surrounds it, from performance to documentary and travel. Whether it's shooting a still life image or a fast moving TV commercial, the mantra stays the same: It has to make you hungry.

This Spotlight includes work from Scott's recent work with Virgin Voyages, a brand new cruise line for the modern sailor. Scott and his team travelled on board and worked to create a shoot which included GIFS, films and stills of everything from the vibrant locations, the models enjoying cocktails, the beautiful food and everything in between.

You'll also see some brand new work for M&S, Lidl and McDonald's, and dynamic TV commercials with complicated briefs and lots of parts, crops and outputs.

Souders Studios Denver

Rick Souders is an honours graduate from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Rick's unique creative and business background has allowed him to work at a Fortune 250 beverage company, one of the largest advertising agencies in the US, to owning one of America’s top food and beverage studios.

His photography has been seen at The International Photography Hall of Fame, Times Square in Manhattan and worldwide in food and beverage ad campaigns.

Rick has been featured in numerous magazines, social media and he has written two books. "I grew up in the rural high plains near the Pawnee Grasslands. Growing up here allowed me to raise chickens, rabbits, and pheasants and have many pets. My passion for food and agriculture runs deep. I appreciate where our food comes from. I think this has played an important role in my love of food photography.

Working with light, texture, colour, form and shape is so amazing. Then add food and beverage to this fabulous journey and you simply can’t go wrong."

Contact Rick here to "satisfy your creative hunger."


Founded and powered by a photographer with the ability to bend light at will, and a post producer capable of foreseeing the outcome of complicated compositions, Spicy Studio is a creative production powerhouse that has found its right place in the food, drink and still life world.

Making food-craving images for advertising, editorial and packaging projects is their goal. They have been working with multinational big brands such as: Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC, to name a few; and collaborating as well with smaller, local and emerging brands.

"No matter if your budget is big or small, we are up for the task, and rest assured we will make the best of it. So give us a call or drop us an email, we’ll love to chat and hear your ideas."

Stephen Hamilton Chicago

Photographer and director Stephen Hamilton’s passion is food and beverage and he is known for expertly capturing food you want to immediately pick up and savour. Spring is a time when he truly embraces fresh ingredients. Spring means asparagus, the perfect pea dish, even pizzas and pies get the freshest seasonal ingredients. Stephen loves to photograph dishes and drinks thoughtfully crafted with care.

Hamilton’s studio is based in Chicago, but he brings his vision to clients all over the globe. His versatile facilities offer an integrated, comprehensive and Covid-19 safe approach to any size production.

Covering over 11,000 square feet of three studios, the Stephen Hamilton Productions team delivers their client-first full-circle capabilities in the form of still photography, animated stills, cinemagraphs, stop-motion builds, how-to videos, tight and textured “delicious moments” videos and broadcast / commercials.

Represented by JSR Steve Ryan London

Steve Ryan is a portrait and food photographer with over 10 years of experience.

Steve has been commissioned by some of the most innovative and exciting food and media brands in the world, including Apple, Jamie Oliver, Guinness, Deliveroo, McDonald’s, Honest Burgers, Domino's, Tabasco, Jamesons and KFC.

Steve latest shoot with Anna Jones: She’s one of the most successful, accessible and interesting cookbook writers this country has ever produced, with writing and recipes that are a truly tempting case for a vegetarian and vegan diet. Her latest book ‘One’ is a chart-topping bestseller, and she can count Yotam Ottolenghi, Jamie Oliver, Sophie Dahl and hundreds of thousands of others in her fanbase.

Steve is represented by JSR, see his work here and follow the agency on Instagram for the latest projects.

Teri Studios Cincinnati

"For more than a decade, we have been helping Sandridge Foods craft their visual identity. For this Spotlight, we wanted to feature some of our favourite collaborations from that partnership."

About Sandridge Foods: The Sandridge Food Corporation creates premium refrigerated soups, salads, dips, specialty sides and entrees for the retail and food service industry.

About Teri Campbell: named one of the best advertising photographers in the world by Archive Magazine and called a lighting master by PDN, Teri Campbell is the creative lead for Teri Studios - a destination for consumer packaged goods companies, restaurants, beverage, and food-related businesses seeking original photography and motion work for advertising and packaging.

Client partnerships include: Kellogg’s, Hershey’s, Maker’s Mark, Kraft-Heinz, KFC and Jimmy John’s.

"Reach out and see how we can help you share your story."

Terry Benson London

From his 1200ft studio in Farringdon, London, a two-minute walk from the tube station, Terry is able to accommodate his clients' requests for stills or moving image photography comfortably and professionally. 

He has a fully fitted kitchen, make-up room, a large range of equipment, lighting and props.

Happy to work alone to a brief or with a team, he has an experienced team of freelancers that can be co-ordinated on your behalf including stylists, home economists and assistants.

Some of the recent brands Terry has worked with are Thorntons chocolates and cakes, McCain, Candis Magazine, Nature's Way, Dole Foods, Ferrero, Beautiful Gardens.